Godly Model Creator Chapter 456

Gmc Chapter 456

Chapter 456    Huge falcon

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

One move!

Just a single move.

Within the radius of one kilometer, Heaven fell and Earth rent.

Su Hao could feel the force suppressing him. Obviously, there wasnt anything around him, yet he was feeling suffocated.


Is this the real strength of a professional esper?

Although the professional espers in Jinhua City had the same energy intensity as Lei Hong, those newbies were nothing compared to Lei Hong whose mastery of his ability talent was on a whole different level.

Su Hao could match Lei Hong in the energy intensity department. But origin techniques? Lei Hong easily showed him a countless number of techniques.


The ground split sprayed rocks into the air! The ground shook so hard that it felt like an earthquake. While using Illusion Reality, Su Hao knew that these stones could not hit him. However, the suffocating feeling in his heart grew stronger as if he lacked the air to breathe.

What kind of strange origin technique is this? He couldnt let this continue any longer!

Su Haos eyes lit up, and he didnt hesitate to use his most powerful technique.

Xinghe Arrow!


Xinghe Arrow exploded in mid-air. The powerful force instantly suppressed the suffocating force, and the surrounding stones were destroyed. Lei Hongs attack seemed to end instantly.

However, Su Hao had no time to relax. Lei Hong slowly waved his right hand. Matchless Aura!

A heavy pressure came down from the sky! There was no visible harm, but Su Hao felt as if his heart was hit!



It felt like something was knocking on his heart! Su Hao couldnt help but spurt out a mouthful of blood.

He lost! Su Hao couldnt help but reveal a bitter smile.

Two moves?


It was only one move!

Mountain Strength, Matchless Aura!

At the Eastern Lake, Su Hao thought that he was now on equal footing with ordinary professional espers. Even if he couldnt win, he could at least give a good fight during the finals.

He did not imagine that he had already failed. Plus, it was a terrible loss!

Youre Su Hao, right? Lei Hong no longer attacked and looked at Su Hao.

You know me? Su Hao was surprised.

I did take note of the battle for the capital city. Lei Hong sighed, To find me at this moment, you must be attempting a breakthrough. However, your aim is wrong.

What you mean by that? Su Hao felt strange.

Although this daddy isnt strong, I advanced into a professional esper five years ago! For five years, I have been training non-stop. Naturally, my control over ability talent has become as stable as ever! Any ordinary level 1 professional esper wont be my equal. And you are only a level 9 specialized esper, the gap between us is too much. Lei Hong shook his head for a bit.

Su Hao smiled bitterly. Five years So, the truth was he had picked a boss-like character for his first goal.

Senior, I havent lost! Su Hao gritted his teeth.

You still can continue? Lei Hong frowned.

Of course! Su Hao uttered these words and launched another attack.

Phantom Sprint!

Mountain Crash!


Su Haos figure was like a ghost who suddenly appeared beside Lei Hong. The mighty strength of Mountain Crash hit on the side of Lei Hong.


A clear, distinct sound could be heard. Lei Hong stopped the attack. Then Su Hao jumped into the sky. With a flick of the Xinghe Sword in his right hand, he slashed down.

Water Split!


Lei Hongs body flashed as he evaded Su Haos attack. However, several of his forehead hairs fell. If the attack reached a little further 

What a strong attack!

Lei Hong was shocked. Just as he thought about it, Lei Hong noticed a strange aura locking onto him. Su Hao still had some tricks left?

Lei Hong became alert as he waited for Su Haos next attack.


After waiting for a moment

Urgggh... Su Hao sat down on the ground.

Lei Hong: ...

Su Hao took a short rest before standing again.

Lei Hong shook his head and laughed, Brat, work hard. Were too old already. The future of humanity will be in the young ones hands. I will wait for the moment when you surpass me. Lei Hong took his prey and leisurely walked away.

Su Hao bitterly smiled. Is this a level 1 professional esper? Perhaps this guy is even stronger than Bai Feng!

Su Hao no longer wanted to think about this as he shook his head. Instead, he shifted his attention to his mind. Just now, the second attack had managed to distract Lei Hong for a moment

Su Hao managed to capture that moment! He used that golden opportunity to establish Lei Hongs model and read his cards. Luck was on his side. The move used by Lei Hong was a universal origin technique!

World Aura!

Mountain Strength, Matchless Aura

Was it this move?

