Godly Model Creator Chapter 464

Gmc Chapter 464

Chapter 464    Spiritual Battle

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Damn it!

Among everyone, the one who felt the most was without doubt Bai Feng!

Almost immediately when Su Haos attack appeared, he quickly retreated and created numerous needles packed in a human form to create a barrier in front, allowing those needles to brush around him. After surviving this attack, cold sweat wet his body.

Just a little late and he would be killed on the spot.

If it was Su Haos attack, he just had to assume Origin Avatar form, but they were his from the start! His attack and energy, so his Origin Avatar would be ineffective. Due to the lack of time, he couldnt counterattack on such short notice. Thus, the only move he could take was protecting what should be protected.

Ding, ding!

Dang, dang!

Numerous needles clashed with the barrier which was deflected to the barriers protecting the audience. This barrier should not break, right? 

That was too dangerous! Su Haos counterattack ended, and the scene went into a strange silence. Su Hao did not attack because he was waiting.

Bai Feng who just escaped his death under his skin regained his composure and stared at Su Hao.

As for the audience, they were still clueless. After quite some, Bai Fengs voice could be heard from the scene. You actually reflected my attack?

Bai Fengs sentence was somewhat hard to believe. In just a few breaths, he had recalled what had happened earlier and arrived at a conclusion on why Su Hao had not attacked him yet. He is waiting for my attack!

Then he will reflect my attack! After a few rounds of this, I am afraid I will probably die on the spot! Even if I am not injured, my energy will be hard to sustain.

Bai Fengs voice without a doubt caused an uproar among the audience. Reflection? WTF! That attack was not one Su Hao copied but from Bai Feng himself?

Now, they finally understood why Bai Feng looked so ugly right now. Previously, Zhou Wang had led his own attack to himself with his pair of wings which was an amazing feat. But this time it was reflected, it was totally out of this world!

When the commentator spoke through the broadcast, even those watching from the Internet were amazed. This battle between Su Hao and Bai Feng, to say it was extremely dangerous was not an exaggeration. When they thought that one of them was about to win, there would be a counterattack to turn the table. Bai Feng was like this, and so was Su Hao.

Forget about other things, at least this trip was worth it. In fact, many had actually left because they felt that the final decisive battle would be boring. Now they were the one who regretted it the most. To miss such an opportunity to witness this scene personally, it would be a scar for their life.

The fight continued. However, the scene had developed into a strange cold war that was not seen before since the start of this battle!

Su Hao did not move. While Bai Feng also maintained his position.

Are you afraid? Su Haos eyes revealed a smile.

Bai Feng did not reply. He would not attack randomly before he understood how Su Haos origin technique worked, or else he would only be the victim of his own move! Thus, he would wait! 

As both did not attack, the referee was speechless. What should he do now? If it was an ordinary match, he could have declared it a draw. However, this was a battle to decide which city would assume the title as the capital city. One of them must win!

The referee was about to issue his warning, but he noticed someone move. It was Su Hao! Since Bai Feng did not move, he had decided to take the initiative to attack!



Su Hao summoned his Xinghe Sword and slashed down instantly. Bai Feng reacted quickly and evaded the slash while occasionally attacking with his Spirit Sword. As the battle had reached this stage, energy was a big problem for them and nobody dared to waste it. Bai Feng was unusually conservative since he still could not find out more about Su Haos new technique.



Unlike Bai Feng, Su Hao took a different path and attacked without restraint!

Illusion Reality, activate!

Synchronous Playback, activate!

Internal force, amplify!


Su Hao held his Xinghe Sword and entered his peak state and suppressed Bai Feng. Coupled with a few universal origin techniques, Bai Feng had no room to breath.



Bai Feng retreated a few steps again as Su Hao was unrestrained. Bai Feng could not attack nor did he dare to. The only thing he could do was to defend, defend, and defend!

Everyone who watched this scene unfolded was stunned. Bai Feng who had the upper hand a moment ago had actually stumbled upon such a reversal. Su Hao once again assumed his advantage and toyed around with Bai Feng. If this pace were to continue, it would not be long before Bai Feng is forced to step off the stage.

However, would Bai Feng be content with this outcome? When they looked at Bai Fengs expression, they immediately understood.

He was waiting! He was waiting to decipher the secret of Su Haos reflection.

