Godly Model Creator Chapter 470

Gmc Chapter 470

Chapter 470    Origin Avatar!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

One month wasnt considered long nor short.

Jianghe City became a military city with a defensive scale comparable to a military base! The citizens began to get used to such life.

Blue dream butterfly had long returned, but Su Hao was still immersed in his quest to understand more about the Origin Avatar.



Su Hao was depressed, he had never expected this route would be so steep and difficult!

Just a single concept. As long as he grasped this single concept, he would be able to break the barrier and step into the professional esper realm. However, this bottleneck, this concept proved to be more difficult than when Su Hao broke through from a level 5 to a level 9 specialized esper!

A whole month yet no fruit was borne. As the time taken for analysis were getting longer, Su Hao felt that there was a film blocking his path. It would break as long as he stretched out his hand, but something was lacking. This situation made him mad.

Brother, dinner is ready! Su Ling excitedly barged in. 

Noticing that dull appearance of her brother, she revealed a sulking expression before dragging him out forcefully, Bro, come and eat!

Okay. Su Hao bitterly smiled.

However, even while having his meal, Su Haos mind was still thinking of his dilemma. Model Analysis Origin Avatar



Su Hao was confused. Origin Avatar seemed simple from outside. You just have to transform your body into the ability talent. In reality, how could it be that simple?

How could one turn their body into their ability talent? 

Even if one was able to do so, how would they return to normal?

It was like two formulas in a set. To master a method, you must master the way to return to normal. Otherwise, you will die in such a wasteful manner.

How to do it huh


Su Hao felt that his nose had been pinched for a second and suddenly woke up from his thoughts. He noticed his sister looking at him with an annoyed look, Smelly brother, are you listening to me?!

Uhm, hehe. Well, speak. Su Hao scratched his head.

Hmmphh, youre always like this. Stop thinking about these things while eating. Su Ling pouted.

Alright, I will listen to you this time. Su Hao sighed helplessly.

Li Xiaorui who enjoyed watching her children messing around with each other would always smile, Lets eat. The food is going to get cold soon. Dont overthink. While eating, you should let your brain rest.

Yea, alright. Su Hao nodded.

After his meal, Su Hao directly went back to his room. Unexpectedly, Su Ling came along too.

Huh? Su Hao looked at his sister, Anything?

Nothing, Im just curious about what you are doing. Su Lings eyes revealed a look of curiosity.

Origin Avatar.

Wow, is it like those who could turn themselves into energy? Little stars could be seen in Su Lings eyes, I saw it on television before. Its very cool!

Yea. Su Hao bitterly smiled, Your big brother has reached this step but because model analysis is special, Im stuck at this stage.

Why? Su Ling felt strange, They can change based on their own talent. Then you just have to change into a model.

The key is how to change. Su Hao patiently explained his situation.

Oh. Su Ling only half-understood what he just explained, Hey bro. I thought you could build a model of me? Then why not just create a model of yourself? Doesnt this count as a success?

Its not the same. Su Hao bitterly smiled, The model is created in the model world which is different from reality...

While he was talking Su Hao seemed to have thought of something, and his whole body trembled.

What is this about model world and reality? Su Ling obviously didnt understand Su Haos own interpretation of his model world. She wanted to ask further but when she looked up, she noticed Su Hao had immersed himself deeply in thought.

Bad bro, this again! Su Ling looked really annoyed, but she was used to it. This whole month, her brother had been in his zone, trying to figure out how to overcome this bottleneck.

Pouring a cup of water, she then placed it beside Su Hao.

Then Su Ling carefully left the room to allow her brother to have his own time in his thought. However, she did not know that because of her words, Su Haos mind was now overwhelmed.

Model? Reality? My own?


Model analysis activated and Su Hao directly built a model of himself within his mind. A perfect model appeared, and Su Hao looked at his own model.

One was a model of himself, while the other was his real-life body.

Model world and reality were two different realms.

