Godly Model Creator Chapter 458

Gmc Chapter 458

Chapter 458    The start of the decisive battle

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The day had finally arrived for the crowd to be excited because the final decisive match for this battle had arrived.

A lot of people attended this event regardless of the outcome because, by the end of this battle, the victor would determine which city would obtain the status as the new Eastern States capital city.

Awards for the other teams would also be given at the end of this battle. Because of the emergence of Bai Feng, people were not looking forward to the finals. The public considered it the opening event before the award ceremony.

On July 1st, Fenghui City once again became overcrowded. Although most of the crowd had decided the final outcome of the battle, underground gambling made the battle more interesting.

And this time. it was a gamble on how long Team Jianghe could persist.

I will bet 100,000-star dollars that Team Jianghe will forfeit!

You idiot! How could you look down on this team that much? Theyre still geniuses Well, I will bet they will last one minute!

F*ck, I will bet three minutes. I think they will give a good final struggle.

The situation was in chaos.

On the spot of Team Jianghe to be victorious with huge odds, it was still empty. That was needless to say. No one thought that Team Jianghe had a chance of winning!

Why not bet on Team Jianghe winning? As long as you win, you wont have to work for the rest of your life! Someone shouted.

Get lost! If I lost, I would be working for my whole life! You can go die! Who will still dare to bet on Team Jianghe when a professional esper appeared? As soon as the sentence ended, a young man came in, Hmmm, I bet on Team Jianghe winning with one billion star dollars!


Countless people fell to the ground. Damn it! 1 billion Who is this person?!

Could it be that Team Jianghe has a trump card?

Wait! Someone shouted, That was Li Xin!

Li Xin...

The crowd was suddenly stunned. If it was Li Tiantian, they might dare to take the risk but Li Xin? Young man, this isnt something to joke about.

Team Jianghes resting area.

When Li Xin came back with a satisfying look, Chen Yiran looked at him strangely, I heard that just now, you went and bet. How can you be so silly like them?

Hehe, I just wanted to look at their annoying look.

Chen Yiran bitterly smiled, How long till the match starts?

One hour! Li Tiantian came over and said, We will fight then!

As soon as everyone looked at each other, they had made a firm decision. They would enter the fight!

The battle was about to start. If Su Hao hadnt returned, they would drag out the time until he does! Of course, they had a more important aim besides doing this. Energy consumption!

Su Hao wasnt a God. He could not return as a level 5 specialized esper and defeat Bai Feng in minutes. 

This was a battle! It wasnt any battle about Su Hao alone but their battle as a team too! Thus, they couldnt lose! Even if there was a hint of advantage to gain, they would fight for it!

At the venue

As the time had arrived, Team Bai Wu and Team Jianghe had arrived. However, the lineup of these two teams was a bit odd. It was needless to mention about Team Bai Wu. Most of the team members came on stretchers to watch. Meanwhile, Team Jianghe only four people like before! Captain Su Hao was once again absent.

Both teams submitted the entry list. Although everyone had expected it, when they heard the list announced, they were still somehow shocked.

Sure enough. Team Bai Wu only had one participant. Bai Feng!

The other four members had basically lost their ability to fight. They probably would not be able to use their origin ability for sometimes. However, one participant was enough for them! As for Team Jianghe, they had submitted a total of five names in which Su Hao finally appeared on the list; although he was still nowhere to be seen.

Soon, the battle began! Bai Feng elegantly walked up to the stage. He had just graduated from Zhanzheng College at the age of twenty and was definitely an icon to be idolized.

Many forces were paying attention to this young man. Of course, many females were showing their eyes filled with stars as they looked at him. Professional esper! In the eyes of ordinary people, this was definitely an existence to be looked up upon!

As for Team Jianghe, the one who showed up first was Li Xin. The first fight of the final was between Bai Feng and Li Xin!

Where is Su Hao? Bai Feng frowned.

Out of everyone in Team Jianghe, only Su Hao had the qualification to be his equal! Never would he expect that the first one to come up on the stage was not Su Hao but rather Li Xin

What were they planning?

