Godly Model Creator Chapter 463

Gmc Chapter 463

Chapter 463    A New World!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



All the silver needles controlled by Bai Feng passed by Su Hao without inflicting any harm. Everyone who witnessed this miracle had their mouths wide open. Su Hao had a prediction type origin technique which was well known to the public, but they didnt imagine it to be effective at this level!

Such a strong ability! That was the thought in everyones mind.

Bai Feng was using Origin Avatar to achieve the state of pseudo-invincibility. Right now, by activating Illusion Reality, Su Hao had also reached this stage too. It was truly unbelievable!

However, they still didnt have a good outlook on Su Haos victory. Everyone knew that although he had escaped this round unscathed because of the gap in between the needles. What if there was not a single space left for Su Hao during the next incoming attack?


As if everyones thoughts had been made into realization, Bai Feng made his move at that moment.



Countless light rays flashed. The same scene was unfolded, and an unknown amount of needles appeared around Bai Feng. However, compared to the previous moment, they were denser! If the previously there were hundreds of needles, then now there were thousands of needles!

I will see howre you going to resist this time!



The dense needles once again enveloped Su Hao. The distance between two needles must be less than the space to fit a person, to ensure Su Hao couldnt avoid them. These needles formed a perfect cubic lattice and only half a meter apart from each other which blocked any escape route of Su Hao!


The needles charged out! Everyone held their breath while watching for the next scene to be unfolded. How would Su Hao react now?

Is he going to block? Of course, that would be a bad idea!

These needles might be spiritual any moment and passed through Xinghe Sword or any defensive measures of Su Hao. If he tried to resist, death would be awaiting Su Hao!

What about evading? There was no way to do so!

Every route had been sealed, and the only way to escape from this pinch was to jump off the stage. That was the only choice. Since Illusion Reality helped Su Hao the last attack, could it save him again this time?

They couldnt help but to pay attention to Su Hao and suddenly sighed. The light within Su Haos eyes had vanished. It meant that Su Hao had given up on Illusion Reality! Illusion Reality had always been Su Haos best move!

Su Hao, have you given up? Indeed fighting against a professional esper is hard. The absolute advantage over specialized esper is still there. If it was during ordinary times, Su Hao might be able to face a professional esper without being defeated. However, to defeat them is another story!

With just one move, Origin Avatar, it could steamroll over everyone. Su Hao had struggled hard to reach this step, and the audience thought that they could see more from him. They never expected that in the end, being defeated was inevitable. To beat a professional esper, it seemed that only professional espers could do so.

Its about to end... Everyone looked at the stage.

The current Su Hao was lost that he didnt know how to deal with this anymore.


Those endless needles finally approached Su Hao.

And at the very last moment, out of nowhere, Su Hao raised his hand slightly and blocked. Those who saw his action felt that it was really weak. 

What was he planning to do? A final symbolic struggle? Right now, those needles reached Su Hao!


Something unexpected had happened! A barrier silently appeared which didnt have any property. Even no energy fluctuation could be detected. What the crowd saw was those endless needles vanishing.

Anything within 10 cm of Su Haos body disappeared without a trace! Yes, disappear! A complete disappearance! 

There was no sign of any resistance! Just like that, under everyones watchful eyes, they vanished like magic! The attack had ended, but Su Hao was still safe and sound!

Bai Feng was dumbfounded. The audience was dumbfounded. The officials from Federation were dumbfounded. Everyone who saw this scene was stupefied.

What happened?!

F*ck! F*ck! Who can explain this to me?

How could you tease me like that?

They completely disappeared without any sign!

I dont even see any energy fluctuation.

On the virtual screen, the commentator who had always been explaining the fight to the audience looked at the scene with a dull face. He had no idea how to describe this phenomenon. Uh...well It seems like this Su Hao had utilized an unprecedented origin technique to block Bai Fengs attack...

The audience stared at him like a retard. Isnt this nonsense? They obviously knew Su Hao had just used some origin technique.

But how did he use it? Since when did he start to use it? In the end, what were the details? Nobody knew!

You... Bai Fengs calm expression finally changed.

Since the start, Su Haos every attack had been imprinted in his mind. Su Haos ability talent was strong, and that was a fact he knew. He had even gone so far to expect Su Hao to accidentally breakthrough into a professional esper during the battle!

