Godly Model Creator Chapter 476

Gmc Chapter 476

Chapter 476    The King Level Beasts Attack!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Is there really no other way?

Everyone felt the chill in their heart.

Those hundreds of Black Snakes were now climbing the wall. If Lan Tingxu did not make a move and allowed them to reach the top, everyone above the wall would be killed!


Lan Tingxu took a step forward!

Zhang Yang did not interrupt him because he knew that once Lan Tingxu made a decision, he would not hesitate to get it done. Nobody would be able to stop him, even if he was sending himself to death!


Lightning struck down.

It was a natural one within the heavy rain.

Was it a sign of nature grieving?

The crowds heart tightened in distress.

Lan Tingxu stretched out his hand, and a blue light appeared. However, a strange voice could be suddenly heard that startled everyone.

Wow, wow, hahaha!

Hahahaha, arent these Black Snake?

A middle-aged man suddenly climbed up the wall and admired those Black Snakes in ecstasy.

Damn! These are really Black Snakes! Daddys ingredients! The middle-aged man then pulled out an item from his back. 

When the crowd had a clearer look, they nearly fainted on the spot. It was a basket.

From his backpack, he actually took out a basket.

In front of everyones eyes, he casually revealed a strange item.

When they saw it, they almost instantly vomited blood.

Snake net!


That was a snake net!

These are not ordinary snakes but Black Snakes! Even without its ability talent, its strength is still terrifying.

This person actually planned to catch these snakes?

Everyone felt that their brain could not process the current scene.

In fact, those two Federal Guardians were dumbfounded. Lan Tingxu looked at the middle-aged man who suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Even if he was prepared to face his death, he was also stunned by this man.

Jianghe City was indeed full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

But who was this man?



A staff member from the Origin Ability Association killed a beast before looking back; he instantly recognized the identity of this man.

Pharmacy master: Zhang Zhongtian!

Pharmacy master? Zhang Zhongtian?

It turned out to be him!

This legendary figure actually resided in this small city too! There had been rumors on the Internet that he was Su Haos master. Now, it seemed that it was true. When his student was in a crisis, he had decided to make a move.

However, the crowd had some doubts when they noticed Zhang Zhongtians action.

Was he really here for his student?

Hahahaha, Black Snakes!

Zhang Zhongtian happily jumped off the wall, and various strange powders began to spread under the influence of his energy that caused those Black Snakes to weaken instantly.



They all fell and struggled to death on the ground.

The aura of those beasts began to spread, but everything in front of Zhang Zhongtian was suppressed! A pharmacist master never relies on his own strength as this title carried its own terrifying might. Perhaps a lot of people would not care much about this pharmacist master.

However, right now, nobody would ignore his existence!

A catastrophe which was enough to kill a Federal Guardian was easily overcome!

This pharmacist master was still fine now. He was busy hunting Black Snakes. If one day there was a force who accidentally step on his tail, what would happen?

When they thought of this, goosebumps began to appear.


Under the gaze of the crowd, Zhang Zhongtian happily rushed with his snake net!

It was rather absurd yet funny.

But nobody dared to criticize him!

That title was indeed well deserved!


A rampant aura suddenly erupted from behind!

Zhang Yang and Lan Tingxu were instantly alerted. Turning behind quickly, they only felt relieved when the one who emitted this aura was Su Hao.



Such a strong aura!

The aura of a professional esper kept being emitted. It might be because Su Hao was already qualified as a professional esper before this, the sudden eruption made him more powerful than any average professional esper by many times!

Is he about to breakthrough? The crowd discussed among themselves.

Su Hao, a level 9 specialized esper.

Even if he advanced, he should be only at level 1!

It should not have much influence on this beast tide. However, Su Hao being the target made his breakthrough a very anticipated scene.

Because they all knew that the moment Su Hao crossed the border, the battle would definitely be different!

Although they did not know why Su Hao was targetted, they were clear that everything would soon be revealed!



The energy in Su Haos body was vibrating with excitement.

Su Haos upper body was completed now.

However, his legs were still between the state of reality and a model.

At this moment, Su Hao seemed to have become a character in a computer.



Su Haos legs began to change slowly.

The progress still had 30% remaining!

Nine minutes!

Could he persist to the end?

Everyone looked at the gloomy sky, and their sixth sense began to tingle.



A few professional esper equivalent beasts appeared again.

At this moment, the elites from the Origin Ability Association and the Federation had finally arrived and joined the battlefield. Those beasts were instantly intercepted!

The balance of the battle once again shifted to the humans' side.

However, how long could this last?

Zhang Yang looked up the sky.

Although being covered in black clouds and heavy rain, he could clearly feel that the truly strong beast was finally here.


Cracks began to form in the sky.

The dense black clouds were instantly torn into a huge hole, and a strange red and black light began to form.



Waves of aura came out from this tear, causing everyone to have cold sweat on their forehead.

Could this feeling be


A huge palm emerged and tore the hole wider.

Finally, that palm appeared out from the hole.

Both hands.

Both legs.


A huge berserk beast came out from the hole and revealed itself before everyone!

With dozens of meters in height, it had a burly figure and looked intimidating like a high rising building.

A bear

A giant bear!


That huge beast directly jumped out of the hole from high altitudes and landed directly outside the city.


The land shook so hard that it could pass off as a large earthquake.

The entire Jianghe City instantly experienced a 9.0 Richter scale earthquake. The land cracked, and the city wall which had been standing tall and steady was destroyed the moment this giant bear landed.

A large area of the wall collapsed.

Without making any other moves, just the impact of its landing was enough to achieve such a feat.

Except for the parts where the two Federal Guardians were standing, the other parts of the wall suffered damage.

Everyone looked at that giant bear.

What was it?


The giant bear smiled and turned its body around. Showing its furry face, it then observed the damaged wall for a moment before walked over.

The ground trembled with every step it took.

Watching Zhang Yang and Lan Tingxu, it suddenly grinned!

These two Federal Guardians, long time no see.

Zhang Yangs battle intent soared. Taking a big stride, he stared at the giant bear in front, Sure enough its you, king level beast, Violent Bear!


Everyone was stunned.

King level beast!

Everyone quickly retreated. 

In front of such a powerhouse, everything was meaningless.

Those who retreated were violently stamped to death by its foot. From specialized to professional espers, nobody was spared.

Even those who managed to escape with their lives intact were seriously injured.

This was the strength of a king level berserk beast!

What a terrifying creature!

Previously, in Fenghui City, those beasts only utilized their aura in their attempt to kill Su Hao. This time they personally joined the battle!

The Violent Bear looked in front with its two red eyes.

As if it had noticed something, its figure then stopped moving. When everyone followed its gaze, it turned out to be Su Hao!

It seemed to have forgotten the existence of the two Federal Guardians and looked at Su Hao who was sitting cross-legged. Its murderous intent skyrocketed, and everyone could feel that aura.


Su Hao!

Damn it!