Godly Model Creator Chapter 474

Gmc Chapter 474

Chapter 474    Berserk Beasts Goal!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The battle broke out!

More and more specialized espers could be seen on the battlefield!

With the current scale of the beast tide, the city might have been long wiped off the planet if it was still the previous Jianghe City.

However, todays Jianghe City was a capital city!

Many forces had prepared to face the pinch currently experienced by Jianghe City.

Right at this moment, everything has been utilized.

However, the two Federal Guardians still didnt make a move.

They were waiting!

What aggression would appear from the beast tide?

From a detailed analysis by the Federal Scientists, berserk beasts reproduced at a faster rate than humans. They do not care about death. In fact, when their numbers get too large, they will stagnant in development. Thus, there would be a beast tide once in a while to contain their numbers!

They usually live in the deep mountains or jungles. Occasionally, several beasts with high intelligence will appear. When their numbers are too large, a beast tide would most likely happen. This beast tide would then waste the human resources besides reducing the number of berserk beasts.

Because of this reason, the Federal Guardians have been hunting those intelligent beasts.

The remaining berserk beasts would then either kill each other or hide in the jungle.

A large-scale beast tide had not occurred in a long time. Even if there were beast tides, it would only be a small scale one like the one during Su Haos time. There was basically no dangerous beasts participating.

However, this time, it was obviously different.

The way the intelligent beasts manipulated the other beasts from behind, and the aura of several king level berserk beasts. All these signs clearly showed the unusualness of this beast tide.

What was the enemys aim?

Before they understood anything, Zhang Yang did not dare to make a move. He was still waiting!

These specialized esper equivalent beasts should be their main force. If so, will the ones behind the scenes appear after this wave?

The chaotic battle was still ongoing!

In front of the city wall, it was full of blood.

Only two figures on the wall were unique from the rest. Su Hao trying to breakthrough, and Li Tiantian with his eyes closed.

What is your aim? What is it exactly? Li Tiantian murmured to himself.

From the moment the beast tide happened, he had not stopped thinking about it at all.

He could not see anything. It had never happened to his ability talent before. Even if he could not see the future, he would still know what was happening. But it was currently blank!

Did his ability talent have a problem?


Li Tiantian had a hunch that the other party had concealed their aim.

Just like when Su Hao faced against the energy barrier, he could do nothing about it. If the enemys strength is too strong or had some technique to shield itself, then Li Tiantian would be unable to do anything.

What is it exactly?

The rainwater dripped from his body.

Li Tiantian did not notice the hint of energy flashing in his eyes.

If it were the act of the berserk beast, then it would be a huge problem.

The more powerful the being, the more difficult it is to conceal. For the being to be able to hide the purpose of this beast tide, its strength must be unfathomable.

To be able to control all these beasts at once, how could the aim of the enemy be that simple?


I must find it out!

Li Tiantians eyes shone in coldness.


The sound in his ear slowly vanished.

It was as if the world had entered into total silence.

A faint shadow appeared from behind Li Tiantian. That shadow seemed like a portrait with a blurred face. Perhaps the only visible part was its bright eyes.

Heavenly Eye!

Li Tiantians figure was static.

Everything around him began to speed up.

To directly anticipate the future was a move which consumes lots of energy. For Li Tiantian had to build a future world within his body. It was not the kind of consumption which Li Tiantian could sustain.

The longer the period, the greater the consumption.

And now when he wanted to see the main point of this battle, why was it blocked?!


The time broke. Li Tiantians eyes widened, and his pupils shrunk. It was as if he had seen something unbelievable.


The surrounding scene returned back to its original state.

Blood could be seen flowing from the corner of his mouth. His body was so weak that he fell to the ground. His eyes were still revealing a look of disbelief. How could this be?

What what did he see?


Su Hao!!! Li Tiantian shouted out loud.

His hoarse voice suddenly echoed within the wall!

Huh? Zhang Yang and Lan Tingxu abruptly turned and saw Li Tiantians appearance with his alarmed expression.

Su Hao... Li Tiantian gasped for breath.


Their goal is Su Hao!


After Li Tiantian shouted this sentence, he could no longer hold on and fainted!

Everyone went crazy.

Even Su Hao who was in a state of trying to advance nearly get distracted by this sentence.

The aim of the berserk beasts was him?

