Godly Model Creator Chapter 469

Gmc Chapter 469

Chapter 469    War Preparation

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Not enough of energy?


This was a quite serious problem.

Su Hao was really upset about that.

Ever since he started embarked on his journey as an esper, he never had sufficient energy capacity before, even during the beginner stage or while in specialized realm.

However, he didnt expect for it to still be the same when he was nearing professional realm.

It had always been a long process to see any improvements in energy capacity. There was only one shortcut to achieve the same effect which was to advance into professional esper level. Upon entering this realm, the fundamentals of the energy will be transformed as both its capacity and strength will drastically improve.

And it was simple to breakthrough to professional esper level, you just had to master your own ability talent!

That was the only requirement.


However, due to the simpleness, people still couldnt find a way to achieve it.

How does one master ability talent?

Su Hao frowned.

Since he had successfully come out with the second world, he believed that it was a drastic improvement in terms of his talent. However, it still didnt manage to push Su Hao into reaching professional esper level. He was still stuck at level 9 specialized esper.

How could he break the barrier into professional realm?

Tian Zi...

Jin Kang...

Du Wen...

A few candidates flashed across Su Haos mind. All of them were at the borderline of becoming professional espers. Of course, there were a lot of people out there that were already at this level.

However, there was one common thing that they shared.

Origin Avatar!

No matter what type of talent they had, their first step would be to transform a part of origin ability.

Jin Kang had mastered the technique of transforming into an Origin Avatar when he was still a level 8 specialized esper. This indicated that he would easily advance as a  professional esper when he reached level 9 later.

Then what about Su Hao?

He had improved too fast.

Far before he even mastered the technique, he was already at level 9. Hence, he was stuck at the bottleneck now.

Origin Avatar...

How could he transform into that?

Su Hao frowned in disappointment.

His talent wasnt an elemental type. People with elemental talents like water, fire, and thunder could easily transform into their own origin ability element. For example, Jin Kang transformed into an ironman and he became much stronger. It was easy for elemental types to pass this barrier.

As for other scenarios, one would be the elemental controller talent, like Du Wen.

Whether it was sand, plant or whatever, the difficulty of transforming elemental talents into Origin Avatars would be the lowest.

However, it was the toughest for those with virtual ability talents.

For example, the charming talent of blue dream butterfly, or electromagnetic wave talent. How could these talent owners transform into Origin Avatar?

What would the Origin Avatar of charming talent look like?

Nobody knew!

What about the electromagnetic wave?


Nonetheless, even if it was the same type of talent, there would be several types of ways to transform into Origin Avatar. Moreover, there were numerous branches for each type of talent. Hence, it was not easy to find a way that would best fit oneself.

Even if one found the way, he would need to completely understand the concept before mastering it.

And this was the most difficult part.

As for Su Haos model analysis, it was on another tier level of difficulty.

He had no prior experience to refer to. In other words, he had to come up with something by himself. What would he become if successfully got through this stage?

Su Hao had no idea.

However, how would Origin Avatar change his body?


If he could transform into Origin Avatar, his defense would definitely improve! Normal attacks would not affect him once he was in Origin Avatar state.

In order to defeat someone in such a state, only an overwhelming origin technique would be effective.

This was the biggest advantage of having Origin Avatar.

As for the other part, that would be its special characteristics!

As one transformed into Origin Avatar, he would become part of his own ability talent and he would be able to fully unleash the special characteristics of the talent. For example, Bai Feng and his Spiritual Penetration. Upon becoming part of his own talent, he could easily initiate Spiritual Battle. At that moment, he would become the ability talent itself!

How about Zhou Wang if he transformed into Origin Avatar?

Su Hao was pretty sure that Zhou Wang would have an extremely fast movement speed!

How about Chen Yiran?

She might become solid ice and she would easily be able to freeze anyone around her without using any origin techniques.

This was what the Origin Avatars special characteristics were all about.

It would unleash the specialties of ones own ability talent to the maximum.


What about model analysis?

How could he cross this barrier?


The capability of analyzing?

How could he transform into such a virtual thing?



Could it be model?

Transform into a model?

But what was the point of transforming into his own model?

Su Hao tried to think hard but he couldnt come up with any solutions.

