Godly Model Creator Chapter 465

Gmc Chapter 465

Chapter 465    Why did you help me breakthrough?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Run! Su Haos figure quickly retreated.

Bai Feng established a spiritual channel. In a world of their own which would be the battlefield, Su Hao actually chose to flee at the very beginning! Bai Feng wasnt really impressed with that.

In this spiritual world, there would be a certain restriction as they engaged in battle. If one failed here, he would suffer a mental shock. However, that wasnt the worst part. The worst part was to flee! Because doing so would allow a man with strong spiritual attacks to enter ones mind, that would be equivalent to courting ones death!

Why did Su Hao flee? Does he has something planned? The moment this idea popped out in his mind, Bai Feng was in a dilemma on what to do next.

Su Hao obviously didnt understand much about spiritual attacks. In fact, he hadnt advanced into a professional esper. A few days ago, he was still a level 5 specialized esper. How would he know anything about spiritual attacks?

Almost instantly Bai Feng understood his action.

Charge! He absolutely must not let this chance slide off his hand!

Spiritual Battle was his final move. Once it failed, he would not be able to hope for another comeback.

If he let Su Hao escape smoothly and was unable to catch up, everything would return to the previous state before Spiritual Battle. At that time, Su Hao would beat him black and blue.

Charge! Bai Feng chased over Su Hao without hesitation.

Soon, the spiritual channel reconnected to his body. At the same time, the channel closed. However, an attack occurred and the spiritual channel was opened again. A figure appeared in Su Haos mind directly. Bai Feng had come!

Under normal circumstances, once you have fallen into someones control who mastered spiritual attacks, you should expect terrible events to follow because nobody was better than them in this field!

However, when Bai Feng entered Su Haos mind, he was literally stunned.

What the hell was this?

A normal brain should be a void space, but the bizarre scene in front was filled with all sort of strange lights illuminating in various colors.

What is this? Bai Feng stood there motionless for a second.

Su Hao observed the situation in his mind and his mouth smirked. Bai Feng, welcome to my world!


Bai Feng who was still in the middle of organizing his thoughts found out that the background landscape changed all of a sudden.

The bizarre world then turned into a place outside the city. On the wall, there were two words written in huge font, Jianghe City. It was Jianghe Citys main entrance.

Bai Feng was dumbfounded. He couldnt comprehend how Su Haos mind had such things.

However, it was too late to think about it. Bai Feng somehow felt something amiss because those lasers for defensive measures on the wall suddenly aimed at him.


The dazzling light ray caused Bai Fengs face to change instantly.



Bai Feng escaped by a thin margin! However, no matter where he fled, there would always be a laser beam following him!

Right now, if he still could not understand what was happening, that would mean he was a total retard. Su Hao actually knew spiritual attacks and it seemed that Su Haos standard wasnt any worse than his. For ordinary people to enter into their world would be an easy victory, but when those with same ability entered in the others mind they would be courting his own death!

And now, he had unfortunately entered Su Haos world.

F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! Bai Feng really couldnt understand.

Wasnt Su Haos ability talent model analysis? How did it become a spiritual talent? Could it be model analysis belonged to a sub-category of spiritual type?

However, no matter what he knew, he was in big trouble right now!

Too bad, Bai Feng didnt know that Su Hao actually had no idea what spiritual attacks were! It was just that he could control his model world to attack Bai Feng! Thus, Bai Fengs entrance into his mind really made Su Hao happy.

Is this considered as a form of attack too?

If his future enemies could be dragged into his model world, then what would he fear? Bai Feng obviously didnt know that his action had contributed a new view to Su Haos research regarding his own talent!




Su Hao pondered deeply.

As for Bai Feng? Well, Su Hao had randomly built a maze in the Temporary Model World. Bai Feng was still enjoying the play and still had not found his way out.

Such a poor child. The only thing thing that made Su Hao sigh regretfully was that Bai Feng must not escape from here. However, his defense was too strong that Su Hao still could not damage him.

What should he do? It would not be great to let him play like this forever.

Should he cut off the Spiritual Battle?

