Godly Model Creator Chapter 468

Gmc Chapter 468

Chapter 468    Two kinds of worlds

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In fact, the most time was not wasted on construction but activities related to planning and designing. Thus, to save time, Su Hao lent a hand by referring Studio From the Star. As a hero of Jianghe City, he had his own influence.

For the planning and designing stage, Lin Yue and his members did not disappoint Su Hao.

After working overnight, the design plans for the entire city had been completed. Then the construction team began to start working, and the entire city transformed at an incredible rate. Being driven by the endless resources from the Federation, the speed was unprecedented.

Half a month! In just half a month, the scale of development in this city had reached the standard of the core cities.

Enlarging the streets width by three to four times, a new look for the city, rows of high rise buildings, countless of global brand shopping complexes, numerous entertainment venues, and new transportation lines. Even the airport had been expanded by several times, and the number of flights to this city increased. The surrounding cities expanded outward by hundreds of meters.

It was the brand new Jianghe City. The capital city of Eastern State!

As for the economy? Recently, with all the new settlers and tourists, there was no need to worry. Of course, many were here to study Jianghe Citys education system since they were able to produce such high-quality espers. Many parents simply bought a house here and sent their children over.

One by one, the new housing areas that risen were rapidly filled with people.

Moreover, the development was still ongoing.

The Jianghe Citys changes were very dazzling in the Eastern State.

Currently, Su Hao and the others were still deeply immersed in training.

Chen Yiran, Li Tiantian, Zhou Wang, and Li Xin were all working hard. Su Haos domination which brought down a professional esper had put enormous pressure on their shoulders. They still clearly remembered Su Haos final moment when he defeated Bai Feng. The gap between them constantly increased as time passed.

Su Hao was the leader, and his current strength was the strongest. However, nobody would be happy being left behind in the dust. That was why everyone kept training non-stop.

Of course, the most important thing was the beast tide!

Although Li Tiantian didnt say anything, everyone knew that the day was gradually approaching. When he could sense the beast tide, that would mean the day would be around the corner!

Train! Train! Train!

It was everyones goal!

Su Haos new house was located at the city center.

After enjoying his meal, Su Hao sat cross-legged in his room and trained.

A dazzling light illuminated the surrounding. Sometimes the light would dim, and at times it would shined brightly. It was Su Haos biggest harvest from the origin library, origin cultivation techniques! A total of fifty-three origin cultivation techniques!

During his time in the origin library, Su Hao had trained them all to the point where he almost fully mastered them. However, there was still some distance to perfection. In other words, by training these techniques, Su Haos energy in his body began to grow slowly. For the past half a month, Su Hao was training these techniques like a madman.

Because of the existence of the cards, Su Haos training speed was too fast that the world would be shaken if his progress was known. In half a month all fifty-three techniques had been completed!

Of course, that was mostly due to the fact Su Hao was able to use a large amount of money from the huge reward given by Jianghe Citys local government, or else his energy consumption would not be sustainable.

Two weeks ago, Su Hao had become a level 9 specialized esper.

After experiencing many battles with numerous professional espers, his power as a level 9 esper consolidated and stabilized. After all his hard work, he once again approached the peak!

In other words, there was only one line separating Su Hao from a professional esper! Should he find another cultivation technique?

No! That would be a fruitless attempt.

Even if he managed to find one five-star card to train, that would only produce an increment in his overall energy. It would not have any substantial change because the threshold to a professional esper lied in understanding ones own ability talent!

Ability talent!

Tian Zi as a level eight specialized esper still had quite a gap from those in Zhanzheng College.

However, he could still reach the threshold of a professional esper because he had achieved the realization of his ability talent and reached that stage.

Therefore, becoming a professional esper had nothing to do with strength but ability talent itself!

In fact, to advance into a professional esper was the route of every ability talent itself. The thrilling breakthrough of Bai Feng was also due to the impact of Su Haos own breakthrough which made him realize that one did not need energy or cultivation to advance. As long as he was qualified, he would be able to breakthrough directly.

That was everything concerning professional espers.

A magical road of ability talent! If he couldnt step over this threshold, then he would be stuck here for life!

