Godly Model Creator Chapter 475

Gmc Chapter 475

Chapter 475    Lan Tingxus Resolve!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



The skys color was murky as it was filled with fog.

All kinds of battles broke out. The two Federal Guardians quietly stayed beside Su Hao. Since they finally understood the enemys intention, they would never let the enemy succeed!

The emergence of the dark shadow assassin had clearly proved that beasts with the strength of professional espers had joined the battle.

However, how could there be only one?


A giant Black Ape appeared in the crowds view. It stood at five meters in height with black fur as hard as steel covering its body. Each step shook the land. Looking at the crowd, it showed sign of humanity.

Intelligent berserk beast!

Finally, it appeared!


The Black Ape emerged from the jungle and quickly rooted up a giant tree that was nearby.


With a leap, the Black Ape traveled at least one hundred meters. All he cared about was Su Hao. It was as if he did not notice the presence of the two Federal Guardians around Su Hao!


Zhang Yang gathered energy within his hand as he was ready to make his move.

However, a strong and huge figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Like black lightning, he directly hit the Black Ape.


A man and a beast, each took a step backward!

Who was that?

The crowd was stunned.

The Black Ape had a powerful strength and was comparable to a professional esper! With the offense and defense it had, it was at least at the mid-tier of a professional esper. How was this beast forced to retreat with a punch?


Lightning flashed, and the face of the figure was revealed.

Natural selection classs instructor, Zhang Qiang!

Daddys student is trying to breakthrough, and these dregs want to stop him? Zhang Qiang grinned while revealing an endless amount of murderous intent.


Before anyone managed to talk, the ground shattered as an Armor Drill Beast unexpectedly appeared in front of Su Hao from the wall. Its curled body then stretched out, revealing its few meter long body.

That sly face expression and smile.

Another intelligent beast!

Professional esper!

The Armor Drill Beast emerged from the wall with its sharp claws aimed at Su Hao with strong killing intent. However  


From the shadow, a kick suddenly came out of nowhere and blasted away the Armor Drill Beast.

Bang bang!

The beast slammed against the wall.

Turning its head, it stared at the shadow with an unscathed body.

Another figure appeared.

Natural selection classs instructor, Shi Shaotian!

Seniors... Shi Shaotian said to Zhang Yang and Lan Tingxu, Leave these beasts to us. In any case, do your best to avoid making any moves.

Huh? Zhang Yang opened his eyes wide, Why?

Since the target of this beast tide was Su Hao and the enemy had made a move, why should not the Federal Guardians make their moves to protect Su Hao?

Dont you guys noticed that these berserk beasts were forcing you two to get rid of them? Although I dont know why, how could those intelligent beasts dare to make their move when they understand your strength? They must be here to force you two to use your energy! Shi Shaotian turned around and looked at the Armor Drill Beast, Am I right?


The beast roared in anger and charged at him.

Hmph! Shi Shaotian coldly smirked and went to clash with it.

Above the wall, Zhang Yang and Lan Tingxu looked at each other. They noticed the dignified look from each other. If these berserk beasts really were here to consume their strength, then the only explanation was a king-level beast!

There must be king-level beasts involved in this beast tide!

To travel through the space crack, they had to consume a huge amount of energy and their current combat effectiveness must have been reduced. In order to kill everyone, the berserk beasts had to make sure these two Federal Guardians had their energy depleted.

However, how many king-level beasts were involved in this beast tide?



Or three?

Thinking of the acts of those beasts in Fenghui City, the Federal Guardians suddenly turned around and looked at this young man who was still in the process of advancing. Su Hao, what was the reason that forced three king-level beasts to come kill you?

Inexplicably, Su Haos body seemed to be covered in a mysterious halo.

But is it possible for us to not make a move until the end? Zhang Yang murmured to himself.

Since they knew the aim of the enemy, could they hold themselves from making any moves?

In Jianghe City, almost everyone who could fight was engaged in battle.

