Godly Model Creator Chapter 473

Gmc Chapter 473

Chapter 473    The Start of A Chaotic Fight

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



The killing was still ongoing.

One by one, the soldiers left the battlefield due to insufficient energy. When all the soldiers retreated, there were still many berserk beasts remaining.

Clear them off! Zhou Tiancai ordered.



A few dazzling laser rays covered them, but they all vanished.

Above the wall, the few gun barrels were quietly kept back.

Laser guns!

The battlefield killer!

Compared to an ordinary energy beam, this laser is much faster and accurate. However, due to the high cost, only a small scale of the guns could be produced. It was more than enough to deal with the remaining beasts.

In just a few minutes, all the beasts were killed!

This scene shocked the crowd. No specialized esper was involved, and not a single casualty occurred. These berserk beasts were all eliminated with just the power of the Federal Army.

What an incredible feat!

When has a beast tide ended up like this?

And currently, nobody was injured!

Above the wall, Lan Tingxu observed the scene with his cold expression.

Even if he did not want to admit it, he had to acknowledge that the fight went smoothly was because of Li Tiantian! That grade S talent of his was more horrifying than expected! But Li Tiantians combat effectiveness wasnt that great.

However, his role in predicting the future was not something combat effectiveness could compare with it.

The first wave of berserk beasts. The second wave of berserk beasts. Everything proceeded as how Li Tiantian said it would.

As the captain of the Federations special force, he was well aware of the mighty power of grade S ability talents, but he did not expect Li Tiantians words to reverse the entire situation!

However, it was only until this stage.

Due to Li Tiantian not mastering his ability talent to the fullest, he could not predict the following events because the much more powerful beasts were not something which he could predict.

The heavy rain was still ongoing.

The land where the beasts fell had been washed out clean.

Not a single human died, but a heavy atmosphere inexplicably began to appear.

The battlefield surprisingly progressed into a strange silence.

The dense fog made it impossible for everyone to see what was happening in the distance. The detection by using energy had also been sealed off. What the satellite image projected was only a plain sheet of red and white.

Nobody knew what might happen next!

However, no matter what happened, it was all for the ultimate goal!

What was the final goal of the berserk beasts? Did they want to destroy Jianghe City?

Between Heaven and Earth, one could only hear the sound of pouring rain.

Above the wall, everyone was staring at the fog. Being amazed by the Federal Army, everyone gave up shielding themselves from the rain.

Let the rain fall on them. Everyone wanted to save every tiny bit of energy for the upcoming battle.

At the center of the wall, Su Hao sat cross-legged.

Su Hao could clearly see everything that was happening around him.

However, he could do nothing!

The only thing that he could do now was advance!

Complete his breakthrough!



The numerous computers within his mind ran at high speeds, and the world in his body and the outside world were two totally different kinds. One by one, the formulas were deduced and imprinted into his mind.


The aura surrounding Su Hao became even denser by every second.

Professional esper.

Su Haos strength once again slowly but surely changed!


A blue bolt struck from the sky, causing the sky to brighten.

A huge bird appeared from the dark clouds. With both wings wide open, it did not hesitate to charge towards them. From below, the scene looked terrifying.

Specialized esper equivalent, Thunder Bird!



When the dark clouds disappeared, they were all stunned to find out that what appeared before them was not a Thunder Bird, but hundreds of them!



The sky was filled with lightning. Under the influence of these berserk beasts, the surroundings turned into a horrifying thunderstorm. Nobody dared to approach them. Within the beasts, there was a different sized bird. Each time it spread its wings, it exerted a different aura.

Thunder Bird King!

A peak specialized esper!

Air strikes?

No, it was just the beginning!

On the land, more and more Barbarian Oxen appeared. Their super thick defense was enough to give any specialized esper trouble. There was even a Barbarian Ox King among them! Their thick skin and fur were enough to neutralize most attacks. Even the energy rays from the wall would not be sufficient in breaking their defense.



The laser gun fired twice and hit the head of a Barbaric Ox.

However, it was safe and sound!

From another direction, a Crystal Antelope with three sharp corners on its crown began to rush over. As it advanced, the places it stepped on was stained with water. The other Crystal Antelopes behind it picked up their pace and ran faster. This Crystal Antelope led all the antelopes to charge forward!

