Godly Model Creator Chapter 460

Gmc Chapter 460

Chapter 460    Retreat!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

What was the situation right now? Everyones sight was affected by the dust. The spectators tried their best to guess what was happening on the stage. Bai Fengs strength was indeed outstanding, but that joint explosion seemed comparable with his Spirit Storm! Was he really alright from such an impact?


A figure walked out casually. It was Bai Feng! His suit was still sparkling clean and spotless as he did not take the slightest damage!

The crowd was shocked! They realized the true caliber of a professional esper!

Zhou Wang used his Lightning Wings to stay directly in front of Bai Feng for a moment and led the bullet to crash into Bai Feng under high speeds. What a great plan that was.

However, even with this plan, Zhou Wang ran out of energy and lost all his fighting capability. Team Jianghe had displayed a wonderful performance on stage, but they seemed to have no hope of winning. Because even after this fourth match, Bai Feng had not received an injury. It was his attack and defense that cost him energy. Could this battle continue?

Fourth match won by Bai Feng!

Zhou Wang quietly stepped down the stage. There was no longer any meanings to insist on fighting. Out of four, three had their energy exhausted!

Li Xin had it the worst. Because of his ability talent, he had emptied his energy before he used his origin technique. However, he managed to lure out Spirit Storm and Spiritual Penetration.

Li Tiantian had his energy at the peak, but he could only step down from the stage due to Spirit Storm. Instead, it was Chen Yiran and Zhou Wang who took Bai Fengs attacks to the limit.

However, that was it. Under so many restrictions imposed for the battle, they couldn't pose any harm to Bai Feng. All they did was exhaust his energy, due to the strength gap between them.

The fifth match, Bai Feng VS Su Hao!

Captain of Team Bai Wu VS Captain of Team Jianghe!

Su Hao? The crowd came back to their senses.

During one of the fights during this competition when he faced against Team Feng Hui, he struggled hard. The most important fact was that the strength gap between Su Hao and Jiu Hefeng wasnt much!

Zhou Wang used his Lightning Wings while facing a crisis and his power surged! What about Su Hao then? If he didnt make any progress, he would be worse than the current Zhou Wang.

Even with Su Haos appearance, what could he accomplish when his four other teammates could only at most consume Bai Fengs energy?

Such a pity, if it is two years later... Everyone sighed in regret.

If they had the chance to train for two more years, the title of capital city would probably belong to Jianghe City.

Too bad there were no ifs in this cruel world.

The match was about to begin. Bai Feng was on the stage, but surprisingly Su Hao was nowhere to be seen!

Su Hao? Please come up to the stage! The referee repeatedly called out several times and didnt see Su Hao. As he turned to look at Team Jianghe, everyone bitterly smiled. God knows where he is.

The scene turned in a hot debate again. Such a situation was not what they predicted.

Where is he?

Not sure, havent seen him for days.

Yea, now that you mention it. I remember that after the first round, Su Hao had never appeared again. Could it be that his injury was too serious?

Its possible!

Everyone made their guess. Even Bai Feng himself was stunned.

Final call, Su Hao? After the referee shouted again, he bitterly smiled. This situation was pretty common for him. However, it was the very first time it happened during the final decisive battle.

As he was prepared to announce Bai Fengs victory, the referee suddenly heard a sound coming over. The sound was getting louder as time passed! The spectators raised their head towards the location of the sound.


A stream of light passed. There was actually a hovering car which fell from the sky, crashing directly on the stage.


The security system on the venue quickly locked on the car.



Numerous energy beams shot toward the car, forming splendid fireworks.

A dark figure then indifferently descended from the sky. Landing on the stage, he smiled while looking at the referee, I think Im not late, right?

Su Hao? The referee opened his mouth wide and looked at this strange figure.

The audience was dead silent. So the explosion earlier was this mans doing?

One had to note that such an entrance blinded everyone!

That car just now... The referee no longer said anything, Alright. Forget it. Since youre here, then lets not delay this match any longer. The final match begins!


The scene was so silent that one could hear his own heartbeat.

Seems that youre in quite the rush. Trying to catch up to me, you must have been tired. Are you not afraid of being delayed?

No, my time is always accurate. Su Hao retorted as he shrugged.

Bai Feng said this to Su Hao, but he didnt know that Su Haos timing was really accurate. Even when he was not here, his ability could quietly scan the venue.

He knew well of what was happening here. Since everyone was fighting to gain some time for him, wouldnt it be a shame if he didnt utilize it?

Are you jealous? Su Hao asked curiously, When a professional esper fights against five specialized espers, you can actually end this easily. However, you are extremely cautious about saving energy, and it doesnt match your usual style. What do you fear? Are you perhaps afraid of me defeating you?

Afraid? Youre not on such a stage yet. Bai Feng was a little annoyed, I just dont want to face any mishap. When the Federal Guardians praised you, I didnt agree with them. But these two days, you surprised me, Su Hao! Owh wrong! Should I call you Crazy Challenger Demon?


A stir occured within the crowd. Crazy Challenger Demon? Su Hao? What was happening? So these two days, that insane challenger was actually Su Hao? Was this information real or fake? Of course, its true!

With Bai Fengs status, it would be impossible for him to utter any nonsense without reason. Since he dared to say so, he must have confirmed this news.

Chen Yiran was speechless, Sure enough, its him.

Li Tiantian bitterly smiled, Should have guessed that it was him...

The news regarding Crazy Challenger Demon, they had obviously heard about it. Their first guess was Su Hao, but that strength as level 9 esper eliminated this possibility. However, they never expected that it was really him! Did that mean that Su Hao was now a level 9 specialized esper?!

The crowd looked at each other and couldnt hold their excitement. No, not only that! To be able to face countless professional espers and remain undefeated, Su Haos strength was more powerful than any ordinary specialized esper!

Now they finally understood why Bai Feng had been acting strangely. They realized why the always confident Bai Feng was cautious while facing Team Jianghe because Su Hao was Crazy Challenger Demon! 

18 years old! Challenging countless professional espers, remaining undefeated, and retreating unscathed. Such a formidable feat!

A middle-aged man as Crazy Challenger Demon and Su Hao as an 18-year-old challenger enjoyed a completely different treatment.

As for the other issue. There was a rumor that Su Hao had a Nitai artifact that could transform his appearance.

But how did he suddenly breakthrough into a level 9 specialized esper? They still remembered the last time he appeared; he was level 5.

How many days was that since then? Four or five days? A day a level?! 

Damn! Not to mention other people, such a breakthrough rate was one of a kind!

As the spectators looked at Su Hao standing on the stage, they could feel the mysteriousness emitted from him. How strong was the current Su Hao? Could it be that he had advanced into a professional esper?

A battle which should be in Team Bai Wus hand had turned into a suspenseful battle.

At the same time, the staffs over the live broadcast were shocked to see the rating view surge. 

Crazy Challenger Demon! These three words were enough to increase the rating by more than four times! And it was still increasing by every second!

It was an obvious result. When Bai Feng revealed Su Haos identity, it meant that Su Hao was no longer a weakling, but an esper who was strong enough to compete with a professional esper!


For the first time, Bai Feng unleashed his aura without restrictions! Level 1 professional esper!


Su Haos aura as a level 9 specialized esper broke out. However, he seemed slightly weaker in comparison to Bai Feng. In this regard, Su Hao smiled without being bothered.


Two auras clashed!

Instantly, an extremely bizarre scene was revealed in everyones eyes! The audience at the scene was stunned.