He could freely build in the model world but not in reality because his research on realization had not progressed. To build a model in reality was an impossible feat! Thus when seen from a different angle, did Origin Avatar require a breakthrough in realization?

No, that wasnt right! No matter how one analyzed it, realization had a much higher degree of difficulty than Origin Avatar.

Origin Avatar couldnt be that difficult!


This model

Su Lings words somehow made Su Hao realize something.

Looking at his own model, Su Hao stood there with no signs of movement.

Build my own model...

Build my own model...

Build my own model...

This sentence kept replaying in his mind.

What was it exactly?

Su Hao kept pondering.

Looking at the model of himself and his real-life body, Su Hao looked from left to right and unknowingly activated Illusion Reality. It was for the sake of a better observation.

His left eye viewed the illusion world while his right eye viewed reality!

Su Hao did not even adjust the timeline but synchronized both views! By doing so, both the model and his real body seemed to overlap.



What was lacking?


Conversion? Su Hao uttered this single world and his eyes shined!

Conversion! So that was it!

Su Hao revealed an excited look.

How to transform himself into energy? Was what he lacked not conversion? Except that this issue of converting had not been solved previously.

However, the comparison between his model and reality had made him understand the concept thoroughly.

Numerous data emerged in his mind, and Su Hao finally understood.

During normal days

How did he build his own model?

Su Hao thought about it in his mind.

First, he would look at himself. Then, based on himself, the energy within his body would be converted and condensed in a certain way to form a model of himself. During this process, various factors and methods would be utilized.

Since this was the case, what if they were all applied to his own body?

The neurons in Su Haos brain began to connect.

If he translated all the factors and methods and used them on himself, could he achieve conversion? 

And transform himself into the Origin Avatar?

Su Hao was getting more excited. After studying for a whole month, this was the first time he had found something which was a good lead.

Begin analysis!


The computers within his mind began to operate.

The first step, extract the conversion formulas!

Numerous data began to be analyzed. This analysis was none other than Su Haos ability talent, model analysis!

In Su Haos consciousness, it was always second nature that a model would be established automatically. However, how was the process completed?

He had never thought of it.

Or perhaps because it was something hard to understand, Su Hao had always ignored this matter.

With his current strength, he could finally analyze his own talent. Now the first step was to extract the formulas!



A huge amount of data appeared. Even Su Hao himself didnt expect it. Just an establishment of a small model actually involved a large amount of data.

This data... Su Hao exclaimed.

It was his first time analyzing the basic operation of model analysis. For the first time, all the data was perfectly displayed in front of him.



Su Hao closed his eyes and began to sort the data and extract what he needed.

It took a full three hours before Su Hao finished the extraction process.

This data was just the data of a single finger on his right hand. Each body part had a different formula. If he were to analyze every part of his body, he could not imagine how long that would take! Even with hundreds of computers in his mind, Su Hao did not dare to touch this topic.

After extracting the data, Su Hao then used the computer to deduce and make some adaptation.

Soon, a perfect formula was freshly baked!

Use a model to experiment? No!


Wasnt a model itself a model?

How could he complete the experiment of converting his own body into a model?

Only Su Haos own body could be used to experiment!

Alright... Su Hao gently opened his palm and stared at his fingers.

The energy in his body began to move.

The very next second, a magical scene appeared before Su Hao.


Su Hao saw his fingers being broken down. Those small pieces were transformed into energy. To be precise, it had become a model, the most basic model composed of energy molecules.

They were crystal clear in blue.

A perfect energy block.

Su Haos fingers were now made of countless energy blocks. The beautiful blue light gradually lit up, and it looked mysterious.

Origin Avatar! Su Hao was very excited!

Although it was just a small part, he had completed it!

As for the other parts, he couldnt continue because different parts of the body had different formulas. 

However, this was enough for Su Hao. As long as the first step was completed, it would only be a matter of time before he completed the entire process!

It signified that Su Hao was now a step away from being a professional esper. As long as he completed all the formulas, he would truly step into the professional esper realm and became a powerful esper!

A full month had passed, and he finally overcame this hurdle!