Godly Model Creator Chapter 454

Gmc Chapter 454

Chapter 454    Berserk beasts aura!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

This aura...


Almost at the same time when this aura was revealed, two men who were in Fenghui City instantly felt it.

Berserk Lion, Zhang Yang!

Killing God, Lan Tingxu!

The berserk beast would have never guess the almighty Federal Guardians would be so free to wander around a mere Fenghui City, and it was two of them!

Sure enough!

Lan Tingxu quietly appeared at a place outside the city and stared at the sky, Is this the sign of the incoming beast tide?

Seems that its Fenghui City then!

Zhang Yangs voice could be heard as his figure appeared beside Lan Tingxu.

Out of four major political districts of Federation, Eastern Political Districts is the weakest and out of all, Fenghui City is the one facing great changes. For the berserk beast to pick this city, it is naturally the ideal choice. However, I dont get what their purpose is for attacking a capital city?

Lan Tingxus face didnt look great.



One could hear the cracks from the sky which sounded like shells cracking.

Beast tide, perhaps it is coming earlier?

Zhan Yang began to reveal a worrisome look.

That wont happen.

Lan Tingxu shook his head for a bit, If they really wanted to attack earlier, Li Tiantian would sense it. This beasts aura sudden appearance what is it planning to do?

Beast tide?

They prepared for it long ago.

An enormous number of strong espers were on standby!

But now, what did this auras appearance before the beast tide mean?

No matter what it is, since it appeared, destroy it immediately!

Lan Tingxu coldly smiled.

Anything related to berserk beasts must not appear in the Federation. It was their responsibility as Federal Guardians!



The speed of the cracks in the sky increased and the aura of the berserk beast could clearly be detected now.


The crack finally opened!

A pair dazzling dark red lights came out!

This is...

Damn it!

Both Federal Guardians face turned ugly.

King level aura!

Different from the previous aura, the king level aura was coming from a true berserk beast standing in the realm of kings! The berserk beasts that occupied the depths of the wilderness

It had made a move!


The land had a quake!

That aura actually caused the whole city to quake!

King level!

It was without a doubt a powerful existence among berserk beasts.

Every king level beast is no weaker than a Federal Guardian!

Why did this berserk beast leave the enjoyment of its own playground and come to the territory of the Federation? Why did it target Fenghui City? What was its aim?


Zhang Yangs figure expanded!

A huge berserk lion appeared. Compared to the previous time with the Jin family, it was much stronger!


The giant lion opened his mouth and swallowed the red aura. The existence of the aura from the berserk beast instantly vanished without a trace.


Lan Tingxu was speechless.

This Zhang Yang was still as wild as always

All sorts of sounds could be heard from his stomach as the aura was thoroughly digested!


A strange sound could be heard from the crack.

Lan Tingxu and Zhang Yang looked at each other. This sound

Sure enough, it belonged to a king level beast.

Which king level beast?! Come out now!

Zhang Yang yelled out loud and the sound passed through the crack. No response could be seen. However, another wave of the red aura quickly appeared.


Zhang Yang swallowed it without hesitation.

The so-called beast aura did not harm him!

However, before Zhang Yang digested the aura, yet another red aura quickly emerged within the crack. This time, the aura

Something wasnt right about it.

A different one!

Lan Tingxu possessed a sharp observation and easily noticed it with a glance.

However, his face turned uglier. This was because it signified that two king-level berserk beasts were attacking!

Get back to your place!

Lan Tingxu shouted.

Numerous crystal bits flashed and destroyed the red aura instantly!

Two versus two!

What was there to fear for those two Federal Guardians?

After all, this was a territory of the Federation. Soon, the attacks from the beasts weaken. Lan Tingxu and Zhang Yang nearly destroyed the crack!





The strength of Lan Tingxu and Zhang Yang increased.

The auras from the berserk beasts vanished without a trace. The crack in front of them finally collapsed! They captured the remaining auras. 