Comprehension? Ability talent? Su Hao was deeply confused.

If one wanted to talk about ability talent, then his recent gain would be this origin technique, Mirror Image Simulation.

It was his latest technique which he created himself, a six-star technique! A true offensive technique!

This technique was then born based on his deduction of Illusion Reality, coupled with the understanding of spiritual worlds which he obtained from Bai Feng and the aid of hundreds of computers in his mind.

The greater the strength of the opponent, the higher the energy being consumed from using this origin technique. This point was clearly seen in Bai Fengs case. Nearly all his energy was consumed to create an illusion of Bai Feng, and that was only enough to buy five seconds of time.

In fact, even if Bai Feng didnt beat the illusion, Su Hao wont be able to maintain it for too long.

That was also why Su Hao awkwardly gave a kick to end the battle. It was because he had no more energy for any fancy origin technique.

However, that was a stage which had all sorts of rules.

What if it was in another place? What if it was a battlefield?

5 seconds? Not even 5 seconds is needed. 1 second is enough to kill someone!

Of course, those who could not kill the illusion were needless to be mentioned.

One could say that because of Mirror Image Simulation, Su Haos personal fighting capability had soared dramatically! But only the aspect of his attacking ability increased.

Speaking of his ability talent, what affected Su Haos nature were the two worlds!

The third layer, Cycle World!

The fourth layer, Mirror Image World!

Cycle World could withstand any technique within a predetermined limit. As long as it didnt exceed what Su Hao could bear, Su Hao would be able to counterattack by reflecting the opponents attack. It was the secret of Cycle World, a perfect defensive world!

Meanwhile, Mirror Image World would allow the opponents illusion to counterattack.

The emergence of this world wasnt just as simple as bringing this new technique, Mirror Image Simulation.

From the inside, the opponent would look like they were fighting with his own mirror image.

However, the actual place took place in the opponents own mind.

As for Su Haos own body, it was still as empty as ever.

To call the world a mirror world was not that precise. It would be better to consider it as a data world. When Su Hao simulated a mirror image, the image would then be generated in the mirror world and Su Hao would use the spiritual route to generate the image in the opponents mind.

That was the secret of Mirror Image World.

Generate! Convert! Project!

If he had enough energy, he could create an unlimited amount of illusions! Imagine if ten opponents suddenly appeared during a battle, how would the opponent react?

The opponent would probably be instantly destroyed!

That was Su Haos goal!

As long as he had sufficient energy, in theory, Su Hao could even create an image of a Federal Guardian!

Of course, he had to fulfill the condition to be able to establish the model of a Federal Guardian first.

Mirror Image World, Cycle World.

Two different worlds with offense and defense acting together, complementing each other. Su Hao was sure that once he understood these worlds well, his fighting capability would increase. However, Su Hao was currently surprised to find out that he was still stuck in the virtual realm.

Realization was still far away from where he was at currently!

He once thought that he had reached the peak of virtualization, but noticed that there were still many things that needed to be learned.

The road which he had to take was still a long journey to be discovered.

Cycle world seemed to have some relation with reality, but Su Hao knew that what he could absorb was energy! If it was any substantive attack, that could not be absorbed. Before being able to grasp the mystery of virtual and reality, realization was still a long distance away.

If he were able to virtualize it into reality, Mirror Image World would be a real killer.

The defensive Cycle Image would then absorb all damage!

Su Hao was clear that as long as realization was achieved, his strength would surge to an unbelievable realm, but he also knew that it was still too early for him.

Just an illusion had consumed such an enormous amount of energy. Even if Su Hao could make a virtual image into reality, did he had the energy to sustain it? That was the problem.

Once again Su Hao was in a dilemma. Until now, the one factor which had been bugging him was energy!

When he was at level 5 specialized esper, he had reached the level of what a professional esper consumed.

Currently, he is a peak level 9 specialized esper!

His energy recovery had increased by unknown times!

Su Hao was pretty sure that he had reached what a mid-level professional esper consumed but with a smaller energy capacity. He had barely enough to sustain a mirror image.

It was far from enough! Actually, how much energy did he lack exactly?