Luckily, the computers inside Su Haos mind were continuously processing the data. Whenever Su Hao developed a new idea, they would process all the information and they would make an illustration with an analysis. At this moment, they made up the strongest AI system in the world.

It was even comparable to a quantum computer.

Nonetheless, Su Hao was still a human.

How powerful was human intelligence?

Nobody knew!

Su Haos current state had always been the eternal goal of every computer!

True artificial intelligence!

The complexity of the brain and its thought processes were irreplaceable by any computer no matter how fast the processing speed was. What a processor could do was only an illustration. Even with the latest technology, the processor was only limited to this type of function.

However now...

Su Hao had perfectly achieved this state with the help of hundreds of computers in his mind.

The perfect combination of human judgment and supercomputers.

Model established!

Model collapse!

Endless amounts of data appeared in Su Haos mind.

Will the analysis route work?

Will the modeling be helpful?

Any possibilities with transforming into Origin Avatar?

Countless models assembled and collapsed in Su Haos mind for the analysis.



Su Haos energy was continuously being consumed.

Su Hao finally started to analyze his own ability talent.

Regardless, understanding and mastering origin ability talent would surely be a long process.

One day, two days, three days

A few days passed by in the blink of an eye.

Jianghe City was still in the high development stage.

The whole city was in bustling.

Other than the construction of government infrastructure that was assigned to Studio From the Star, all construction firms obtained numerous new projects and they were busier than ever.

More and more taller buildings were being built.

Jianghe City was in swift development!

Everything was fine and flourishing.

Outside the city, a young man was running around with a few beasts. Their attacks didn't manage to touch him even once.

The young man closed his eyes and tried to understand something.

However, all of a sudden, the young man trembled and stared at a certain direction. The berserk beasts behind him grabbed the chance to slash their claws at him.

Light flashed from the young mans hand and all berserk beasts were exterminated.

They were all wiped out by just a single hit.

The young man was still staring at the direction and he didn't move.

After half an hour, an airplane landed nearby. A guy came out and stood beside the young man.

Killing God, Lan Tingxu!

Lan Tingxu walked toward him and said, How, or what did you feel?

Li Tiantian said, More or less, I have confirmed with the time roughly.

Lan Tingxu asked seriously, When is it?

After one month! Li Tiantian said, However, I couldn't confirm the exact time.

Lan Tingxu frowned, Fenghui City?


Li Tiantian smiled and said, Jianghe City!


Lan Tingxu was surprised. Jianghe City?

Wasn't there only four capital cities in total?

The only capital city of the Eastern State was Fenghui City. They had expected that city ever since they last sensed berserk beasts there. However, they didn't expect that it would actually turn out to be Jianghe City?!

Li Tiantian cheated on him?


Lan Tingxu looked at the expansion of Jianghe City. Fenghui City had already lost its title as the capital city. Didnt that mean that Jianghe City had become the new capital city?

You knew it all along?

Lan Tingxu was very unhappy about that.

I just knew it.

Li Tiantian shrugged and said, I can only determine that it will be a capital city. However, I couldn't be which capital city. I didn't expect for it to ultimately be Jianghe City.

What is the cause? Lan Tingxu asked.

I don't know. Li Tiantian said seriously, I couldn't sense any other details about that. It was like someone had purposely concealed it. It won't be an ordinary beast wave for sure this time!

The top management will have to make their judgment.

Lan Tingxu left as soon as he got the news he needed.

However, before he boarded the plane, he stopped and asked, How do you control your ability talent? It wasn't easy for a grade S talent to survive even when there weren't any external threats. How do you survive from all the side effects?

Li Tiantian went silent for a few seconds and replied, You do not need to know that.


Lan Tingxu turned around and left.

The plane moved and disappeared into the sky.

From the refraction of the sunlight, it could be seen from the sky that Jianghe City was slightly different than usual.

The next day, the government of Jianghe City received an emergency order.

All foreigners were prohibited from entering the city. The city wall was given priority for repairs and the high level of military strength was dispatched out by the federal government. The reason was to transform Jianghe City into a new military city and provide stronger shelter for the citizens.

As for whether anyone would believe such a reason, it was unknown.

Everything carried on at a constant pace.


The federal government came to be involved, and the army entered the city.

More and more military planes landed in Jianghe City. The city had changed from a highly-developed economical city to a well-equipped military city.