In this state, Su Haos body couldnt move and neither could Bai Feng. Hmm

If this battle ended, although Su Hao would return to his normal state, Bai Feng would instantly return to his own body. That was definitely not what Su Hao wished to happen.

Su Hao looked at the distant Bai Feng who couldnt move. What was in front of him now?! Bai Feng?

No, no, no! It was a great model for experiments!

Due to the gap between professional espers and specialized espers, and the fact that Bai Feng knew about Su Haos ability talent, he kept shielding himself from Su Hao.

However, now Bai Feng had zero defensive measures! It was definitely a great opportunity to build a model!


Su Haos eyes lit up.

Character modeling!

Model Established!


After Bai Fengs model was successfully established, Su Haos eyes glanced over the model. For the first time, he saw countless cards from a professional esper.

Indeed he was worthy to be a graduate from Zhanzheng College with all sort of cards, Su Hao exclaimed.

It was needless to say about the offensive and defensive cards. Most of them were skills related to spirituality. Just like beginner music foundation, they were all about comprehensive skills. Regarding this, Su Hao would not be polite.



Su Hao copied every card which he could learn! For a bookworm, any knowledge which he could add, he would gladly do so. Su Hao would make himself as omniscient as possible because he was clear of one fact. This was all foundation.


Every card related to spiritual type were read, and Su Hao finally began to understand more about this mysterious spiritual world and the so-called spiritual attacks and defense. They were easily absorbed into his brain.

In just a few seconds, Su Haos knowledge was not any less than Bai Feng regarding this field. With the aid of dozens of computers, Su Haos calculations in certain areas had even exceeded Bai Feng. It was also due to him not being able to use 500 computers at once.

Its about to be done. The only regret Su Hao had was Bai Fengs origin technique.

He had learned all the relevant knowledge about this spiritual world but this only enriched his knowledge

This was because every origin technique related to this required one to have spiritual type ability talent!

Or to be precise, these were all exclusive origin technique.

Su Hao understood but to apply in real life was an impossible feat.

Such a pity. Su Hao sighed in regret.

However, what he didnt notice was as he was browsing through the data, several computers which were deducing dead data got unblocked due to these data. Those data which had been halted in progress once again began to be processed.

In just a few seconds later!

Illusion Reality which had been stuck at 99.999% finally moved at this moment. Then, a strange power was born from Su Haos body!


A powerful aura erupted within his body!

The reaction of Illusion Reality had caught the attention of Su Hao. When he looked at the completeness of Illusion Reality, it was such a pleasant surprise.

What could this completed 5-star card bring him?

Card read! Su Hao read the result of the deduction instantly.

Just as he read the data, the world model quietly changed again.



That familiar sound again. Su Hao was clear of this sound because he had just created a new world of his own! And now another brand new world was born!

The first layer, Permanent Model World.

The second layer, Temporary Model World.

The third layer, Cycle World.

And now, the fourth world has been established!



As the model world assumed back its stable state, Su Hao finally understood what was this new world all about.

When virtual combined with reality, when he deduced model in the computer and created an AI, he had imagined such scene before. Today, finally with the data from the spiritual field, he had completed this model, this magical world - Mirror Image World!


Su Haos eyes were brighter than ever.

The overwhelming aura of opening a new world swept across all model worlds. Bai Feng who was still struggling in one of them suddenly felt the aura. It passed through him, and all the chains in Su Haos mind vanished.


The Spiritual Battle had been lifted! He had come out!

Bai Feng was startled. However, what was even more amazing was due to that powerful aura earlier, that about to burst bottleneck had actually made progress!

He broke through! Level 2 professional esper!


Powerful aura burst all over the surrounding.

It was hard to conceal the aura from Bai Feng breaking through and the audience could definitely feel it. Nobody would have thought that in this battle, Bai Feng would have advanced in such a manner.


Opening his eyes, Bai Feng could felt the mighty overwhelming strength as a level 2 esper, but he was at a loss.

He was very clear that this was not a natural breakthrough. Because of Su Haos powerful energy, he broke through accidentally. Thinking of this, he looked at the indifferent young man and asked a question which confused himself.

Why did you help me breakthrough?