Godly Model Creator Chapter 457

Gmc Chapter 457

Chapter 457    Crazy Challenger Demon!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

Blue Dream Butterfly said with determination, Mother Falcon, I want to be stronger.

The huge falcon laughed, Huh? The little brat who only knows how to sleep all day long is finally going to start working hard?

Its because my heart ached when I saw him get injured.

One could feel the sadness in her tone.

You silly!

The huge falcon laughed out loud, Alright, Mother Falcon will help you.

Yeah! Blue Dream Butterfly happily hugged the huge falcon.

The huge falcon raised its head and shook its back a few times. When a feather dropped off, it then put the feather in front of Blue Dream Butterfly, Take this. When youre in danger or in a situation when youre clueless about what could be done, crumple it.


The feather vibrated and turned into a beautiful necklace, hanging from Blue Dream Butterflys neck.

What a beautiful necklace.

Blue Dream Butterfly was pleasantly surprised but she soon came back to her senses, I understand danger but what do you mean by when Im at a loss?

Its just a description.

The huge falcon smiled, When you come across it, you will eventually understand.

I see.

Blue Dream Butterfly only half-understood it as she firmly marked it down in her mind.

The huge falcon then stretched its wing forward for a bit as it aimed at Blue Dream Butterflys forehead.


A clear, crisp sound could be heard.

At this moment, a light that shined as bright as a diamond began to illuminate the space.

Some strange information traveled along the huge falcon into Blue Dream Butterfly which caused her to support her head as she struggled.

After a while, she slowly opened her eyes.

These are...

Blue Dream Butterfly revealed an expression of shock as if she had seen something.

They are just some interesting origin techniques which should be able to help you, the huge falcon replied.

Yeah, yeah.

Blue Dream Butterfly nodded excitedly in return.

The huge falcon lovingly chirped, Go outside and cultivate then. I want to rest for a bit.

Alright, Mother Falcon. Have a good rest then. You must get well soon.

Blue Dream Butterfly hugged the huge falcon again before she happily left it alone.

The huge falcon was alone on the chicken farm.

With a pair of old wings, this old falcon could no longer be any older. However, its hawkeyes slightly opened and were filled with resolution.

Su Hao...

The child that came here last time?

Su Tianchengs son...

Such nostalgia...

Three days passed since then.

In Fenghui City, the final battle for the capital city had finally arrived.

When the semi-finals ended two days ago, the final ranking was actually released. In fact, there were quite a number of people who left Fenghui City. Team Quan An was destined to be out of the top three. Although Team Lanhua failed, the teams strength wasnt affected that much. Based on the assessment, this team had placed third.

As for first place

With Bai Feng around, what was there to predict?

Thus, even before the battle ended, the online ranking was announced.


First place: Team Bai Wu

Second place: Team Jianghe

Third place: Team Lan Hua

Fourth place: Team Quan An


In the eyes of public, since the battle for capital city had reached this stage, it was literally the end.

No matter how strong a team was, when facing a professional esper, how could they win the fight?

Everyone clearly knew the strength of Team Jianghe. To defeat a level 8 specialized esper was already a difficult task for them. What if they had to face a level 9 esper? Not to mention Bai Feng who easily gotten rid of a level 9 esper like a dog.

The battle for capital city no longer had any suspense to it.

Only the people from Jianghe City waited in silence.

Of course, in their eyes, Team Jianghe had done their best!

At this time, when the battle for capital city was no longer in the spotlight, an interesting piece of information attracted everyones attention.

Hey, did you hear?

Yeah, I saw it. Its so funny. This man had such great courage.

Haha, for a level 9 specialized esper to challenge a professional esper he was so brave.

Plus, they say that he had challenged no less than 10! It seems like this man paid every level 1 professional esper in Fenghui City a visit.

Damn. Could it be that he won each time?

What victory? He just exchanged some blows a few times and then ran away.


Those who heard this couldnt help but curse.

Indeed, these days, a strange man was lurking around in Fenghui City. The rumor mentioned that this man had the strength of a level 9 specialized esper. However, he only challenged those with level 1 professional esper strength!

It was fine to issue a challenge. After all, it was common for the young ones to challenge the seniors especially when one was attempting to break through the bottleneck.

But this time, it was slightly awkward because this man actually fled after he knew he couldnt win.

You didnt hear it wrong!

Thats right, he just ran with tail in between his legs!

After knocking on the opponents door with confidence, if he noticed that the situation wasnt good while fighting halfway, he would actually turn around and flee! This really made everyone speechless.

