Godly Model Creator Chapter 462

Gmc Chapter 462

Chapter 462    Fake invincibility!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The scene was silent.

An origin techniques name appeared in Bai Fengs heart.

Mountain Strength, Matchless Aura!

Lei Hongs famous technique! It was a well-known technique among professional espers. It was a universal origin technique with many restrictions, and the degree of learning was too difficult. For one with the same level, it would be better to find other easier to learn origin techniques. Therefore, very few learned this origin technique.

Unexpectedly, Su Hao as a level 9 specialized esper skillfully mastered this technique.


The scene was still dead silent, but Su Hao didnt waste this golden opportunity. Seeing Bai Feng withstanding this technique, he acted on his next step without hesitation.

Xinghe Arrow!


A blue arrow was shot!


The aura on the stage condensed as the Xinghe Arrow headed towards Bai Feng.


Bai Feng didnt delay for a second to summon Spirit Sword and slashed Xinghe Arrow.

Spiritual Tracing!

A projectile which looked almost like a real bullet appeared, and it was stronger than previously. However, before the bullet showed its potential, it was hit by Xinghe Arrow.


Smoke and dust once again reduced the crowds view.

Even a stage which had been reinforced couldn't withstand the battle of two equivalent professional espers. The organizer definitely never considered this special situation. After all, there had never been anyone under 20 years old with strength comparable to professional espers.

It seems that I have been looking down on you all this time. Bai Fengs expression looked so dignified that one had never seen such side of him before, Strong energy cultivation, good energy intensity, and your origin technique is comparable. You do qualify to attempt to advance into a professional esper. Too bad youre just a specialized esper! If you never step into this realm, you will never understand what the difference is.

Energy intensity? Bai Feng chuckled, The difference between professional espers and specialized esper lies in origin talent!

Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

Finally, its here

Tian Zi, Jin Kang and Du Wen, he had met those who had some enlightenment about professional espers. Each time when they had some understanding, their strength would surge significantly. Thus, during this battle, the one he was afraid of the most and lacked understanding of the most was the comprehension of being a professional esper!

Jin Kangs strength was at the edge of a professional esper and could achieve an increment in strength, but he was just a mere specialized esper. What about Bai Feng then who had stepped into the professional esper realm? Whether it was energy cultivation, intensity or even origin technique, he wasnt afraid at all! But the ability talent for professional esper, what would he do?


One could see energy fluctuating from Bai Fengs whole body. There seemed to be no change as Bai Feng still stood at his original spot. However, Su Hao seemed to be able to sense something different inexplicably. Looking at Su Haos cautious look, Bai Feng smiled indifferently. Su Hao, welcome to the battlefield of professional espers!


Bai Feng began to move. Spirit Sword revealed its sharpness with the abnormal shine on its edge. Su Hao could clearly see that endless killing intent on its edge. If he was hit with that


Su Hao used his Xinghe Sword to fight back.

As both swords met each other, a high pitched sound could be heard.

Its blocked! The dangerous feeling in Su Hao's mind grew stronger, causing him to become more alert.

Unexpectedly, Su Hao felt like his power was hitting cotton. As he closely observed the Xinghe Sword, he realized that Spirit Sword was blurred! 


Xinghe Sword actually passed through Spirit Sword. At this speed, both of them would be injured at this rate. Whether it was himself or Bai Feng, each would be stabbed by the other side. However, was Bai Feng silly? Definitely not! Although he didnt know what it was, Su Hao clearly felt something was amiss.

Phantom Sprint!

Silently, Su Hao didnt hesitate to use this move.


Su Haos illusion confronted Bai Feng. One could easily see Xinghe Sword pass through Bai Feng. 

Su Hao knew what happened. It was as he expected! Origin Avatar!

He had seen this once from Jin Kang although it was an incomplete version. Now Bai Feng showed this move once again, and it was more skillful than Jin Kang.

Bai Fengs attack pierced through Su Hao, and it was at this moment that Su Haos illusion vanished and his real body appeared not far away.

Phantom Sprint!

This origin technique had saved his life once again.

