Godly Model Creator Chapter 451

Gmc Chapter 451

Chapter 451    Special Ability Talent!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

Hey hey hey.

Su Hao heard a strange voice behind his ear and looked up. When he raised his head, he saw Blue Dream Butterfly staring at him in dissatisfaction.


Su Hao laughed and caught the little brats wings before he forcefully kissed her, Many thanks, little brat.

Hey, hey, hey!

Blue Dream Butterfly blushed.

She quickly wiped off her body, and she looked at him with dissatisfaction. Such a reaction made Su Hao laugh.

Hmmphh, Im not going to bother you!

Blue Dream Butterflys figure vanished.

Su Hao shook his head and smiled.

However, he knew that Blue Dream Butterfly had been paying close attention to him the whole time. It was indeed time for her to have a good rest.

With this trip to Jinhua City, his achieved his goal!

Looking around, the origin library was a mess. A lot of tools were misplaced and all the resources were empty.

Great, no wastage.

Su Hao nodded in satisfaction.

It was time to leave!

Di di di!

Su Hao entered the password into the origin library.

The origin library opened!

Su Hao took a huge, confident step forward.



Countless energy waves spread around him.

The professional espers who were keeping guarding outside began to turn restless. That brat finally wasnt able to wait any longer?

Almost instantly, everyone rushed to surround him.

However, when they saw Su Hao, they were stunned.


He actually able to stabilize his strength as a level 9 specialized esper?

After four consecutive breakthroughs, everyone thought this brat would die because he couldnt withstand it. But now? Not only did he withstand it

It was actually a perfect breakthrough!

There werent any injuries on his body.

It was an unbelievable feat!

What kind of person was he?

Inexplicably, everyone was terrified.

Su Hao, who was surrounded by six professional espers, actually showed no sign of fear. On the contrary, it was those professional espers who felt uneasy.

Such a scene

It was so strange.

The representative asked, Who are you?

Su Hao didnt answer. Instead, he just looked at them with a smile on his face.

The atmosphere once again became tense.

At the bottom of the lake, it was as if one could hear everyones heartbeats.

Finally, from those professional espers, that burly man who ridiculed Su Hao earlier couldnt stand the atmosphere any longer and was the first to charge forward.

No matter who you are, I want you to die today!


With a pair of iron fists, the burly man approached Su Hao.

Anyone with physical ability talent had a lot of disadvantages compared to other abilities. However, for those with the same strength, if such an esper closed the distance, the result would be a tragic one! Su Haos usage of Xinghe Arrow had labeled him as a long-ranged esper in everyones eyes.

Im close to him now!

The burly man couldnt help but rejoice.

He seemed like he was reckless but he carefully calculated his moves. As long as he was able to get close to this brat, he was confident he would be able to defeat this kid.

A huge momentum followed along as he charged toward Su Hao. At this moment, Su Hao was enveloped by this mighty aura.

Professional esper?

Su Hao muttered to himself.


Su Haos eyes changed color. Those red and blue pupils appeared again.

Illusion Reality!


Synchronous playback!


What a level 9 specialized esper could gain didnt only include the changes in strength. Su Hao actually felt that the level of Illusion Reality seemed to be better than before!

In the model world, the burly mans figure was locked and he kept killing Su Hao over and over again.





That powerful punch finally stopped.

From a certain angle, Su Hao noticed a distinct difference. There was a spot on the mans body which was not the same as the others.

This is...

An idea popped up in Su Haos mind.

Weak spot!

He actually caught the mans flaw!

Was it because of the powerful processing capability of the computers or the increment in strength due to his breakthrough?

He wasnt sure.

But now, this was obviously a pleasant surprise.


The burly man hit Su Hao, but he was shocked to find that it was just an afterimage.

At this moment, Su Hao quietly appeared at his right side.

Xinghe Sword!

Mountain Crash!



The sword easily pierced through.

The scene was halted in a strange manner.



Drop by drop, blood began to diffuse into the surrounding water.

The burly man raised his head and looked at Su Hao. His eyes were filled with endless shock. Did he lose?

He lost to a specialized esper!

And it was with a sword!


The man was stunned and couldnt utter a word.

The espers who were ready to make their moves were even more dumbfounded!

In their eyes, what they saw was naturally different from Su Hao and the man.

Despite everything, what they saw was the burly man who purposely exposed his body towards Su Hao as if he had invited Su Hao to stab him there.

What kind of ability was this?

Everyone was horrified.

Out in the middle of this wilderness, the thing they feared the most was all sorts of strange abilities.

In the past, there was a terrifying young man had killed one of their companions! Since then, they were extremely cautious.

And now

This brat had made several moves, but they still had no clue about his abilities!


Nearly half of the mans body was cut off.

In a state of nearing death, he fell in front of those espers.

However, Su Hao was astonished to discover that the man actually still moving at the moment as he struggled to stand up!

Final struggle before death?

Su Hao frowned a bit.


The burly man hurled a loud roar.

Some strange lines appeared and the injuries on him slowly recovered. In just a few seconds, his body was intact again.

Damn! Su Hao exclaimed.

What kind of talent was this?

He had met a lot of espers with physical talent. Once they were almost crippled, none would recover this perfectly at such a rate!

Looking carefully at the pattern on the mans body, Su Hao pondered.

Numerous images flashed within his mind and Su Hao quickly locked his attention on some kind of animal, Its actually an animal-based talent, lizard regeneration.

This world was big.

This talent

It seemed like it would be possible to read it.

However, looking at the energy within his body, Su Hao could only sigh. No matter how strong he was now, the distance to creating a permanent model was still far away.

Could it be that he would only be able to create a permanent model after he became a professional esper?

All this while, building a database of permanent models had been his dream.

Such a pity

This was such an excellent talent.

Su Hao looked at the burly man in regret.

Somehow, such a gaze actually made the man take a step back. This brat what was he planning? He still didnt understand what happened just now. Although he used his ability talent to heal, that consumed quite a huge amount of energy!

He even estimated that after a few confrontations, he would die no matter how strong his ability was.

The burly man no longer dared to approach him.

The other espers were acting in the same manner and just assumed the position of observing Su Hao.

In the end

What actually happened?

Su Hao took his steps and walked out from their encirclement.

The espers looked at each other and bit their teeth, No matter what happened earlier, the origin library is just in front of us. How could we let him run away? He must stay here! We have to fight for the origin library!


After saying so, everyone once again charged at Su Hao.

However, one of them expected that Su Hao would attack first this time. That move was familiar.

Xinghe Arrow!

The same move again?

Is this a joke?

They were stunned.

They had seen this move before.

It was so weak!

It was from someone who had only stepped onto the borderline of becoming a professional esper!

As long as they had their defenses up, this attack would do no harm. This brat, perhaps he didnt have any other moves besides this?

Several origin techniques were directed at Xinghe Arrow. However, when they did so, everyone felt that something wasnt right.


Xinghe Arrow was still the same Xinghe Arrow.

However, was the current Su Hao still the same old him?

As a level 5 specialized esper, Su Hao used Xinghe Arrow to make them retreat.

And now?


As Xinghe Arrow shot out

The entire bottom of the lake stirred!

Before the arrow arrived, the suffocating aura had caused a change in those professional espers expressions.