Godly Model Creator Chapter 461

Gmc Chapter 461

Chapter 461    Suppression!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

What did they see?

Two powerful auras were confronting each other in mid-air.

Su Hao who seemed to have the weaker yet unusually strong aura was able to suppress Bai Fengs aura to the ground.




The spectators were having cold sweat.


Is Su Hao actually stronger?

I feel that Bai Feng is somewhat great but he fails to perform.

Yea, although Su Hao is short, hes forceful.

True, true.

Two girls were discussing this amongst themselves within the audience and everyone around them sweated, You cant say that!

Why not? Bai Feng really cant, arent I right?

The crowd was speechless, What you mean is right but youre using the wrong term.

When comparing auras, it was obvious that a level 1 professional esper was stronger. This was also why Bai Feng used his aura to contest. With a strong aura, he could suppress his opponent and reduce his opponents combat ability.

However, it was obvious that such move was ineffective against Su Hao.

Looking at his suppressed aura, Bai Fengs face turned dark.

It was obvious that his aura was stronger, and yet it was completely overwhelmed by Su Haos. From Su Haos aura, he could feel the presence of something subtle.



Bai Fengs aura was totally suppressed!

Su Hao didnt let go of this opportunity and immediately counterattacked by rushing his aura toward Bai Feng!


Bai Feng quickly took back his aura.

Su Haos aura caught him off-guard and it enveloped Bai Feng. It was so strong that footprints formed under Bai Fengs feet.

A twinge of fear began to form within his heart.

When he was facing Li Xin he could utilize his aura to attack, but in front of Su Hao, he was nearly countered.

Su Hao was much more powerful than what he imagined!

Such a great aura!

Bai Feng could hardly hide his astonishment.

His aura as a professional esper was actually being suppressed by Su Hao?

How could this be?

Su Hao was only a level 9 specialized esper!

Through his Spirit Analysis, Bai Feng clearly saw that Su Haos strength had remained steadily at level 9 and there was no possibility of breaking through!

How could such aura be this impactful?

Su Hao, you have quite a number of secrets, huh?

Bai Fengs heart was filled with all sorts of complex emotions. If Su Hao was a professional esper now, Bai Feng certainly wouldnt be able to stand on his own. But now

Energy could be seen fluctuating in his hands.

A translucent sword appeared out of Bai Fengs hand. After battling so many times here, this was the very first time Bai Feng had to rely on his energy weapon. This was more than enough to show how much of a threat Su Hao was to Bai Feng.


Bai Feng slashed forward!

A silent ripple immediately came to Su Hao. Compared to Bai Fengs previous attack against Li Xin, this was much stronger! The power increment from Spirit Sword wasnt that simple. The ripple was traveling so fast that it created an illusion of air being split. 

The strength of a level 1 professional esper?

Su Hao took a deep breath.

Xinghe Sword showed up!


His internal force quietly covered the sword which increased the output with just a level 9 specialized esper. Coupled with Su Haos incredible physical fitness


Su Haos swung his sword.

As he did so, the spiritual fluctuation was subdued and it vanished instantly without a trace.

The audience was startled!

It was blocked!

During the first match, a random move from Bai Feng would require Li Xin to work hard to block the attack at the expense of consuming all his energy. Now, with the increment from Spirit Sword, Su Hao just threw a random swing and was able to block it without any origin technique! This meant that Su Haos current energy intensity

It had reached the level 1 professional esper rank!


A light flashed within Bai Fengs eyes. As he lifted his Spirit Sword, similar spiritual ripples rushed forward. Such a scene was like a stone being thrown into the middle of a peaceful lake; it was a sight to look at. However, at the same time, this beautiful scene was filled with dense, murderous intent.

Let me see if you can really block them!

Su Hao smirked and didnt say anything.

With a flip of his hand which was holding Xinghe Sword, he easily destroyed all the ripples.

Under the influence of internal force, he was not any weaker than Bai Feng. To rely on the advantage that a professional esper had over a specialized esper to defeat Su Hao was just false hope!


Since his attacks were not effective, Bai Feng personally rushed forward.



Su Hao immediately reacted with a counterattack.

As they both confronted each other, there were all sorts of energy sparks but neither had used any origin techniques yet.