What did it mean?

Su Hao was puzzled.

Before Su Hao had time to think clearly, a chill began to shroud Su Hao from behind.

Killing intent! Su Hao was startled.

He wanted to move but realized that he was currently converting from a model into reality. If he canceled it now, that would affect him greatly and his aim to breakthrough today would not happen!

What do I do? Su Haos mind began to think of a solution at a fast rate.

Zhang Yang and Lan Tingxu finally understood Li Tiantians meaning.

Both quickly turned around and saw a dark shadow appearing behind Su Hao. They could clearly sense the aura of a professional esper.

A sharp dagger from the dark shadow directly aimed towards Su Haos back.

Courting death! Lan Tingxu cursed.


The surrounding time flow seemed to have been disrupted.

Time and space stalled at this very second.

However, the unexpected event was the black shadow didnt seem to be affected by this and its speed was still the same. At that time, Su Hao was at a critical moment to break through and could not move!

This is not good! Lan Tingxu cursed in his heart, This thing is not real!

Since it was not real, Lan Tingxus origin technique was ineffective!


The black dagger was still heading towards Su Hao.

However, when the distance was less than one centimeter, the dagger suddenly stopped. No matter how hard the dark shadow struggled, it could not move at all.


The black shadow then was blasted away and slammed against the wall.

A white figure appeared. It was Bai Feng.

Looking at Su Hao, Bai Feng smiled indifferently, The favor of assisting my breakthrough; I will return it today!

The dark shadow which was struggling to get up noticed that Bai Feng was not paying attention to it and decided to rush toward Su Hao again. However, it was once again blasted away midway.

Hmph, spiritual state?


Bai Feng once again kicked the dark shadow and sneered, Your opponent is me!

The spiritual state was the perfect assassination method.

Being able to neutralize almost any damage, especially in an unexpected situation. It was naturally the perfect way to assassinate someone. For others, this might be a hard opponent, but for Bai Feng?

It was nothing more than a joke!

Bai Fengs appearance had saved Su Hao from this crisis. At this time, the two Federal Guardians began to have the luxury to analyze Li Tiantians words. What did it mean?

The beasts target was Su Hao?


Was it because of Su Haos potential? However, there were numerous geniuses in the Federation, but there had never been such a huge beast tide before!

What was the exact reason?

You still remember the times in Fenghui City? Zhang Yang seemed to have recall something.

Youre trying to say... Lan Tingxu understood what was Zhang Yang conveying.

So that was the case!

No wonder they could still stumble upon berserk beasts in Fenghui City. No wonder they met with Su Hao during the beast aura incident. Perhaps that was not a coincidence but the enemys goal!

It was Su Hao all this time!

To use three king level beasts to eliminate Su Hao? If Su Hao was the target, then everything was clear now.

No wonder Li Tiantian could not predict it perfectly.

Because the time to attack would be during the time Su Hao would be trying to breakthrough into a professional esper!

The enemy was waiting for this moment!

When Su Haos aura as a professional esper was revealed, that would be the time to attack the city!

How did they sense Su Haos breakthrough into professional esper?

Perhaps it is the work of some king level beast.


Lan Tingxu could not understand.

No matter how he looked, the cost that the beasts have to pay to kill Su Hao was just a disadvantage!

Im not sure too. Zhang Yang coldly smiled, But, since we already understand the enemys intention, then this battle will be interesting. The more the berserk beasts wish to succeed, the more we will ensure their plan fails! No matter what they want to do or how afraid of something they are, we will never make them succeed!

Arent they trying to stop Su Hao from advancing?

This daddy will make sure that Su Hao advances!



Bai Feng killed the assassin.

At the same time, a strong aura suddenly burst out from Su Hao.

Professional espers aura!

Su Haos upper body suddenly turned into many model cubes and soon became a model.

Right now, Su Hao had reached the critical moment of his breakthrough!

Su Hao, listen to me! Zhang Yang sneered, Your goal is to breakthrough into a professional esper for this daddy! You dont have to bother with whatever is happening outside. Leave them to us!


Su Haos aura as a professional esper once again increased.

It was considered a response to Zhang Yang!

Things had reached a point where Su Hao understood that no matter what, he must not stop halfway. Regardless of the berserk beasts target, he must breakthrough into a professional esper!

He must!