Godly Model Creator Chapter 467

Gmc Chapter 467

Chapter 467    Jianghe City

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Bai Feng left the scene on a regretful note.

The audience was still wondering about the fight earlier.

Su Hao stood on the stage alone and looked at the referee. The referee then quickly reacted and stepped forward to announce the final victor, The winner of this battle is Team Jianghe!


The audience went silent, but what followed a second later were thunderous cheers and overflowing support!

They had accepted the fact that Su Hao had won this time!

Team Jianghe won!

The winner of this battle for capital city turned out to be Team Jianghe!

This was simply an amazing feat!

Soon, the news swept across the network like locusts. Perhaps those from other districts did not know much about this battle for capital city, but it didnt prevent them from noticing the top student from the college entrance exam.

After all, Su Hao was more or less a celebrity.

College entrance exam candidate, Su Hao, defeated a graduate from Zhanzheng College!

This title alone was more than enough to be the front page headline of any media outlet.

Zhanzheng College had always been a fairytale for the public. This was because once one graduated from this college, he would truly be a strong, professional esper.

This was enough to make many people look up to them.

But now

A graduate from this college was defeated!

And it was by a prospective student of the college who had just recently participated in the college entrance exam and placed as the top student globally!

18 years old!

Professional esper!

These words were enough to make everyone tremble.

Who was Bai Feng?

Of course, he wasnt considered a genius within his batch, but he was still an honorable graduate who graduated without having to repeat.

But still

He lost to Su Hao.

The video of their fight began to spread like wildfire over social media. The final breakthrough moment from Bai Feng had actually highlighted Su Haos glory even more!

No one expected for Su Hao to once again enjoy his fame.

Right now, were those people from the other districts concerned about the battle of Eastern State? No! What they were interested in was Su Haos current strength and potential!

After all, Su Hao had yet to step into the professional esper realm!

What kind of future would this man have?

Nobody knew!

At Zhanzheng College, countless teachers madly competed with each other to gain the right to become Su Haos master. These old, professional espers wanted to put their prospects on Su Haos shoulders. After all, even if they couldnt be the strongest one, if one of their students happened to be such a character

Wouldnt it be a dazzling achievement?

Su Hao had not even stepped foot on campus yet and he had already become so famous at Zhanzheng College!

The whole Federal was in a mess because of Su Hao.

Not even one month had passed from the beginning of the college entrance exam until now. Su Hao occupied the top of the list at the speed of lightning! The media featured Su Hao for a whole month!

Now, after a few cool down days, news of Su Hao once again swept across the network at an incredible speed!

No one would be able to match such popularity!

The number of online fans Su Hao had was still surging with every second! 

At this time, out of the whole Federal, if you want to talk about Su Hao, nobody would withhold themselves from joining the discussion. However, with such popularity, did Su Haos influence only stop within the Federal?

Within the domain of a berserk beast, somewhere far away

Red lights shined all over the spot.

A large berserk beast was roaming around in its own territory. However, at this moment, a certain sound rang all over the domain. All the berserk beasts suddenly halted and listened attentively.

A moment later, the sound vanished.

The eyes of the berserk beasts turned clear and bright again.

Countless howls could be heard!



The berserk beasts began to move. From a distance, one could see a number of them charging in a certain direction. The land shook hard like an earthquake whenever they passed. A stream of strange red lights came down from the sky and some sort of existence appeared; it stood on the land and emitted a terrifying aura.

The berserk beasts then calmed down and trembled on the ground as it became difficult to breathe.

Back to Fenghui City.

Zhang Yang was standing on top of the city wall as he looked at the area outside the city. In an indifferent tone, he said, Did you feel it?

This isnt a small movement.

Lan Tingxus eyes were cold and murderous, The Federal Army is ready at any moment. If you dare come, we will absolutely not let them return!


In fact, if one noticed closely, Zhang Yangs expression had a hint of uneasiness on it, Still, I feel like somethings not right. You still remember those attacks from several days ago? Those were three king level beasts! That wasnt something we could handle. What if they appeared this time?

They probably wont.

Lan Tingxu shook his head, You should know about the space crack. The greater the strength, the higher the consumption! I believe those auras were enough to make them lose quite a deal. If they really came, and if something bad happened to them...

It will definitely be a huge blow to the berserk beasts!

Lets see if those king level beasts will come.

Lan Tingxu sneered, A king level beast is worth more than a city. Even if Fenghui City is to be destroyed as the price to kill it, its definitely worthy.


He had nothing else to say.

These were all Lan Tingxus battle values after all!

He was always a soldier!

As someone who had been on the battlefield all this time, Lan Tingxus goal had never been focused on an individual but the entire human race! As long as it was beneficial to the Federation, any necessary sacrifice was absolute. All of Fenghui City and millions of lives were just a figure from his mouth. And his title as Killing God

It wasnt a title which could be obtained by killing just a few people.

During the old days, while on the battlefield, Lan Tingxu had once used a small town as a bait to destroy a terrifying beast.

This then prevented the destruction of dozens of other cities!

From the overall situation, he was, without doubt, a hero!

Without this bait, the berserk beast might have gone deeper into the Federals territory to destroy dozens of more cities, and millions of lives would be lost.

However, from another perspective, many still couldnt accept Lan Tingxus decision by using the town as a bait. Those lives were just as important as the others.

In the eyes of many, he was just a heartless killer!

This was how his title as Killing God came to be.

Countless people pressured the Federal government to execute Lan Tingxu. In fact, quite a number of higher-ups also joined the movement. However, the Federal would take out the battle model each time and say that if anyone could come up with a more effective plan that could reduce the damage done by Lan Tingxu, he would then be immediately removed.

However, nobody could come up with such an idea.

This was Lan Tingxu in the eyes of everyone!

However, Zhang Yang knew very well that the previous Lan Tingxu wasnt like this.


It was all about Li Tiantian?

He could only speculate it.

Its not that simple.

Zhang Yang shook his head slightly, Something is definitely not right if those beasts made the move themselves. Go contact Li Tiantian and get his insight. I will see if the others have time or not. Its better to prepare beforehand.


Lan Tingxu nodded.

Fenghui City.

Su Hao represented Team Jianghe and he accepted interviews by various parties: the  Federal government, the Origin Ability Association, the media, the Internet, and many more. That took a few days before everything was complete. At this time, Fenghui City was finally stripped off as a capital city and everyone was able to return to Jianghe City.

When they returned, they could hardly believe their eyes.

Jianghe City had changed.

The entire city had a completely new look. Based on the governments disclosure, the number of people applying to transfer to Jianghe City had grown at a fast pace!

A battle for capital city had completely changed all of Jianghe city.

Moreover, it was said that Cheng Bei Park was building bronze statues of Su Hao and the others When Su Hao and his friends heard about it, they felt like it wasnt right.

Of course, it wasnt without any good news.

In just two days, government approval was obtained and a large amount of money was invested for the development of Jianghe City. In the previous era, developing a city would require at least a decade.

However, right now, only one month was required!

Building a house required a few years?


That wasnt needed anymore. This was the power of the origin ability era.

As long as there were design models, those in the construction field could finish building it in one day!

In the past, nobody would have imagined this.

With this, the development of Jianghe City progressed at a rapid rate.