Godly Model Creator Chapter 459

Gmc Chapter 459

Chapter 459    War of Attrition

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Damn it! Bai Feng suddenly became serious.

If he were against any other team, he would not bother with his energy being consumed. However, his ultimate opponent was none other than Su Hao!

I must end this quick! Bai Feng made a firm decision in his heart.

Bai Feng won the first match.

As for the second match, Li Tiantian walked up the stage.

Li Tiantian... Narrowing his eyes, Bai Feng said, I would have never thought that you would actually resort to this tactic of wasting my energy. Hehe, all those moves by Li Xin earlier must have been your teachings, right? I will never believe such an idea came from him.

Using Li Xins fists to counter his attacks and then forcing him to use his energy! If it were others, he might not be fooled! But who was Li Xin? Thus, he had subconsciously acted without thinking. And what was the result? To deal with Li Xin, he actually had to use Spirit Storm. Then what about when he faced the stronger ones?

Well, you dont have to be that reserved. Li Tiantian smiled indifferently, That sentence you left for Su Hao, wasnt it for this purpose too? I will wait for you..., such domineering words. Youre actually afraid of your energy consumption, and you wish this battle to be a one versus one, right?

Bai Feng smirked and declined to comment. Dignity? He wanted this battle to be one versus one? All bullshit! What kind of battle was this? The battle for the capital city!

Since this was the case, only the victor would be remembered by the public! Therefore, if Su Hao were hot-blooded and acted without thinking by challenging him alone, Su Hao would suffer a miserable loss. Perhaps the moment when they met each other, the battle had already begun!

I will definitely not let your plan succeed. Bai Feng sneered.

But you can only resort to this, right? Li Tiantian smiled sinisterly.


Spirit Storm! The moment Bai Feng attacked, he already used his powerful origin technique! Terrifying energy fluctuation once again covered the entire stage that Li Tiantian had nowhere to avoid.


Li Tiantian jumped off the stage, and Bai Feng won the round! The crowd was dumbfounded. One move

Just a single move, Bai Feng was truly above the rest as a professional esper. Instantly, the audience turned excited. The first battle with Li Xin had created an illusion of Bai Feng being weak. They never expected him to show his true colors while facing Li Tiantian.

One strike victory! What a domineering performance!

However, only a few thoughtful people paid attention to this. Li Tiantian was no ordinary esper from the young generation. The attack must cover the whole stage in order to beat Li Tiantian in one strike! Also, the attack must be strong enough to kill him or else more energy will be wasted for nothing! However, how enormous would the energy consumption be of an attack of that scale? 

Now only two matches had passed. But, Bai Feng had used his large-scale attack twice. If this was to continue, could he remain at his peak when he faced Su Hao?

The third match! Bai Feng VS Chen Yiran! Battle start!


Spirit Storm once again showed its appearance!

It seemed that in order to not waste any more unnecessary energy, Bai Feng would keep using this origin technique as his first move as he intended to blow her off stage



Everything seemed to be moving slowly due to the snow. Including Bai Fengs Spirit Storm!

As an ice lotus bloomed, that Spirit Storm was actually destroyed before reaching the ground.

Chen Yirans Snow World had defeated this move.

Their first confrontation was a stalemate.

Such great strength! Countless people exclaimed.

Chen Yirans Snow World coupled with her stunning appearance made her like a snow goddess!

Because of her mediocre performance in the college entrance exam, everyone didnt give much thought regarding her. Previously, they didnt see her strength when she was facing against Team Fenghui. But now that she was able to counter Bai Fengs Spirit Storm, who would dare ignore her strength?

Damn Snow World! Bai Feng began to feel a headache.

If it were a 1v1, he naturally would not be afraid. However, he currently had to face five people consecutively and also the opposing teams plan to waste his energy. These circumstances made his headache worse. 

Each time he used a large scale origin technique, it would be a draining move. It was needless to mention about Spirit Storms energy consumption. It was also his first time having his origin technique crushed since becoming a professional esper.

I cant let this continue any longer! Bai Feng looked grim.

The more I try to conserve energy, the more I will be led by them and ends up consuming even more energy! Bai Feng finally realized where he had been wrong.

