Godly Model Creator Chapter 477

Gmc Chapter 477

Chapter 477    Protect!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Killing intent filled with madness nearly caused the crowd to vomit.

The aura of a king level berserk beast was not something they could afford to withstand, and Zhang Yang did not stop it. He just stared at the beast and faced it head-on. For these geniuses, perhaps it might even help them grow.

Lan Tingxu waved his hand as a sign for everyone to retreat from the wall.

This battle had escalated to a point where they could no longer participate.

If they remained in the same area, the Federal Guardians might be distracted trying to protect them. Soon, only the two Federal Guardians and Su Hao remained on the city wall!

Everyone watched from a distance.

Zhang Yang felt that it was about time and casually raised his finger.

A stream of aura began to form around him, nullifying the beasts aura without leaving a trace.

Long time no see. Youre still as arrogant as ever. Zhang Yang said.

Hmph, Zhang Yang. Violent Bear revealed a trace of mocking expression. Even with its fluffiness, one could see its mocking expression. To do this for a specialized esper, is it worth?

This question, I should be the one asking. Zhang Yang coldly smiled, What is your aim?

Hehe. Violent Bear laughed out loud, This isnt something you can know.

Today, Su Hao will die! Roar~ Violent Bear yelled out wildly, and its huge paws began to sweep down from a high altitude. These paws covered a few meters in width and instantly surrounded Su Hao.


The speed was fast enough to create a shockwave.

The giant palms were so close to Su Hao that the crowd was startled. However, when they had a closer look, they were shocked to find that the paws stopped about one meter above Su Haos head.

Zhang Yang casually stretched out his right hand and neutralized the huge paws. No matter how hard the bear exerted force, it could no longer move an inch further.

That huge body created a big contrast when compared with Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang, how strong was he?


A terrifying force erupted from his hand. The huge bear was pushed back by the momentum that it took several steps back to stabilize itself.

When it regained its stability, the distance was already hundreds of meters away!

With just this you want to kill us, humans?


Zhang Yangs figure was full of momentum as he charged towards the Violent Bear. In the process of doing so, one could see that his body was growing larger and larger! When Zhang Yang reached the Violent Bear, he had turned into the Berserk Lion!

His body was no longer inferior.




Zhang Yangs claws furiously swept down without hesitation. His series of attacks completely suppressed the bear and forced it backward by dozens of steps. Entirely out of range of attacking Su Hao!


The real battle began at this moment!

Zhang Yang had forced the Violent Bear away.

The crowd sighed in relief.

The difference in strength was not that great, and Zhang Yang was not afraid of the Violent Bear. However, it would be a bad move if the battle started here since Su Hao was still here. He wanted to protect Su Hao, and the only way to do so was to launch consecutive attacks to force the Violent Bear away!

The distance of a few kilometers was nothing for the Violent Bear.

But as long as Zhang Yang was here, it could forget about approaching Su Hao!

It was the absolute strength and confidence of a Federal Guardian!

The first king level berserk beast was managed to be impeded!

The roar was still ongoing from a distance, and it was none other than the shout from Zhang Yang and the Violent Bear. With both having formidable strength, one would have to stop dreaming of appearing victorious in a short timeframe.

Lan Tingxu was still standing next to Su Hao.

He did not move at all.

He had a clear goal.

To defeat king level beasts were not his goal. Protecting Su Hao was what he should be doing. Since the first one had appeared, then would there be a second one?

Everyone looked up at the sky.

The trace of a bloody aura still spread as it gathered around the space crack.



The bloody aura kept getting denser.

Everyone felt the heavy atmosphere.

Sure enough, the second king level beast was about to appear!

The sky vibrated.

As the bloody crack suddenly expanded at an increased rate, it formed into a round hole similar to a black hole. The very next second, a bunch of colorful rays shot out.

The hole almost instantly reverted to normal, leaving behind traces of the bloody aura.

In the sky, those colorful rays condensed!

