Godly Model Creator Chapter 472

Gmc Chapter 472

Chapter 472    Federal Army

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



With model analysis, anything that happened right now could never escape from Su Haos sight.

Su Hao couldnt move as the numerous computers were operating at full speed to complete the deduction process, but that didnt hinder Su Haos ability to create models. The deduction would not be affected by this action. 

Model analysis!


2D Mapping!


A map appeared in the model world, and he could see that the entire area surrounding Jianghe City had been covered in dense red dots. The resting area was still acceptable, but the one in front of them right now was too dense that it gave him goosebumps.

It was at ten times denser than others!

Berserk beasts even knew the strategy of concentrating at one point to break defenses?

High-leveled berserk beasts indeed have great wisdom.

Berserk red jackals Iron fang beasts Black ox beasts Berserk wasps... Su Hao quickly recorded the data and prepared to transfer them to the virtual screen.


Su Hao looked up and said to Zhang Yang who was in front of him, I can create models and help everyone.

Help us? Zhang Yang glanced at him for a second, To deal with trash beasts, do we really need your help? These beasts are just appetizers. Before we figure out the exact aim of the tide, we wont even act. As for you, you just have to concentrate on advancing!

Uh... Su Hao scratched his head, Establishing 2D models doesnt affect me much.

Really? Zhang Yang threw a thing over, What about now?


Su Hao caught it and instantly trembled.

It turned out to be another bottle of origin liquid!

An hour is too long. I want you to get it done in half an hour. You dont have to bother about other matters. In this battlefield, one professional esper is enough to resist hundreds of specialized espers! Thus, your goal is to breakthrough! As long as you advance into a professional esper, then we can reduce our losses to a minimum! Zhang Yang said in a stern tone.

Alright! Su Hao silently squeezed the bottle in his hand.

Professional esper I will advance into this realm!


Su Hao emptied the second bottle.



Conversion formula deduction!



Under the endless raindrops, Su Hao was soaked wet, yet he was not bothered by it. He would be able to prevent himself from being wet from rain by using a little energy. However, he decided not to waste any energy and just concentrate every bit of energy to advance.



A countless number of berserk beasts charged out from the fog. Their strength was not much to be noted, but the number shocked everyone!

Jianghe City had expanded so much from its original size, but it was still surrounded. This fact proved the berserk beasts quantity.

Everyone be ready! A loud voice echoed. 

Even without using any energy, Su Hao could identify the voice of this person, Jianghe Citys gate captain, Zhou Tiancai! Previously during the smaller scale beast tide incident, it was because of Zhou Tiancais appearance that he was lucky enough to escape unscathed. He never expected Zhou Tiancai to lead this defensive battle.



Above the wall, cylinder-shaped weapons appeared and aimed towards the main beast tide in front of them.

Origin ray! Shoot!

A shining ray shot out from the weapon!

Like a dense mesh, it covered every several hundred meters in front of the wall, and caused many berserk beasts to fall in one swoop!

They were slaughtered. For those beasts which hadnt reach the standard of specialized esper, the origin ray is a deadly weapon.



In just a mere ten seconds, countless berserk beasts were killed. For those low-level beasts, there was no fear of death as they charged forward.



The origin rays once again covered these berserk beasts. Each time the rays were shot out, thousands of berserk beasts died.

The people on the wall were stunned at this scene. Who had seen such a scene before? Many could not stand it any longer and proceeded to vomit.

It was too bloody!

A massacre!

In just two attacks, the ground had been filled with berserk beasts carcasses.

However, after the attack, the remaining berserk beasts from behind still had no fear and charged forward instead of running away.



The attacks from the low-level beasts seemed to be ineffective.

Trying to stack bodies?


Under this ultra-high temperature rays, many carcasses had evaporated! Piling up bodies was an impossible task!

However, even in such miserable situation, they still charged to their death under the command of the powerful berserk beasts.

Such wicked hearts! The crowds hearts turned cold.

For everyone, berserk beasts were enemies. However, among the berserk beasts themselves, they were from the same kind! However, the higher-ups instructed them to be cannon fodder!

Their only role was to reduce the energy supply!

This act is worse than what Lan Tingxu did before. Thinking of this, many moved their gaze to Lan Tingxu. However, he did not seem to notice everyones gazes. All he did was watch the beast tide with cold eyes.



The origin rays did not stop shooting for three minutes!

Before the crowds eyes, all they could see were flashes of death.

100,000 corpses?

500,000 corpses?

Nobody knew how many berserk beasts had been killed!

The ground had been dyed in red and reminded them that the battle would become more brutal. Deep in their heart, everyone knew that the battle had only just begun.


After all the low-level berserk beasts died, the tide seemed to stop. There was no movement seen for quite some time.

Has it ended?

Nobody would believe that!

Boom! Boom!

Sounds could be gradually heard coming from the depths of the fog.

Compared to before, it wasnt that scary as they did not feel quakes. However, everyones faces changed slightly when these berserk beasts appeared.

These berserk beasts...


They were different from the previous cannon fodders. This time, those that appeared seemed to be among the best of the berserk beasts. They stayed organized and emitted an intimidating aura.

These berserk beasts

Even the types were different.

If there were no one controlling them, these berserk beasts would kill each other. Was there really any need for the army to act?

However, even different types of berserk beasts were moving at the same pace!

Behind this troop of beasts, there must be some highly intelligent beasts controlling them!

Origin rays! Shoot!


The dazzling energy rays shined and covered the wall.

However, it was different from previously. These berserk beasts subconsciously dodged and their actions were so fast that the energy rays did not cause much harm.

The origin rays had been evaded!

Damn it! Zhou Tiancai secretly cursed, These beasts have been specially selected, and their strength is close to the peak of the beginner esper realm. If only origin rays are used, it will be impossible to hit them!

The peak of the beginner esper realm.

What insignificant strength.

But with this horrifying number, things were different.

Bang! Bang!

The berserk beasts were getting closer.

The origin rays were not useless, but the damage caused was limited. The effect was too weak that one could say it was a waste of energy! Under these circumstances, every bit of energy was precious to them.

Army, go!

Zhou Tiancai grit his teeth and finally gave his order.

Because the weapon was useless, they could only eliminate them manually! It was the first time he gave such an order to the entire army. After doing so, Zhou Tiancai quietly paid attention to Lan Tingxu. It seemed that the Killing God did not object to his decision.


The army prepared on the wall were dispatched. The outer wall of the city was directly lowered for the army to jump off and kill the beasts directly.

How strong were these soldiers?

They were not strong!

They were also in the beginner esper realm. Perhaps they were not talented and did not even qualify to be a strong esper, but their desire to fight made them a true warrior!


Nobody backed off!

If based on origin energy, these berserk beasts seemed to be better than the soldiers. However, they proved to be able to bring down the beasts when they fought.

An energy sword!

An energy pistol!

These were the basic equipment prepared for them. One sword and pistol for each soldier!

They pushed their strength to the limit and did not waste any energy. This unusual scene shocked everyone on the wall.

How could their strength reach to such a degree?

These people were indeed real warriors!

Regardless of their strength, the way they utilized their energy was not something that most specialized esper could achieve. Was this something they trained after killing a countless number of berserk beasts?



The berserk beasts kept appearing, yet these soldiers stood in front of the city wall and stopped the beasts with their weak strength.

However, what was even more frightening was only when the sword and pistol had no energy left that they only unwillingly retreated.

Nobody would expose themselves to danger because they were clear that only by living could they give the greatest value!

The first rule of an army, while guaranteeing the survival of oneself and comrades, eliminate the enemies as effectively as possible.

They werent strong, but their values definitely made one respect them.