Godly Model Creator Chapter 452

Gmc Chapter 452

Chapter 452    Extermination!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Evade faster!

Too late for that. Just increase our defense!



Roars began to echo at the bottom of the lake.

Eastern Lake.

A few youngsters who passed by suddenly saw the water from Eastern Lake shoot tens of meters upwards. It took some time for the water to return back to the lake.

Those who saw this scene turned pale.

At the bottom of the lake.


Everyone spat out a mouthful of blood.

Although they managed to block Xinghe Arrow, that dense aura caused them internal injuries. Looking at each other, they could only bitterly laugh. Who would have thought that they had to join forces while facing a level 9 specialized esper?

Just before they finished their thought

Another chilling sensation began to haunt them.

When they looked up, they saw a young man holding the shining Xinghe Sword within his hand while pointing at them as if he would attack at any moment.

The representative then had his expression changed.

This is Xinghe Sword!

Youre Su Hao!

As soon as he finished the sentence, the crowd became depressed.

Su Hao!

That man in front of them was actually Su Hao!

If it was before, they only secretly admired Su Haos luck and envied his talent. But now they had reached the point of no return. How did this star in the college entrance exam become this powerful!

Was he still human?

Currently, he no longer put professional espers in his eyes.

Since they had offended him, what would happen later?

Everyones eyes showed strong determination as they watched Su Hao. After surviving in the wilderness for many years, they naturally had their ways to survive. People like Su Hao were existences which they must never anger. However, once they offended, they had to erase the danger at once!

They had a conflict with Su Hao because of the origin library.

Thus, Su Hao must be killed!

Otherwise, with Su Haos potential, it wont be long before they had no way to escape from him!


Kill him!


They finally made their move.

Everyone including the burly man used their best move. 



The clear bottom of the lake once again turned muddy.

Finally, they have begun their attacks.

Su Haos mind became alert.

You need any help?

Blue Dream Butterfly voiced out.

She couldnt fight but there should not be a problem for her to help him to escape.

No need.

Su Hao mumbled to himself, I want to know how strong I currently am...


Su Hao raised his Xinghe Sword.


Su Haos sword stabbed the mud at the bottom of the lake.

Mud currently polluted the bottom of the lake. Right now, those at the bottom of the lake turned almost invisible to each other!

The only way to detect each other was through the raging aura emitted by each esper!

Synchronous playback!

Illusion Reality!

Su Hao didnt move but numerous computers within his mind were crazily deducing the upcoming scene. He was determining each esper's next movement.

With his model analysis, Su Hao had complete control of the six professional espers!





At a certain timestamp, a notification came from the main computer. Indicating the moment when all six espers would line up in a straight line.

With a 37 degree attack, he could get rid of everyone perfectly!

That would be his chance!

Su Haos eyes lit up.


Phantom Sprint!

Su Hao didnt hesitate to create an illusion and quietly appeared diagonally above everyone.


The six espers combined attacks changed direction!


The attacks which were in front of Su Haos phantom a while ago suddenly appeared close to Su Hao.

The attacks were incoming!


Su Haos pupil contracted!

These espers actually had someone with an illusion ability!

Su Hao used Phantom Sprint to hide his real body. But he did not expect the opponent to use the same trick to hide their real attack. Since we know youre Su Hao, we naturally wont fall for this trick.



The incoming attacks were dense with killing intent that gave him goosebumps.

These were after all a combined attack from six professional espers!

As soon as Su Hao came out from the origin library, he had been trying to separate them as much as possible. He never expected them to be united. These people were much weaker than Bai Feng.

Their foundation was very bad because they forcefully became a professional esper!

However, when they united together, their strength was enough to shock any level 1 professional esper.

What now?

Su Hao took a deep breath and stared at these espers.

Model analysis!

Origin model established!

Xinghe Sword!

Xinghe Sword once again appeared from Su Haos hand!

He silently stood at the perfect point of attack without the slightest fear.

0.1 second

0.2 second

Now was the time!

Su Haos eyes lit up. A strange force erupted from his hand and channeled toward the sword. Aiming at the incoming attack, he slashed down without hesitation.

Water Split!

Su Hao cut the lake in half!

This powerful attack divided into the combined attack into two halves and swept across those six professional espers.

This was a battle of origin techniques.


Su Hao tried to leap as high as he could but he had no chance to dodge, causing a direct hit on his body.



Su Hao was in a dire situation.

Both his arms were wasted.

There was even a huge hole in his chest.

The killer moves of six professional espers

This was the first time Su Hao received an attack from a professional esper and it was from six of them.

Urg, Urg-

Su Hao coughed. As his blood diffused into the surrounding, he fell to the ground.

At the same time.

Water Split covered those professional espers.

They were stunned upon discovering the incoming attack, and they were too late to stop it.

It flashed through the six of them and disappeared.

Nothing happened?

They felt strange.

As they looked at each other, it seemed that everyone was safe and sound.

Didnt I say it before this? Just a mere specialized esper, what could he Huh?

The burly man laughed out loud but before he finished his sentence, he felt something amiss. Seeing everyones strange look, he couldn't help but look at his own body which nearly took his soul away.

Unknowingly, his body had been cut into halves.

The mans perfect body suddenly split into two parts and fell to the ground. The others started panicking and found traces of blood from their waists. Instantly, they smiled bitterly.

Everyone fell.

Six professional espers perished together!

The result of this battle


If someone went the bottom of the lake right now, they would be shocked by the scene! There were a total of six dead bodies belonging to professional espers at the bottom of Eastern Lake!

The other one who died was one with infinite potential shown in the college entrance exam.


The bottom of the lake became quiet.

The mud slowly sank to the bottom and the lake became clear again.

However, a strange sound could be heard

Someone was still alive!

And it turned out to be the burly man!

Ba, bump!

This was the sound of heart beating!

The upper part body of the burly man was shrouded in a glimmer of light after struggling for a moment. When the energy vanished, he actually regrew his lower body!



The burly mans body was finally intact.

The man moved.

He slowly stood up and looked at the scene before him, Hahahahaha, these fools! Theyre all dead!

The origin library belongs to me now!

The burly man madly laughed.

How many times had he been lucky for having this ability talent? No matter what kind of expedition he joined, he would always survive any danger. 

So what if youre strong?

In the end, youre all dead!

Was I a retard that acted without thinking?

It was all just an act!

This daddy wins again!

The burly man nodded his head in satisfaction. The emptiness of energy made him sick and pale. To recover from the brink of death twice really took a toll on him.

However, compared to what he was about to harvest, everything was worth.

As long as he had all the resources and used them wisely, he had the potential to become a level 2 professional esper.

The burly man happily entered the origin library, but the scene in front made him dumbfounded!


How could this be?!

He had sacrificed so much for this origin library and this was the end result?

Energy resources?

How could they be empty?

How could origin library become empty?!