As for Su Hao, he was in a hurry! He must get Bai Feng off the stage before he managed to find a solution. The fight between them had turned into a race of time.



Su Hao definitely would not let go of this great chance! In a strange situation, the battle had reached the climax.

Phantom Sprint!

Su Haos figure flickered as he quietly approached Bai Feng closer.

Mountain Crash!

Water Split!


It was a perfect combination of attacks. Bai Feng quickly defended with layers of defense which could stop Su Haos attack. At this moment, Su Haos killing move appeared.

Mountain Strength!

Heaven fell and earth rent. The aura condensed and rose up to the sky!

Bai Feng who was without any defense was blasted away under such an impactful force. His clothes were torn and blood stained his entire body!

Matchless Aura!

Su Hao flipped his right hand! The heavy aura then pressured Bai Feng, and it was at this stage that Bai Feng could no longer resist.

Soul Slaughter!


A chilly sensation shrouded everyone. A sharp attack emerged from Bai Fengs body. It was a sharp tip knife that shot out from him. Just a short portion of it had changed their expressions.


The heavy aura from Su Haos attack dissipated in front of this knife! 

This knife was the strongest origin technique Bai Feng could use. While being toyed around by Su Hao, this move was only used when Bai Feng was about to be forced off the stage. Su Hao attacked the tiny tip of the knife at lightning speed, leaving behind a white ray of light behind.

I have been waiting for this moment! Su Hao smirked!

Cycle World, activate!


The same situation happened again. As the tip of the knife was close to Su Hao, it disappeared without a trace. A second later, it appeared out of Su Haos hand in the opposite direction and headed towards Bai Feng.

The crowd could not help but cover their face. Too awful. Such a powerful origin technique got reflected. Does Heavens law still exist?!

Without a doubt, Bai Feng was being abused by his own origin technique. Fortunately, Bai Feng was ready for this.


The knife ruptured. Bai Feng got caught in the blast, and his whole body was stained with blood. Such a powerful attack did not harm Su Hao but almost killed himself.

It seemed like Bai Feng had no chance of victory. However, Bai Fengs expression was brighter than ever and laughed out loud, Hahahaha, I finally understand!


Su Haos eyes flashed coldly and once again charged forward with strong killing intent. He did not give Bai Feng the slightest opportunity.

However, Bai Feng seemed to know the method to counter.

I dont know how you did it. Bai Feng continued as he smiled while looking at Su Hao, You can absorb or reflect whatsoever but even if you can reflect my attack, can you reflect my thoughts? As long as I find something which cant be reflected, I will be able to crush you at any moment! Hahaha, I will let you see what a so-called spiritual origin technique is!


Light ray flashed past.

In my name, Spiritual Battle! Bai Feng pointed at Su Hao with a finger and then tapped down.


A strange force field surrounded Su Hao and Bai Feng. Both of them stood at the same spot. In an instant, the surrounding scene changed.


Whether it was Bai Feng or Su Hao, both of their figures stopped moving on the stage. However, there was strange energy flashing around them.

What happened?

Spiritual Battle!

Bai Feng actually learned this origin technique and forcefully dragged Su Hao into a spiritual field. Su Hao is unlucky!

What?! A spiritual battle?

Everyones face changed slightly. Compared to ordinary battles, spiritual battle fights were extremely dangerous.

Currently, both of their bodies were still in place. But in an invisible place, they were fighting each other!

If Su Hao lost in this spiritual field, his body would be injured. When he fought Su Hao in reality again, Bai Feng could gain the advantage and overcome Su Hao again.

Damn it! Su Hao secretly cursed.


Numerous attacks emerged and Su Hao tried using Cycle World, but it unexpectedly could not be activated!

Huh? Su Haos mind became alert.

Looking at Bai Fengs expression, he suddenly understood. Currently, he was a spirit dragged out by Bai Fengs origin ability!

He would not die if he lost here, but he would definitely suffer!

If he ran away, he would expose his mind to Bai Feng. In this confrontation within the spiritual field, it was definitely the most dangerous one! Thus, he and Bai Feng could only fight here!

What should I do? He was not good in spiritual attacks. He definitely would not be Bai Fengs equal in this state, but if he ran.

Su Hao seemed to have thought of something as his facial expression was a little weird.