The sharp corners on the head became extremely bright as they sprinted. It was as if the energy had been accumulated there and the brightness was no less than the energy ray.

In mid-air, an endless number of honeycombs composed of a large-scale amount of Killing Bees were directly charging toward the wall from above under the lead of a Queen Bee.

There also appeared tigers with heads like elephants, Fire Cats, and other species of rarely seen beasts. These days, even if hunters were to explore into the depth of a jungle, they would find it hard to meet such beasts. However, they appeared like mushrooms blooming after the rain.

A leader led its species!

These berserk beasts formed a square-shaped formation under the command of some mysterious leader and charged towards the wall. It caused everyones face to turn ugly.

With so many specialized esper-equivalent berserk beasts, how would they defend against them?!


Lightning flashed.

Nobody would have expected that the first one to make a move would turn out to be Zhou Wang!


Zhou Wang actually stood alone before the Thunder Birds with his Lightning Wings.

The king of the birds looked shocked at the sudden appearance of one of its kind. However, it still managed to identify him as an enemy. With a cry, it led its kind over.



The sky was filled with thunder!

Zhou Wangs figure flashed as he forcefully stopped the whole herd!

Another figure jumped off the wall!

Li Xin grinned as he charged toward the oxen.


With a punch, a Barbarian Ox was killed on the spot.

Grandsons, your grandpa is here! Li Xin shouted excitedly. 



Ice flashed, and the Crystal Antelopes who were sprinting forward suddenly felt a chill before the water stains under their feet turned into ice. The ice instantly spread upwards and froze their legs.



Numerous antelopes fell to their deaths.

The Crystal Antelopes which were not frozen collided with the frozen ones. Those sharp corners poked the ones in front and caused death and serious injuries.

A figure appeared from the sky.

It was Chen Yiran who confronted this group of antelopes.

In mid-air, the Killing Bees who were rushing forward saw a blue dream butterfly which suddenly appeared in front and abruptly stopped. After looking silly and staring for some time, they then turned around and charged forward!





The tiger beasts which had huge bodies moved at fast speeds.



A tiger had a hole on its forehead. With blood spurting out, it died on the spot. A moment later, the delayed gunfire sound could be heard!

Sniper rifle!

Everyone was stunned.


Sniper rifles were ineffective against any specialized esper. Not to mention berserk beasts, how could the bullet break their defenses? The crowd turned around.

Somewhere on the wall, a young man was holding a sniper rifle. After staring at the beast which he had killed, he aimed again.


Another tiger fell to the ground!

The young man turned around and gave a smile. Instantly, his data appeared on the virtual screen in front of everyone.

Zhao Feng!

Level 3 specialized esper!

Ability talent: Penetration!

After being left in the dust by Su Hao and the others, he still managed to find the path which belonged to him! Sniper rifle might be useless for others, but they were an absolute killing weapon for him!

When the high-speed bullet combined with his penetration, what kind of power would it bring?

At this moment, he had proved to everyone!



One tiger after another died on the spot.

However, the number was still too much for him to handle.

Besides these beasts, there were still more approaching from behind.

Should I make a move now? Zhang Yang squeezed his fist before quickly releasing.


From the city, under the leadership of Chen Haonian, the Chen family rushed over and killed those beasts. At the same time, the other giants of Jianghe City, the Zhou and Yue families also joined the battle.

Since their children were engaged in battle, how could they sit on the sideline and do nothing?

So what if those beasts were all equivalent to specialized espers?

Chen Haonians Nitai artifact within his hand shined brightly.

At the same time, the hidden cards of the other giants were revealed for the first time. All sort of weapons debuted and caused everyone to be stunned.

Sure enough, to be capable of becoming a leader, they were not ordinary characters!

At this moment, people from this city fought for themselves!

While everyone was in a bloody battle, Su Hao was still sitting cross-legged while being surrounded by traces of energy flashing with a hint of a blue and golden spark.



Su Haos upper body gradually turned into tiny boxes and became a true model in blue before slowly returning to a normal state. Under the heavy rain, this scene was unusually stunning.

Su Hao was still in the process of advancing!