Most of those who tried to breakthrough would experience the life and death moment.

Since youre so afraid of death, then why challenge a professional esper?

If it only stopped here, that would still be fine. However, that shameless man actually changed his target and issued a challenge again!

Thats right!

Since he couldnt defeat this esper, he would challenge another esper!

Then, when he couldnt win, he would run away again

When this news spread, countless people laughed out loud. It had been quite some time since Fenghui City had such an amusing story. Based on everyones descriptions, this challenger seemed to be around thirty years old and was extremely strong. After all, for him to be able to exchange hits with professional espers meant that he was definitely not an ordinary existence.

Not mentioning his fear of death, he seemed to not have any major weaknesses.

In just two days, this man had successfully earned a title for himself: Crazy Challenger Demon!

Many people actually speculated the next target of his based on his movement. For a period of time, Fenghui City had turned lively.

Somewhere in Fenghui City.

Su Hao silently looked at this title that was given to him.

He had only issued a total of 12 challenges and his existence was already well known!

Darn it!

Isnt the price to be famous a little too low?

Luckily, I changed my appearance.

Su Hao looked at the picture above on the virtual screen and nodded in satisfaction.

After he was recognized by Lei Hong that day, he purposely changed his appearance with his Nitai artifact. Fortunately, his strength was nearing the professional esper level and others couldnt see through him.

Or else

If his identity was exposed, that would mean great trouble.

Even his whereabouts was perfectly hidden.

However, when it came to the results of his harvest, he wasnt very happy with that.

Most of the ones he challenged only had the exclusive origin technique.

Even those who had universal origin techniques were all only one or two stars

Such techniques were no longer useful to him.

In the end, Su Hao could only give up.

In other words, excluding Lei Hong, there was not a single origin technique which suited him from the other 12 espers.

However, although his origin technique harvest wasnt much, his overall strength was now solid and in stable condition. With a good foundation after breaking through consecutively four times, Su Hao could now perfectly utilize his strength as level 9 esper.

In addition, Su Hao also had a better understanding of the strengths of a level 1 professional esper.

One could say the route to becoming a professional esper was a straight one that consisted of ability talent.

Yet, the only difference was that the others routes had been drawn out but Su Haos route was still blank.

He had to create his own route on his own.

Su Hao mumbled to himself. Time to go back.

The process of improving ones strength had not always been smooth all the time. His origin technique harvest was indeed a disappointment. The number of universal techniques for professional espers was low.

This indicated that Su Haos future path would get harder and harder as he continued on. He could only return depressed.

Buzz buzz buzz~

A strange noise woke him up from his delusion.

As Su Hao looked back, he saw a truck pass by. With a vacuum-like tail behind it, the truck sucked all the garbage on the ground beverage bottles, discarded papers, chewing gum, electronic devices and others materials.

What was left was a spotless ground.

Garbage removal truck?

As if Su Hao had come up with something, he was lost in thought.

Strange, when all the garbage is sucked in, how are they going to separate them?

The car system should have some rules set up, but what are they?

Su Haos mind came up with all sort of ideas as he was eager to come up with the right answer. At this moment, he seemed to have stumbled upon something strange.


Model analysis, activate!

Su Hao quickly established the garbage removal truck model and all the rules and system were now in his hands.

So thats how it works...

As Su Hao muttered to himself, his eyes suddenly started to shine.

Because of that, Su Hao stood on the roadside like a crazy man.

Several high school students passed by and saw Su Haos appearance. Then, some ideas popped out, Hey, look at that guys clothes. Seems like its quite valuable why dont we grab them?

Not a good idea. What if we get caught?

Tch, look at that guy. He looks like a retard. Well, I will knock him out first.

After saying so, the student stepped forward and raised his hand to use a move that he had just learned earlier, Confusion!

Numerous energy particles appeared in mid-air and formed a white light ray that was directly aimed at Su Hao. However, what shocked the group of students was when the light reached Su Hao, it actually vanished without a trace.


Those students were so scared that they took a few steps back.

Su Hao who was in a deep thought turned around and looked at them.


They were so scared that they fled on the spot.

Su Hao ignored them and stayed in his original spot. Within his mind, dozens of computers were running as they were analyzing something.

If a strong esper passed by Su Hao at this moment, the esper would notice that Su Hao was like a black hole that was devouring everything!

Su Hao just stood there and didnt show any signs of movement for a long time.