Hehe. Li Xin smirked, Defeat me first before thinking of a fight with my boss!

Bai Feng was annoyed. Damn you, youre just a little specialized esper, yet you dare to speak about this with me! If that is the case, as you wish!


Bai Feng made his move. A terrifying aura erupted and the heavy aura pressured Li Xin. In fact, Bai Feng hadnt even made a single move.

Its coming! Li Xin became alert.

Bai Feng wasnt moving in the eyes of the audience, but Li Xin saw many things. Aura condensed with Bai Feng as the center and rammed at Li Xin like a hard shell.




Now! Li Xins eyes lit up and blasted out his punch without hesitation, Four times critical hit!


Li Xins hair was messed up by the strong wind, but he was still able to stand at his original position. There was no harm inflicted on him after the collision between the two forces.

Hehe, this is nothing. Li Xin said without thinking twice, Trying to use your aura to defeat me without your origin technique, arent you looking down on me too much?

Bai Feng didnt reply. Instead, he slowly raised his right hand and faint energy flashed. He finally planned to be serious!

Swish! Bai Feng pointed his right hand at Li Xin! Swish~

A translucent force emerged and charged toward Li Xin. As the force mixed in air, it sometimes became transparent. This was an attack using Bai Fengs ability talent, Spiritual Penetration! Since Bai Feng had decided to make a move, there was no need to hold back.

Its coming! Li Xin took a deep breath and tightened his fist.


Li Xin threw a punch and a strong force burst out from his fist. However, what amazed him was his fist did not affect Bai Fengs attack!

When the force dissipated, Spiritual Penetration still remained! Now they realized that the strength between these two was too different.

Just a move from Bai Feng and Li Xin could no longer resist. However, was that really the case?


Li Xin threw another punch.



Li Xin threw numerous punches on to the air. His actions turned out to be an origin technique.

As Li Xin crazily threw his punches, countless force erupted from his fists. Since one punch is not enough, what about ten? Dozens?




The sound of force colliding could be heard many times! When Li Xin stopped his attack, the so-called Spiritual Penetration finally diminished. Bai Fengs attack had actually been blocked!


Did I see wrong? Li Xin is just a level 1 specialized esper.

Yea, hes just a level 1 specialized esper. How could he block the attack?

Not sure

The crowd was confused about what was happening.

All they could see was Bai Feng using a translucent attack and Li Xin used his pair of fists to resist. In the end, the confrontation ended as a draw!

This match did not seem like what they had expected. Bai Feng was after all an esper who could face five specialized espers by himself.

Li Xin, not bad! Bai Fengs eyes finally turned serious.

Although he had not used aa origin technique but an ordinary attack using his ability talent, that still was not something anyone could resist. And Li Xin actually easily blocked it! This guys strength wasnt ordinary!

You are a professional esper but arent you too weak? Li Xin grinned, If you keep being like this, Im afraid you cant even get past me.

Great, I will do as you wish. Bai Fengs eyes changed as one could feel energy gathering around him. Powerful energy was suddenly released from his hand toward Li Xin.

Spirit Storm!

Terrifying energy fluctuation came down from the sky and almost covered the entire stage. Bai Feng finally could not help using a powerful origin technique. But as he made his move, he didnt notice the cold sweat on Li Xins forehead.


Nobody could be seen.

He vanished? The spectators were stunned.

These past few days, they had heard about the disappearance of Du Wen and now they felt how terrifying this move was. Now, Li Xin disappeared!

The crowd stared at the stage, fearing that they might miss something. At the same time, a casual voice from the referee could be heard, Li Xin jumped off the stage. Bai Feng wins!

What? They almost thought they had heard it wrong.

Damn! Jumped off the stage?

When they had a closer look, black lines appeared on their forehead. Li Xin casually walked back to his team as if this result did not affect him at all.

What was happening here? At this time, Bai Feng who was on the stage finally noticed something amiss. 

Energy consumption! The opponents were trying to waste his energy! As long as one lacks energy, even a specialized esper could defeat a professional esper! Was this Team Jianghes main goal?!