He had even prepared for that! However, when this technique made its debut, he was at a loss.

Origin Avatar? No that wasnt it! It was definitely not Origin Avatar!

How could it look like this? There was no any energy fluctuation or even any sense of his attack reaching Su Haos body. It was like the dense needles vanished abruptly.

How could this be?! Where did his attack go? For the first time, there was a dense fear accumulating in his heart.

Su Haos model analysis always seemed to create miracles. Each time it appeared, there would be something new. Su Hao was after all walking on his own path which was completely different from the rest.

Because of this, Su Hao received recognition from the Federal Guardians.

Illusion Reality, Origin Model, Su Hao had invented many incredible feats by himself.

There had never been a student at this age to come all the way here with a Grade E ability talent and create all sorts of origin techniques. The amazing part was each of them are extremely powerful!

Could it be that he created a new origin technique? One more powerful than Illusion Reality?

Thinking of this, everyone stared at Su Hao with madness and excitement!

Su Hao still stood without moving a single finger.

However, nobody knew that Su Haos model world was undergoing tremendous changes!

If Bai Feng could see Su Haos model world, he would be shocked to find that all his attacks were inside here! They were all within Su Haos model world!

Open! Su Hao shouted.

The model world shook as if an earthquake had occurred and a new world was born at this moment!

In the model world, Su Hao had already divided it into layers. Before this, there were only two layers. One was for permanent models while the other from temporary models. And now, Su Hao forcefully opened a new layer which he named Cycle World!

This world was empty! There was no permanent model of various buildings nor temporary model. It was an empty word with a large track. This track was in a shape of an oval.

Right now, Bai Fengs countless needles were orbiting along the track. They were still maintaining the intent to attack Su Hao and kept moving along. Because there was no concept of friction here, they were able to maintain their speed while operating.

They moved around continuously on the track made by Su Hao. Like an orbiting satellite, they kept spinning. It was Su Haos latest creation!

Yesterday, when he saw the rubbish collector, Su Hao realized this concept. Today, he had understood completely and made this a reality.

Illusion, reality.

The switch between these two states had made him realize it. Since Bai Feng could switch between illusion and reality, then why couldn't he?

While at the threshold of specialized esper, even Tian Zi realized this concept. Now, Su Hao who was also a level 9 esper finally touched this concept for a bit after confronting numerous professional espers. Because of this little realization, he was finally able to connect his model world with reality.

It was a simple passage which transported every attack of Bai Feng into the third world, Cycle World.

Does Origin Avatar have a strong defense? No! Cycle World was the truly powerful one!

As long as it didnt exceed the limit of this world, in theory, Su Hao would have the strongest defensive capability! The capacity of Cycle World was limited which was needless to be mentioned.

With Su Haos current strength, he could only create a world with a little capacity. If a super powerful attack is transported here, it would only lead to Cycle World collapsing. However, there was a precondition for this. It must be a one time attack which exceeds its capacity.

Since there was a way to transport them to this world, there should be a way for them to be exported out, right?

On the battle venue, not even a second had passed.

While everyone was still shocked by Su Haos move that caused the needles to vanish, Su Hao gently moved his right hand, and it was the same movement again. However, his goal was Bai Feng!

What was he planning to do? Everyone had their heart skip a beat.

Previously, when he did this action, he was able to wipe out all Bai Fengs attacks. Right now, he aimed at Bai Feng. Did he want to make Bai Feng disappear? This idea caused them to open their eyes wide.


Energy fluctuation! This time, everyone sensed it clearly. On Su Haos right hand, inexplicable energy could be seen fluctuating making many feel relieved. Since there was energy fluctuation, it must really be an origin technique.

However, soon their expression changed slightly especially Bai Feng. Facing Su Hao, he was the one who could see it clearly! Moreover, he felt that the atmosphere seemed familiar.

Go! The attack appeared! Numerous needles appeared and flew toward Bai Feng. They charged with killing intent just like before.


Isnt it Bai Fengs origin technique?


Whats happening?

Did Su Hao copy Bai Fengs ability talent?

They were all frozen. It was totally unbelievable!

A battle for the capital city had opened their eyes to a whole new world. This battle between Bai Feng and Su Hao was the most eye-opening for them, and this scene would be remembered by many!

In the end, what happened?