A huge bird appeared with its beautiful wings and proud posture hold on!

That is not correct!

It was not a huge bird, but a peacock!

A Five-color Peacock!

The gloomy sky seemed to brighten up. The beauty of its feathers stunned everyone as they were so dazzling in the middle of the darkness.

At this moment, everyone seemed to be attracted to its beauty.

Everyone was stunned. Everyone subconsciously watched quietly and stopped breathing, worrying that they might get enraptured by its beauty.

The Five-color Peacock dived towards Su Hao.

However, Lan Tingxu finally moved.

His figure vanished instantly. When he appeared again, he was surprisingly on top of its head.

Lan Tingxu gently pressed its tiny head.


Its head received a direct hit, forcing it to land on the ground.

Compared to its body, its head was much smaller in size.

Even after it mutated, this characteristic still remained.

And now, the Five-color Peacock had a huge body with a long neck stretched out with a small head. 




Lan Tingxu stomped its head a few more times without mercy.

Everyone instantly awoke from their daze. Looking at the current state of this peacock, which part of it was still attractive?

This peacock now was no better than a chicken!

The Five-color Peacock was angered!

It broke free from Lan Tingxu and madly shook its wings causing its back to expand and shoot out many colorful light rays towards Lan Tingxu. The peacock had spread its tail!

Colorful lights flashed!


The injury on its body recovered instantly. The beauty of its feathers once again went back to their peak as if they received no damage earlier.



The ground formed cracks and spread to the surroundings. The place Su Hao was on the wall received the aftershock.

This attack had a wide attack range!


Dense ice rain!

The rain condensed and formed into ice crystals in the shape of knives, falling straight to the ground.


Thunder flashed!

Terrifying lightning condensed around this region and this peacock controlled the lightning to attack everyone!




Seven colors and seven different attacks!

This circumference of several hundred meters seemed to have become the field of the Five-color Peacock. Its powerful attacks covered everyone!

Including Lan Tingxu and Su Hao!



The goal of this peacock had always been Su Hao. Even if Lan Tingxu disrupted it, it still maintained its purpose. Do you want to protect yourself or Su Hao?

If it were others, they would definitely hesitate for a second.

But for Lan Tingxu, did he need to hesitate?

Hmph! Lan Tingxu smirked.

A stream of energy condensed within his hand. His aim was at Su Hao!

Su Haos surrounding was instantly locked.

It was a semi-virtual space which surrounded Su Hao in a faint light. It was as if Su Haos surroundings were no longer in the same space.

Even when the rain poured from above, it did not affect Su Hao.

Even that powerful seven color attack all passed through Su Hao; they did not inflict any damage to Su Hao. It was Lan Tingxus perfect defense.


Lan Tingxu was directly assaulted with the attack from the peacock.

Blood could be seen decorating the ground.

This attack was more than enough to make the defenseless Lan Tingxu suffer injuries.

The Five-color peacock once again rushed towards Su Hao. Unexpectedly, just when it was about to flip its wings and fly, Lan Tingxu held its tail and slammed it to the ground.

Whats there to rush! Just be a good boy and stay here! Lan Tingxu wiped off the blood from his mouth. As he was not bothered by his injury, he stared at the Five-color Peacock and blocked its every attack.

Space was locked, and Su Hao was completely protected.

It guaranteed Su Hao from being caught in any random attack. Otherwise, the attack just now by this peacock was definitely not one Su Hao could withstand.

His mission was to protect Su Hao!



Lan Tingxus mightiness was fully revealed. The injury on his body did not burden him at all. As the Five-color Peacock was within his range of attack, it could not break free.

The second king level beast had been intercepted!

Was Su Hao finally safe?

The people sighed in relief and looked at Su Hao who was in the process of converting from a model into reality. Su Hao, breakthrough quick!

And then



That bloody space crack once again reacted!

Everyone turned alert!

There was actually a third one!

With the two Federal Guardians being kept busy, who could resist it?