Godly Model Creator Chapter 471

Gmc Chapter 471

Chapter 471    Beast Tide is Approaching!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

I have successfully converted into a model...

Su Hao looked at his fingers which were now in model state and mumbled to himself.

He had overcome the obstacle that blocked him from becoming a professional esper, but it was still the beginning. He had mastered converting his real body into model form but what about reversing it back to reality?

The computers within his mind began to run at full speed.

Numerous amounts of data flashed and Su Hao was once again immersed in a sea of operations.

A few more hours passed and he successfully deduced the reversal formula. Su Hao stared at his own fingers and began to act based on the formula. The blue light flashed, and skin reappeared. He had returned to his original state.


Su Hao was surprised.



His fingers instantly changed.

Model and reality. Su Hao had these two formulas in his mind and he could easily convert his fingers now.

At this moment, a strange aura quietly radiated out from Su Hao. If a strong esper was here, the esper would definitely recognize it.

This aura

Professional esper!


Li Tiantian, who was training, suddenly opened his eyes. A glimpse of murderous intent could be seen in his eyes. Looking at the distant sky, he murmured, Finally, its about to arrive?

That was such a strange feeling.

Previously, no matter how he wished to have more insight, he wouldnt be able to sense when berserk beasts would attack. This felt like

Even berserk beasts were unsure of themselves.

But just now

At that moment, he clearly felt that those berserk beasts had begun to move!

The scene of the berserk beast tide in Jianghe City appeared for the first time in his mind. That horrifying tide and endless killings

What had happened just now?

What was the objective of this beast tide?

A hint of doubt could be seen in his expression. However, no matter what, the time of the attack had been determined. The first thing he did was inform Lan Tingxu.

Three days later!

Beast tide would be here!



The city was barricaded!

Jianghe City had entered a battle-ready state and was waiting for the arrival!

The endless bloodbath would be coming soon!

Su Hao also received news regarding this but he was still indulged in his training. Three days, he only had three days to advance into professional esper!





He had to deduce the formula for each part and each of them consumed a lot of time!

Even though Su Hao had purchased countless origin recovery drugs to sustain the five hundred computers in his mind running at full speed, the progress didnt improve as much as he had expected. After all, the formula for a single finger took him three hours! Then, he had to spend another three hours to figure out the reversal formula which added up to a total of six hours!

This was only a single finger. What about his whole body then?

He needed time!

A lot of time!

Five hundred computers kept running to their best non-stop. They compressed the process which required an unknown number of days and yet, the tasks failed to be completed in three days!

I still need quite a lot of time...

Su Hao sighed.

Dusting off his body, he was forced to stop training.

Based on his current speed, as long as he had more time, he would be able to finish all the formulas!

However, he couldnt wait any longer!

Because if Li Tiantian didnt predict it wrong, the beast tide would arrive today! As a part of the Federation, he had to play his role!

Not to mention

This was his hometown!

Walking out the door, Su Hao saw everyone on Team Jianghe waiting for him.

The battle for capital city to not only push the status of Jianghe City to capital city but also allow the relationship of these people to be closer. Although Team Jianghe had been disbanded after the battle, they were still the best teammates.


Chen Yiran voiced out.

Su Hao smiled and walked over.

Both naturally held each others hands which made Li Tiantian roll his eyes next to them, Hey Su Hao, can you pay more attention to the occasion? How can you ignore these three gentlemen here?


Su Hao looked at them for a second and smirked, You guys also want to hold my hand?


You have been in closed door training these few days. Were you training your thick face? Li Tiantian said in an annoying tone.

Seems like it.

Zhou Wang looked serious.

Big boss face is the thickest without doubt.

Li Xin believed this fact without doubt.

Alright, stop uttering nonsense. Su Hao continued, Lets go. Its about time. But, Li Tiantian, you are sure that you still didnt foresee the aim of the berserk beasts? Since king level beasts are involved in this, this beast tide shouldnt be as simple as a massacre.

Talking about berserk beasts, everyone looked ugly.

Indeed, I too feel like it's strange.

Li Tiantian frowned for a bit, The scale this time is too huge. I dare not make my own conclusions. Even if I wanted to, I cant see any sort of information.

