Godly Model Creator Chapter 455

Gmc Chapter 455

Chapter 455    Scaring the hell out of this daddy

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


There seemed to be no sound here.

Earth and Heaven seemed to have paused at this moment with only a dazzling red light and a pale figure.

Zhang Yang and Lan Tingxu quickly ran over, but could not keep up with the black aura. The black aura produced a red light as an impact occurred.

The figure which blocked for Su Hao looked very tiny and pale.


The sky was filled with red.

Zhang Yang and Lan Tingxu arrived a second later.

When they saw the scene in front, they were stunned!

A beautiful girl with her eyes closed and beautified by a blue light stood in front of Su Hao with a determined look

However, the strange part was that she was totally safe!

Instead, Su Hao who was behind her got a direct hit!



Both of them were stunned on the spot.

Blue dream butterfly felt something was amiss and quickly opened her eyes. When she saw the scene, she was confused. How could this happen? She clearly blocked in front of Su Hao

Su Hao

Was he dead?

Two men and a berserk beast were dumbfounded.

Especially those two Federal Guardians. They would have never imagined meeting Su Hao while chasing the beasts aura.

Although the aura managed to be blocked, Su Hao died!

This years college entrance exam's top student.

As they thought of this, both revealed a bitter smile.

Zhang Yang went and had a look at Su Haos body. He returned with a pale expression and said, All his organs are destroyed. That aura was too much for Su Hao to handle.

My daughter will kill me!

Zhang Yang murmured to himself.

Lan Tingxu pondered in silence.


Was this girl alright?

When both of them had a closer look, they had a shocking discovery that this girls actual body was a blue dream butterfly! This blue dream butterfly was mentioned in Su Haos records, but they never expected that she would be this powerful!

So strong that she was able to transform into a human-like figure!

If it were the usual circumstances, they would naturally be interested, but they were not in the mood when looking at Su Haos body.

How am I alright?

Blue dream butterfly was confused.

Zhang Yang bitterly smiled, Because youre a berserk beast, aura from another beast wont do you any harm. As for Su Hao...

A berserk beast killed the top student of the college entrance exam in front of two Federal Guardians?

Zhang Yang did not dare to think about it any further.

Although they managed to block this black aura, they had lost a genius with unlimited potential in the process. For the Federation, was it a gain or a loss?


Zhang Yang could only utter this word.


Something unexpected happened.

Su Haos body began to emit energy and under the shocked eyes of the Federal Guardians, the light illuminated dazzlingly.


Su Haos organs within his body were rapidly restored at an incredible rate. When the light dimmed, Su Hao casually stood up.


As Su Hao stood up, he patted off the dust on his body.

Damn, scared the hell out of me!

When he turned around, Su Hao saw the expression of the two Federal Guardians as if they had seen a ghost, Huh? Why do the two of you have such an expression?

Zhang Yang: ...

Lan Tingxu: ...

What such an expression?!

Damn you!

Was it not because of you scaring us?!

Arent you dead?

Zhang Yang asked curiously.

Well, before this, I established a resurrection type talent. I never expected to encounter such an incident before I had the chance to change into another talent.

Everyone was shocked!

Origin model was like Su Haos second ability talent.

It was such a coincident that this origin model would benefit him in such way today.

The blue dream butterfly looked sad and ran over to him in small steps. Obviously, she was depressed from not being able to block the attack for Su Hao. Su Hao smiled and patted her head before she turned back into her actual body and sat on Su Haos shoulder.

Can you briefly tell me what is happening?

Su Hao voiced out.

Zhang Yang frowned, You should not be qualified to know this. However, since youre aware of the beast tide and your involvement in this incident, there is no harm in enlightening you.

Zhang Yang then began to explain. 

Su Hao felt cold sweat on his back.


A king level beasts aura?

Fortunately, he became the hero that blocked the aura.

If it wasnt blocked in time?

Su Hao looked at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang sighed, Aura from a king level beast, even if the tiniest bit reached the city we expect a terrible disaster!

Doesnt this mean that berserk beasts could destroy human cities at any time?

Su Hao was surprised by the answer.


Zhang Yang shook his head, The consumption to open the space crack is much larger than what you can imagine. Also, such an act is dangerous. But now something isnt right!

Forget about the space crack, for three king level beasts to join forces, that is the real problem! If not for the both of us being here and you blocking the final aura, Im afraid there would be a huge mess! Li Tiantians warning and the assault from the beasts, what is their aim?

What was the goal of the berserk beasts?

Nobody knew!

The problem lied here.

What was it that made it worth for three king level beasts to join forces?

However, Su Hao had a general understanding of the situation.

Didnt this mean that he had accidentally passed by and help humanity by stopping a catastrophe? Hmph, now he felt like humanitys saviour.

However, he had to admit that his luck was good this time. He just came back from Jinhua City and hadnt changed his origin model yet. Otherwise, one hundred of his lives would not have been enough!

Erm, there should not be a second time, right?

Su Hao asked cautiously.


Leave the rest to us. It was our mistake that allowed this incident to occur. I remember you have military merits, right? Ill add your deed to the record.

Zhang Yang said.


Su Hao did not decline.

After they had a careful inspection of Su Haos body to ensure there wasnt any aura of the berserk beast remaining, they left the scene.

Beast tide Fenghui City Jianghe City...

Su Hao frowned for a bit.

Could Li Tiantians prediction be wrong?


Li Tiantian was so sure that the location would be in Jianghe City! Why would the attack happen earlier and it was Fenghui City instead?

He couldnt figure it out.

After Su Hao reorganized his thought, he could only shake his head.

Forget about it. Well, it would be better to leave this matter to the Federal Guardians. For him, the most important thing to do now was to increase his strength!

Only a few days left before the final.

If he couldnt improve within these days, Jianghe City would be finished!

Taking a deep breath, Su Hao cleared his mind and then rushed to his initial goal.

Lei Hong!

Level 1 professional esper!

35 years old, the older generation esper of Fenghui City. After hardship all these years, he had finally stepped into the professional esper level.


When Su Hao reached the destination, Lei Hong just killed a berserk beast.


Lei Hong puzzledly looked at the young man who appeared out of nowhere suddenly.

Hi, Senior Lei.

Su Hao greeted with a hand sign and embarrassed said, I want to challenge you!

Challenge? Me?

Lei Hong looked at Su Haos aura which was at level 9 specialized esper, Little brat, after you breakthrough into a professional esper, come back and challenge me by then.


When they were having a conversation, he had used this chance to scan Lei Hong.

Too bad what he saw was emptiness.

It seemed like there was only a level separating them. However, the difference was like Earth and Heaven. Thus, Su Haos analysis failed.

As I expected.

Su Hao sighed.

Previously, when he was just a level 1 specialized esper, he could easily read those at level 5 or even 6. Now with just a level separating them, he still couldnt achieve his aim. To read him perfectly, he would need to step into professional esper realm. 

Senior, Im sorry to say but I must challenge you today!

After Su Hao said so, he no longer hesitated and charged toward Lei Hong!


Illusion Reality!

Synchronous Playback!


Internal force!

There was only a gap of one level, but Su Hao had to be at his best condition the moment the battle began.

With so many origin techniques used at once

Could they fill the gap between them?


Su Haos attack clashed with Lei Hongs.

It was a draw!

This strength...

Lei Hong looked excited, You have the qualifications to challenge me!

Bring it on!


Lei Hongs muscles expanded!

Lei Hongs whole body harden like steel.


Mountain Strength!

The ground split open.

Su Haos pupils contracted. This was the very first time he saw a powerful origin technique of a veteran esper. Compared to what he imagined

It was beyond powerful!