The strength of berserk beasts was no joke, especially their defense. Thus, to end the battle in a short time was impossible! Since they aimed to waste the Federal Guardians energy, would only two beasts be sent over here?


Two dark shadows appeared in mid-air.

A body with three meters wide wings with a hint of yellow on its round eyes and a pair of sharp claws.

A Bloody Falcon with professional esper strength!

And it was two at once!

These beasts dived at high speed which almost split the air in half. What kind of speed was that?! Almost instantly, they arrived before Su Hao.

Such attacks, besides the Federal Guardians, who could stop them?

Do not make a move? Zhang Yang sighed. Even if they knew the aim of the berserk beasts, they still could not do anything. Besides them, who else in Jianghe City could block this attack?


A pale golden aura flashed.

Instantly, a terrifying aura exploded on the body of these two beasts and they felt that they had hit by something horrifying.

There are still others? Zhang Yang was surprised.

As a guardian of Federation, he knew nothing of the strength of this city. Even if it was a capital city now, it was still new. It might be possible to develop a city quickly but developing strong espers could only proceed gradually. However, today, he had witnessed a lot of breathtaking things.

This small city actually had many strong espers?


To be able to block two incoming attacks which were equivalent to professional espers!

That wasnt something ordinary people could achieve.

The Bloody Falcons once again charged.

However, the pale golden aura once again swept across and they were hit by something again. Only this time, the one who was responsible for this could finally be seen. On top of the wall, a middle-aged man was leisurely sitting and looking at the battlefield.

Its him?

Li Wei!

Aura manipulator!

He knew this man. Li Weis strength was needless to be mentioned. He had contributed a lot to the Federation and if not because of an incident, the current Li Wei would probably be one of the Federal Guardians too!

Zhang Yang would have never thought to meet him here.

Looking at Li Wei, Li Xin happily toyed around with a Black Ox. Zhang Yang and other finally understood the reason why he appeared here. If it was as they thought, he should be able to deal with two professional level beasts easily even with his injury.

Jianghe City, what kind of city was this?

You all dont have to make any moves. Li Wei leisurely said, Just a few intelligent beasts is not something we cannot deal with.

However, at this moment, a strange sound could be heard.

Everyone looked over the direction of the sound subconsciously.

Instantly, the crowds face turned ugly!

A countless number of Black Snakes appeared from the forest and began to climb the wall. The most frightening part about them was that they all had professional esper strength!

Although the Black Snakes were weak and could be killed with a single foot, the fact remained that they possessed strength equivalent to professional esper!

Black Snakes!


Their defense was almost zero!

However, when they were killed, the strange aura of theirs would cover the surrounding people and cause toxins to spread all over the body until death!

The Black Snakes only had a chance to show their ability talent, which was the moment of their death!

Even the Federal Guardians would not dare to make a move.

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

With more than hundreds of Black Snakes, who would dare to kill them? Perhaps after killing one, the esper would die!

No matter how weak the snakes were, it was still equivalent to a professional esper!

Any ordinary specialized esper had no qualification to confront them!

Even if someone wanted to kamikaze, only a professional esper could.

To kill them all in one strike, perhaps only these two Federal Guardians could. However, if they made a move, they would die!

Even if they knew it was a trap, they had to jump off the wall and confront the beasts. For Su Hao, to ensure the enemys aim was not achieved, one of them had to sacrifice themselves!

Zhang Yang clenched his fists and was prepared to join the battle.


He never cared about dying!

The only regret he had was his daughter, Zhang Yang sighed in his heart and took a step forward.

Let me do it. Lan Tingxus voice echoed.

Huh? Zhang Yang was stunned.

Your existence in this beast tide is more valuable than me. If I die here, I can reduce our loss to the lowest. Lan Tingxu said indifferently.

Help me take care of Xiao Die. Lan Tingxu looked very cool right now.

The atmosphere started turning gloomy.

The battle only began for a short while, and they had to lose a Federal Guardian?