A cluster of black aura behind the red auras came quietly.

Unlike the previous aura, this aura suddenly stormed out!


Not good!

Zhang Yang and Lan Tingxus face changed drastically!

There is actually a third one?

The third king level beast!


Is today April Fools?



Two powerful auras slammed into the black aura. It shook for a moment but still maintained its trajectory without any reduction in its speed.


We must not let it reach the city!



Both of them immediately rushed forward.

The black aura kept flying forward as both Federal Guardians crazily chased it from behind! They knew that if this aura reached the city

It would be disastrous!


Three rays of light rapidly flashed.

Both Zhang Yang and Lan Tingxu were nervous to the extreme. For three king level beasts to appear at once, this was out of their understanding!

Could it be the berserk beasts had begun to be more offensive?

Chase, chase, chase!

Both of them didnt even pause for a moment.

At this time, Su Hao had just returned to Fenghui City. Being a peak level 9 specialized esper and with his internal force and strong physical fitness, his attacks would not be any weaker than Bai Feng!

However, in other areas, what he lacked wasnt only a tiny bit

Being in the college for four years, how many origin techniques had Bai Feng learned?

How strong was Bai Fengs understanding of his ability techniques?

What Su Hao could do now was to make up his own deficiencies.

Well, there are quite a few professional espers who came to watch this tournament. If I can learn some origin techniques from them...

Su Hao pondered deeply.

After an online screening, he had created a name list.

On the list, it was those professional espers who returned to Fenghui City. He intended to search within them to get some suitable cards. Professional espers were different from specialized espers. If he dared to do a large scale scan, he would be attacked by the other parties

He would not be able to imagine how he would die.

Besides, since they can put up a guard, a large scale scan would not be effective.

Well, one by one would be the best option.

Su Hao looked at the virtual screen for a moment and locked onto a name.

Hmm. Lei Hong? Level 1 professional esper, physical type talent?

Hes the one!

Su Hao looked satisfied.

Those with physical type talents were who he preferred the most.

This was because these espers usually had a weak shield and had a greater chance to get a universal origin technique from these espers. The other point was Lei Hong was doing some tasks outside the city not far away.


Su Hao immediately rushed outside the city.

As long as he had a rough position, Su Hao would be able to find the individual in minutes. Leaving the city gate, Su Hao went to his target.

Just that, a few kilometers away, Su Hao felt an abnormal aura!

What happened?

Su Hao began to be alert.

Raising his head, he saw nothing.

Damn it!

Su Hao could clearly felt the strong sense of crisis in his unsettling heart.


Su Haos figure halted abruptly.

Something amiss.

Model analysis!


A strong energy fluctuation spread to the surrounding.


The data displayed on the 2D map stunned Su Hao. Two super huge red dots were rapidly rushing toward him!

Such a scale


Su Haos energy fluctuation flashed across these two characters.

Senior Zhang?

Senior Lan?

Two Federal Guardians?

Su Hao was shocked.

What had happened?

Topography modeling!


From Su Haos position to Zhang Yang, a perfect model emerged. Su Hao was finally able to see the strange aura which caused him to have a goosebump.


Extreme danger!


Su Hao turned around to run without hesitation.

This aura was no joke!

Who would not run away from this terrifying thing?!

However, Su Haos speed was too slow. A few seconds later, those two Federal Guardians had already discovered Su Hao. Their face instantly changed!

At this time, the distance between Su Hao and the black aura was getting closer and closer!


Phantom Sprint!

Su Hao immediately changed his direction. However, the black aura actually changed its direction and chased Su Hao!


Su Haos face turned ugly.

Too bad, in front of the black aura and Federal Guardians, Su Hao was as slow as a snail. If this were to continue, Su Hao would be killed by this black aura. However, at this critical situation, a figure quietly appeared in front of Su Hao.

With a pair of translucent wings, the figure opened the arms widely and kept Su Hao behind.


The black aura collided into them!