Godly Model Creator Chapter 453

Gmc Chapter 453

Chapter 453    The buried truth

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Its empty...

The burly man murmured to himself.

He had to take a few minutes to accept this reality.

The origin library was indeed empty.

The previous fight was a situation which he had met before. However, it was too dangerous, especially Su Haos last move. He nearly went to hell!

To survive this extremely dire situation but end up with such a result, he was naturally not pleased.

How could it be empty?

The burly man depressed, Could it be Su Hao...


The man quickly denied this thought.

That would be a joke!

With so many resources, even for a professional esper, they would have to spend months of cultivation before depleting them.

Seems like the Jin familys origin library was empty from the start...

The burly man bitterly smiled.

Jin family had taken over Jinhua City for many years. However, he did not expect that after they had been exterminated, they still managed to trick others.

What irony

With a sigh, the man turned around and out of his expectation, a familiar voice resounded in his ears and nearly caused him lose his soul.

This voice

He turned around abruptly.

Are you very disappointed?

Su Hao leaned against the door and smiled at him.

You! You!

How can you be alive?!

Since youre alive, why can I not be alive?

Su Hao looked at him with interest.

I am alive because of my ability talent. How could you... The burly man suddenly understood. You copied my talent?


Su Hao praised, Too bad, no reward for you!


The burly man was about to say something and noticed the current Su Hao in front of him turned into an afterimage. The burly man felt the incoming danger, but before he had the chance to evade he felt pain in his chest.


A bluish Xinghe Sword penetrated his chest.


Su Hao extracted back his sword.

The burly man shivered weakly and pointed at Su Hao before helplessly collapsing.

Are you dead?

Su Hao looked at the burly mans body. Grabbing Xinghe Sword, he stabbed a couple of times before affirming his death after seeing no response.

Hes dead this time...

The burly man was shocked within his heart.

He had managed to cheat his death again!

To survive, he had learned all sorts of origin techniques to escape death. As long as he was able to deceive Su Hao, he would be able to continue living!

Ability talent?

Su Hao pondered for a bit while staring at the mans corpse before thrusting his sword into his head.



Now only did Su Hao nod in satisfaction, There should be no hope for him this time.

After finishing his sentence, Su Hao casually exited the origin library.

At this moment, the burly man was sweating. Too close! Just a little further and he would have met his death! After destroying his body, Su Hao actually tried to destroy his ability talent too. If he did not realize this and shift the position of his brain a little bit he would probably die!

What a terrifying young man!

That was such a dangerous situation

However, he finally survived this difficult situation.

He couldn't remember how many times had he gone through this life-threatening situation.

He would always be able to survive any failing mission, and he would return to destroy his enemy when he became more powerful. Su Hao, I vow that Ill definitely find you and kill you when I become stronger!

The burly man implanted this determination in his mind.

However, he felt something amiss because Su Haos departing figure halted at the door.

Why was he still here?


A fluctuation of energy could be felt.

The burly man carefully sensed it and turned ugly.

F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!

Damn you!

That same trick again!


Terrifying energy exploded within the origin library. The mighty Xinghe Arrow of a level 9 specialized esper showed its absolute strength. Su Hao revealed a satisfied look. Sure enough, 5-star cards could only show their true power in the hand of a professional esper. He was now half a step into this realm, and the Xinghe Arrow became even more lethal.

Su Hao became satisfied seeing the incomplete body of the burly man.

This idiot planned to trick him?

Was Su Hao that dumb to not identify that the red dot in 2D mapping represented the mans life? Model analysis had a clear differentiation between living and non-living things. Trying to fake death in front of Su Hao was just a wishful dream.

The first battle to the death with professional espers!

He faced six professional espers!

And Su Hao won!

However, he was clear that the current him compared to Bai Feng was not strong enough!

What was the gap between an ordinary professional esper and those from Zhanzheng College?

He wasnt sure.

However, he knew that during the college entrance exam, he easily beat Tian Zi who reached the door into a professional esper while Tian Zi was a level 8 specialized esper. However, when Su Haos strength increased, he was nearly killed facing Jin Kang who was also a level 8 specialized esper.

Plus, was Tian Zi a genius?

Of course!

Tian Zi himself was more powerful than an ordinary level 8 specialized esper.

Su Hao destroyed the burly mans communication device.


The door of origin library was locked. Even the password login device from inside was destroyed.

Although he had confirmed the mans death, this was done as a preventive measure. After all, there was nothing impossible in this era of origin ability. Thus, he insisted on being extra careful.

If the burly man was lucky enough to survive

He would still die eventually without being able to contact others. 

That poor man, if he knew that Su Hao didnt even let him off after his death, would he be so mad that he might return alive?

Su Hao came out from the bottom of the lake.

Eastern political district.

The new mayor and young man were still discussing with pleasure.

Perhaps its time to return. The mayor smiled indifferently, Right now, they must have finished their battle. The ones who are supposed to die should have died by now. When I go back, they are going to die anyway. The origin library belongs to me. Jinhua City is naturally mine too! No one is qualified to take it away from me!

Of course. Haha!

The young man laughed, Its time for us to collect our harvest. Your strategy is as good as ever.

Of course.

The mayor revealed a proudful smile.

A moment later, these two men took a special flight back to Jinhua City.

After accepting his position as the new mayor of Jinhua City, he did not hesitate to bring his men to Eastern Lake. At that time, several professional espers dead bodies had drifted up.

As the mayor saw this, he sneered.

Countless people began to search, and the origin library finally appeared. As a mayor, he was qualified to use any resources in Jinhua City openly.

The mayor and young man couldnt conceal their surprise.

The mayor walked to the front of the origin library and personally entered the password. Then he watched the origin library slowly open, and everyone was dumbfounded.


The mayor was stunned.

In the origin library, there was a dead body which was incomplete and empty bottles.

The young man quietly stepped forward. After examined the body, he then had a look at the password input device.

The password had been unlocked once today. This man should have been the one to enter here first.

You mean this grandson was the one who emptied all my resources?

The eyes of the mayor were filled with dense murderous intent.

Hold on...

The young man frowned and walked to the front of the burly mans body, His death wasnt that long ago. He should still remember something. Wait a moment.

Then, he gently put his palm on the mans forehead and closed his eyes.

Numerous data flashed.

The young mans eyebrows frowned, There is too little information. His mood was too unstable.

What did you get from him?

Excitement and disappointment.

The young man sighed, What he saw was the empty origin library.

How could this be?

The mayor turned pale, The origin library was empty from the start?

The young man analyzed based on all information which he could obtain, From the bodies of several espers outside, this burly man should have killed them. After entering the origin library, he didnt expect that this origin library turned out to be a trap!

Thus, he died.

Origin library is a trap?

The mayors face turned red as he was angry with himself. The news he had obtained was actually false.

Well, at least this was the conclusion from the current clues.

Is there any chance of other doing it?

There is no sign of other professional espers but countless of aura from specialized espers.

The young man answered truthfully.

How could a specialized esper kill five professional espers at once?

The mayor went furious, It seems to be a trick set up by the Jin family. Damn them for daring to play with this daddy!

Everyone was silent.

Too bad

The mayor obviously didnt know that he had accidentally ignored the only opportunity to investigate the truth of this incident.

Specialized esper?

Why cant specialized espers achieve such a feat?

It seemed that the truth of this origin library would be buried.

Currently, somewhere in Fenghui City, a strange space gap appeared in mid-air. A trace of a terrifying beasts aura was slowly revealed...