No matter how strong Su Hao was, he was still a specialized esper. Due to his high expectation on Su Hao, he had been wary and tried to conserve his energy as much as possible. But this thought had backfired on him.

I wont care about my energy anymore! Bai Feng declared in his heart, As long as Im not wasting my energy, it will be well spent. If he had to waste his energy while dealing with specialized espers, that would be a huge slap on his face.


The pressure emitted from Bai Feng changed. Since he had made a decision, he naturally didnt care about energy consumption or acting cautiously.



Countless ice crystals burst into pieces! The battle had turned into a confrontation of Bai Fengs Spirit Penetration and Chen Yirans Ice Crystals. It was supposed to be Team Jianghes dream scenario! But under such heavy attacks, Chen Yiran had to tap out as her energy was instantly emptied.

Bai Feng won the third match!

He finally noticed his problem... Li Tiantian smiled bitterly. With the new realization, Bai Feng defeated Chen Yiran with minimal consumption. Zhou Wang, youre the one we will depend on.

Yea. Zhou Wang nodded.

The fourth match, Bai Feng VS Zhou Wang!



Numerous Spiritual Penetration charged toward Zhou Wang as a sign that the match began. Bai Feng didnt hold himself to resort to a full-scale attack! If it were Li Xin, these attack would have killed him many times. Unfortunately, Zhou Wang was the one facing these attacks.



Lightning flashed as Zhou Wangs body kept flickering among the lightning and it became difficult to hit him. Let alone defeat him, each of Bai Fengs attack struck empty air!

Bai Feng who had regained his advantages just a moment ago was now dragged into a stalemate again.

Moreover, unlike the others, Zhou Wang never stopped his assault.



As soon as he saw a chance, he would strike with his lightning. If Bai Feng were accidentally stunned by the lightning, he would be in trouble.

Damn! Bai Feng cursed silently.

These brats from Team Jianghe, each of them arent any simple student. They were already this great at 18 years old. If they were given two more years, wouldnt they defy Heavens logic?

Bao Feng himself had mastered all kinds of origin techniques, but the consumption would be much greater. If he were to use any technique randomly, perhaps he would lose before having the chance to fight Su Hao. Losing to Zhou Wang is a big no! While facing Zhou Wang, he had to opt for a huge scale attack or else he would not be able to touch Zhou Wang at all.

Spirit Storm! Bai Feng didnt hesitate to use this move again. 


However, the crowd was shocked to discover that Zhou Wang disappeared again!

Did he lose?

No, that isnt it! Look over there, quick!

Everyone raised their heads up and saw Zhou Wang leisurely floating in mid-air. Behind him was a pair of huge wings made of lightning constantly flapping. Lightning Wings!

That move again...

Hes too cool!

Although everyone had seen it once, the crowd still found it stunning to witness it again. Zhou Wang with his pair of wings was like a God of War!

Lightning Wings? Bai Fengs expression slightly changed. Spiritual Trace!

A vortex condensed in front of Bai Feng and flew like a bullet as it travelled.



Zhou Wangs body flashed, and he easily evaded the incoming attack. However, what amazed the crowd was as Zhou Wang evaded, the bullet formed a perfect arc and charged at Zhou Wang again!

It has a tracing ability!

This is too amazing!

Zhou Wang can no longer hide.

Of course, he could not do so. Since this bullet has a tracking move, how could he hide? Finally, Zhou Wang no longer evaded and charged Bai Feng while ignoring the incoming bullet.


Zhou Wangs wings flickered as his speed surged!


Lightning Sword appear! Zhou Wang slashed down toward Bai Feng without any delay. With the current buff from his wings, Zhou Wangs current speed was so fast that they could hear the sound of thunder.

Spiritual Barrier!


A translucent surface was condensed. Zhou Wangs sword could only land on the surface without causing any damage. 



The bullet collided with him from behind. Zhou Wangs figure suddenly vanished, and the bullet changed its direction in an instant. However, due to it being slow in forming a turn, it destroyed the translucent surface.



Lightning Purgatory! Zhou Wang didnt hesitate to use his last bit of energy on this attack. The skys color changed as thunder suddenly hammered from Heaven!


The hovering dust and smoke in air covered everyones vision.