Alright then.

Su Hao nodded, Lets go to the front gate of the city. Perhaps the Federal Guardians might have some clues.


Everyone began to move.



On top of the city wall of Jianghe City

Countless people were heading toward this direction.

This was the recently built city wall made of steel. The thickness of the wall was more than ten meters which was more than enough to protect the whole city from any average beast.

However, everyone knew that such a large scale beast tide definitely wouldnt be that simple.

The gigantic wall was enough to accommodate a lot of people at once. This had been prepared for those strong espers and the military army.

Soon, almost every strong esper in Jianghe City had now arrived.

Together with the two Federal Guardians, such scene was so awe-inspiring!

When Su Hao and his friends came over, they were stunned too.

He would have never thought that such a number of people would actually fight for the city.



This aura...

The moment Su Hao arrived, he attracted everyones attention!


Zhang Yangs figure instantly appeared in front of Su Haos and a hint of surprise could be seen in his eyes, You have broken through into a professional esper?

Professional esper!

Zhou Wang and others looked at Su Hao in disbelief.

How long was that?

His feat of defeating Bai Feng was already a legend itself! In just a few days, he had actually advanced into professional esper? How could they show their faces anymore?


Su Hao shook his head slightly.

Several people instantly felt relieved.

Its not right. Your aura has reached professional esper realm.

Zhang Yang was doubtful.

There is still a bit left.

Su Hao bitterly smiled, It should be a few days left before reaching professional esper. I planned to advance before the battle but I didnt expect to still be missing a bit.

Those that were around and heard this were stunned.

This brat didnt breakthrough because he was lacking a few days?

A few days?

Zhang Yangs eyes lit up.

The difficulty of advancing into professional esper realm lied in ones understanding of ones ability talent. This wasnt something that could be measured. However, it seemed that Su Hao only concerned with time. In other words, he fully understood the nature of his ability talent!

What are you lacking? Zhang Yang asked.

Nobody understood better than him regarding Su Haos combat ability. While in specialized realm, he could defeat Bai Feng. What if he was a professional esper now? How far would Su Haos strength soar?

Every increment in strength might decide the single life of a human.

What was he lacking?

Su Hao was stunned.





Numerous data appeared within his mind and Su Hao replied with confidence, Energy! As long as I have sustainable energy, I will quickly enter the professional esper realm!

As I suspected!

Zhang Yang laughed out loud, Alright, I will give you energy!


A soldier brought a small bottle of liquid.

The bottle wasnt huge and was about the same as those used to stored advanced origin recovery drugs. However, the difference was the liquid contained within. Su Hao was familiar with it

Origin liquid!

The one in the origin library!

Did Zhang Yang want him to

Su Haos heart became excited.

You will only be able show your best during the battle if you advance as a professional esper!

Zhang Yang said in a serious tone, Forget about energy. Since we have prepared earlier, there will naturally be no shortage of energy here!


Su Hao no longer refrained himself.

Taking the bottle, he then downed the whole liquid.

Sitting cross-legged immediately, he then began to breakthrough.

Five hundred computers?

A few days?


As long as he had sufficient energy, the speed could definitely be improved!



600 computers!

700 computers!

One thousand computers!



Su Hao madly increased his computing power.

As for the speed of deducing the formula, it had spiked by several times. The deduction which would need a couple of days to complete was compressed to the extreme that it only took an hour!

Just one hour!

Su Hao would then step into the professional esper realm!


Traces of a professional espers aura could be seen, as it began emanating from Su Haos body.

All of sudden, the sky turned dark and droplets of rain could be felt.

The peoples visions were affected by this and the clear, distant forest looked like a hazy gray shadow now.

This isnt natural lightning.

Zhou Wang could identify it with a glance.

Chen Yiran spread out her hand in the rain and said, The rain isnt natural either. Although there is no harm, this is definitely abnormal.

Zhang Yang smirked and smiled, Finally, theyre here?



The ground shook so hard that the entire city could feel the slight trembling.

The gray shadow seemed to be unstable. Although it was hiding under the heavy fog, one could clearly see that the beast tide was approaching!