Damn you, Su Hao! Bai Feng laughed out loud, However, can you keep using Phantom Sprint?


Bai Fengs body once again turned into a strange state. Su Haos pupil contracted as he quickly retreated. In such a condition when every attack of his would not hit, there would only be a dead end for him if Bai Feng approached him!

What to do? Su Hao recalled back to his fight with Jin Kang. That day during their battle

Jin Kang also used Origin Avatar which almost caused him died. However, it was lucky that he found out about Xinghe Arrow and ultimately killed Jin Kang on the spot! The overwhelmed attack allowed no resistance from Jin Kang!

But it was different right now. The reason Jin Kang was defeated was due to his lack of comprehension. He did not have complete control over his Origin Avatar and was caught off guard by Su Hao. However, Bai Feng wasnt the same. Su Hao was pretty sure that if he attacked with Xinghe Arrow, that would not succeed.

As long as this Origin Avatar was here, Su Hao would just waste his energy! Since he couldn't attack, all he could do was hide! Su Hao kept dodging around and did not want to confront Bai Feng.

The only battle he won against professional espers was at the bottom of the lake. They were after all just professional espers with no future. Not only that, his other challenges ended up with zero victories!

There was no other option

With just an Origin Avatar, there was no need to continue the battle any longer. When he challenged others, he could not last any longer before they had the chance to use Origin Avatar. These people were all seniors who had been in professional esper realm for a long time. Thus, this was Su Haos first time confronting an actual standard professional esper!

How to fight? Su Hao had no idea at all! No matter how strong his origin techniques were, it would be just a waste in front of Origin Avatar. Unless you had an absolute advantage, he could not dream of hitting him, let alone winning. 

Origin Avatar was unique as each one would be different. For example, the wings condensed from energy was a symbol of peak professional espers shown by Zhou Wang.

The same thing applied to Origin Avatar too. Jin Kangs metal control ability allowed him to transform into a metal liquid while in Origin Avatar state. 

What about Bai Feng then? Su Hao had a clearer look at that slippery figure of Bai Feng. Is this spiritual fluctuation? In other words, Bai Fengs whole figure had become an imaginary figure all this time?

No! Su Hao carefully sensed Bai Fengs aura. To be more exact, this was how Bai Feng interchanged himself among reality and illusion. Under normal conditions, Bai Feng would appear in reality.

However, when Su Haos attack came or perhaps at a particular moment, Bai Feng would switch himself into energy state and cause Su Haos attack to be ineffective. Su Hao wasnt clear how professional espers defeated each others Origin Avatar. In a sense, Bai Feng was literally invincible!

If he couldnt break the secret of this Origin Avatar, Su Hao would never win! As Su Hao pondered, a chill could be felt tingling in his scalp.

You think you can keep hiding? Bai Feng laughed. Numerous translucent needles appeared around Bai Feng and instantly covered five meters in radius. God knows how many are there!

Go! Bai Feng waved his hand.

Suddenly, countless needles swarmed toward Su Hao with strong killing intent.

Damn it! Su Hao subconsciously wanted to use Xinghe Sword to resist. However, he soon realized this plan was not enough. He would not be able to block them!

If he tried to do so, the same scene might happen again. If these needles went through  Xinghe Sword and hit him, even if he escaped death, he would still be seriously injured.

Even if he wanted to hide, could he hide?

Illusion Reality! Su Hao began to use his 5-star origin technique without hesitation.

Light could be seen flashing within his eyes and two different worlds appeared. Su Hao was now fully aware of the location of every needle.

This feeling...

Su Haos heart was startled!

His technique had become stronger!

Illusion Reality was more powerful than before!

Perhaps due to increment in the number of computers in his mind, the processing speed had increased exponentially. Or perhaps the progress in deducing Illusion Reality that had been done led to changes in this origin technique. Su Hao could actually see a clear line among the needles.

Could it be really the case here? Su Hao subconsciously entered the line.


Dozens of needles rubbed against his ear without causing any harm!


Su Hao took a step back and a few needles passed by him.


Su Hao moved like a ghost among the needles.