Su Haos eyes lit up. Although he failed in his challenge, the harvest was definitely worthy. As long as he learned this card, his strength would increase once again! His weakness of lacking origin techniques would be getting smaller.

Great, next target! After Su Hap had a good nap, he was ready to go for another round. However, the blue dream butterflys figure suddenly appeared before Su Hao.

Huh? Su Hao looked at her.

I want to go back for a few days. Blue dream butterflys eyes slightly reddened as if she was disappointed.

Why? Su Hao was worried about her.

I I feel like I am not helping much. Blue dream butterfly looked down with a sad expression, Previously, I was still able to help for a bit. However, youre about to be a professional esper. And I still havent made any progress. I...

Sigh~ Su Hao patted her head, Why think so much about it? I will be happy if you are accompanying me.

No! Blue dream butterfly shook her head, I dont want to be just a figure for display!

Huh? Su Hao was confused, Display?


Blue dream butterfly started sulking, I dont care. I cant help you now nor could I during the battle.

Alright then. Su Hao felt helpless, I will send you back then.

After he sent the blue dream butterfly back, he wasted no time.

Perhaps she felt pressure after being with Su Hao. After all, Jianghe City was their hometown. To let her back there and rest was a good idea

Although he did feel that she was acting strangely, a girls mind was always hard to guess. Since Su Hao could not figure it out, he would not think much about it.

Jianghe City.

After the blue dream butterfly flew outside the city, she didnt return to the forest. Instead, she went to a place where she and Su Hao had visited together, the chicken farm!



Blue dream butterfly leisurely flew there.


Sister Blue is back!

Stupid, Sisters first name is not Blue!



A lot of little chicks appeared, and some did not know how to talk yet. Blue dream butterfly greeted them since they were familiar with each other already. She spent most of her time here during Su Haos college entrance exam, and they had become her friends during that period.

After greeting everyone no, it should be every chicken

Blue dream butterfly then flew directly to the middle and passed through several routes before a black figure gradually emerged.

In the middle of the chicken farm, there was a huge animal.

Blue dream butterfly quietly flew in front of the animal. The physique of the animal was finally revealed. It turned out to be a huge falcon!

Just its wings alone were already five meters in width!

As if the falcon felt some movement in front of it, the falcon slowly opened its eyes and showed a hint of relief, Little Blue, youre back?

Yea. Blue dream butterfly revealed an annoyed look, My first name is not blue!

The huge falcon smiled and gently touched her head with its wings, Why are you back?

Well... Blue dream butterfly lowered her head and blushed, Even Im not sure myself.

Oh? It looked at her in curiosity, Come, tell me more about it...

While blushing, blue dream butterfly talked about Su Haos matters, Well, I really dont know. In short, when Im on Su Haos body, I feel awkward.

King level beasts... Murderous intent flashed within the huge falcons eyes.

However, it was hidden in the next second. Looking at blue dream butterfly in front of it, If so, I think I understand whats the situation.

Huh? Blue dream butterfly looked confused.

Little Blue also has someone she likes. There was a huge smile revealed in its eyes.

What?! That isnt the case! Blue dream butterflys face turned red, Even Mother Falcon teases me! I hate you!

Silly girl. The falcon looked at her lovingly.


The huge falcon seemed to see something, and its face changed slightly, Little Blue, have you been hit by a berserk beasts aura?

Huh? Blue dream butterfly recalled back, Yea but it caused me no harm. They said that because Im a berserk beast, the aura is ineffective.

Oh? The huge falcon stared at blue dream butterfly, What kind of aura was it? Green? Red? Blue? Or could it be black?!

It was black. Blue dream butterfly replied.

Sure enough, its him! The huge falcons face had a huge change in its expression, and a surge of aura spread to the surrounding. Its wings which had not been opened for a long time were slowly stretched out in anger!


At this moment, the entire Jianghe City had a dramatic change. Clouds were accumulating and seemed to cover Jianghe City in darkness.

Mother Falcon, dont! The voice of the blue dream butterfly seemed to have woke it up. It looked at its heavy wings and sighed, I am already old at this stage...

No, Mother Falcon is only injured. When you recover, you can definitely fly again. Blue dream butterfly gave some words of encouragement.

Silly girl. The huge falcon touched her head, Sometimes when one falls, it will never fly again.

Blue dream butterfly only half-understood the expression.

The huge falcon smiled. In that plain smile, it hid endless grief.