The audience watched in silence.

For Bai Feng to be this powerful was understandable, but Su Hao

Level 1 professional esper!

Su Haos attack had actually reached level 1 professional esper too?

This didnt seem right.

Everyone was somehow confused.

If a random attack of Su Haos had reached this level, this indicated that Su Haos energy intensity had reached professional realm. Plus, his energy recovery was already at professional realm during college entrance exam. Didnt this mean that Su Hao had long met the conditions to be a professional esper?

If so, why was he still a level 9 specialized esper?

Obviously they didnt know that in this world, there was a mysterious force called internal force which would enhance the human body in all aspects. They were also clueless about the fact that Su Haos physical strength was already so powerful that it went beyond any ordinary level 1 professional esper!


Both of them clashed once again!

As the forces collided, they had to retreat a few steps back to divert the forces. However, that did not make them suffer any damage.

In term of energy recovery, Su Hao had no fear!

In term of energy intensity, Su Hao was fearless!

What could Bai Feng do to win such battle?

Could it be

Su Hao still had the chance to win?

Bai Feng sneered. Turning Spiritual Sword over, he then stabbed it into the ground without hesitation.

Spirit Storm!


Powerful energy descended from the sky and a stream of force which was several times stronger than before suddenly gained shape. That powerful aura made everyone instantly shut their mouths.

At this time, they were only aware of one thing.

Origin technique!

It was a variable that heavily affected ones strength.

Su Hao could breakthrough in a short period of time but any origin technique would require long-term training and tempering. Could Su Hao grasp that in a short period of time?

The crowd was excited about how the event would unfold.

In Team Jianghes resting area

As Li Tiantian and others saw Spirit Storm, they couldnt help but reveal a hint of bitterness.

Spirit Storm

It was much stronger than before!

Sure enough, when Bai Feng was unrestrained and performed at his peak, the current him was much stronger by an unknown number of times than when had he toyed around with them!

Could Su Hao block that?

The crowd nervously watched the stage.

Powerful pressure was being forced down.

This was a pressure that directly affected the spirit. Like an invisible electromagnetic shock, it rushed from top of Su Haos head.

Even when the attack hadnt arrived yet, Su Hao already felt an enormous amount of pressure.


Su Hao slowly raised his right hand and lifted it high under everyones surprised gazes.


The stage instantly shook!

Block of stones actually appeared out from the stage. As they floated in mid-air, they went up straight to the sky!

Mountain Strength!



Boost! Boost! Boost!

The powerful aura made everyones face change.

On the stage

The air around Su Hao unexpectedly became distorted and under this unstoppable aura, it destroyed Bai Fengs Spirit Storm.

However, was this the end?


Boost! Boost! Boost!

Su Haos aura didnt stop at all. Even when Bai Fengs attack had been subdued completely, the aura increment was still ongoing, causing everyones minds to tighten.

What kind of origin technique was this?

It was such a terrifying one!


Su Hao stopped his gesture.

The surrounding air seemed to have been still at this moment which seemed strange. The momentum and aura suddenly stopped rampaging and no sign of movement could be seen. It was as if they were waiting for Su Haos next order.


Su Hao gently waved down his hand.


Heavy pressure dropped down!

Matchless Aura!

All the condensed aura came down all of sudden and directly hit Bai Fengs body.

Spiritual Barrier!

Without any hesitation, Bai Feng activated his defense origin technique!


A barrier that was like glass appeared a few meters on top of Bai Feng.


The barrier broke!

Spiritual Barrier! Bai Feng immediately activated another barrier.


The barrier broke again!

As the aura dropped down in an unstoppable manner, the speed was so fast that everyone could clearly see that the barriers Bai Feng created couldnt stop the aura. It was only at the last few centimeters where Bai Fengs final barrier could stop the attack.

Did he block it?

He should have.

Its too fast, I cant see it well!

Nobody knew that within a period of time which was less than a second, Bai Feng had condensed countless barriers!

But there was something that everyone was clear about. Bai Fengs powerful Spirit Storm not only failed to defeat Su Hao he was actually being countered!

This counterattack was so powerful and effective!

Su Hao had clearly shown his strength from this exchange.

Even if the opponent was a professional esper, he would not give in!