Godly Model Creator Chapter 478

Gmc Chapter 478

Chapter 478    Berserk Beasts Determination

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



The sky was torn apart, and a berserk beast with a sinister face emerged from the thick clouds. Its domineering aura overwhelmed the crowd.

It was an unknown berserk beast with a strange body covered in red light. Even so, some managed to recognize it.

Three Eyes Beast!

Look at its eyes!

The crowd looked up shocked by it.

This beast actually had three eyes!

An extra eye was located between its pair of eyes!

Er Langshen? It doesnt look strong though. Someone said with an easy tone, but nobody dared to continue his words.

While the Three Eyes Beast looked weak, it was still a king level beast!

During normal days, they might throw in a few lines to ridicule this beast. However, nobody currently had the mood to do so! Since another king level beast had appeared, who would be able to subdue it?


Everyone watched the two Federal Guardians. Berserk Lion was fighting in the distance. Those continuous faint roars were proof that an intense battle was ongoing.

As for Lan Tingxu, he was blocking the peacocks path which was a little further away from here. 

Nobody would be able to make it!


Killing God does not seems to be bothered about this...


When they had a closer look, Lan Tingxu did not even look at this three eyes beast as if it did not exist at all. He was not even worried about Su Hao for a single moment. If this was the case

The crowd was not composed of idiots.

Since the beast tide had been long predicted, how could these Federal Guardians not prepare for this?

Could it be


The sky lit up and was fully illuminated!

That gloomy reddish sky turned bright and caused the crowd to have difficulty opening their eyes.

Could it be Three Eyes Beast had made its move? Everyone began to panic.

Doesnt seem like it. There was one who used his ability talent to regain his sight, This beast seems to be in pain...



The rumbling sound continued.

They were clueless regarding the source of this sound. However, the reddish sky quickly regained its form and returned to darkness.

The crowd took some time to regain their sight.

Has it vanished?

No, it didnt disappear but...it condenses!


They could not help but shift their gaze back to the sky and noticed a shocking discovery. A huge fireball looking like a clone of the sun was burning in the sky, causing the rain to evaporate and anything within a few hundred meters to burn out!

Who is it? The crowd was curious to know!


Terrifying energy fluctuated!

The huge fireball shook and then charged down!


The huge fireball with a diameter of 100 meters was as big as any skyscraper. The huge fireball traveled at high speeds, and its destination was none other than the Three Eyes Beast!


Three Eyes Beast was furious!

Its third eye felt very painful due to the earlier red light once again opening. With a dense killing aura accumulated within that eye, red energy condensed and formed a light ray.


The dazzling red light ray blasted out, penetrating the huge fireball!

The impact of these two attacks caused the gloomy, dense clouds to dissipate and cleared up the sky!

The endless red light spread to the surrounding and swept across the air to the side. It became hard to tell whether it was due to the Three Eyes Beasts killing light ray or the scorching red fireball!

However, when everything subdued, the sky turned bright with the sun finally being visible!

All the fog had been cleared away, and the view outside the city wall instantly turned clear. The dead beasts bodies outside the wall, waves of beasts from the deep forest, Berserk Lion and the bear fighting at a distance away, and Killing God confronting the peacock! Everything became super clear!

The crowd could not help but swallow their saliva.

Even those who were unsure of the might of these king level berserk beasts understood what these beasts were capable of at this moment.

Too scary! Just a single move and the dense clouds were all cleared away!

This Three Eyes Beast, which just emerged from the space crack a moment ago, was directly hit by this massive fireball and fell to the ground covered in blood. Obviously, it had been injured in the process. Directly across from it, a man stared at it coldly. He was dressed in a black short-sleeved shirt with a burning-fire pattern on top of his clothes.

Its actually him! The crowd was stunned.

No wonder these two Federal Guardians were calm. It turned out that they had long requested backup from their colleagues. And it turned out to be an extremely powerful esper!

Fire God!

Geng Rui!

One of the Federal Guardians!

I think I arrived right on time. Geng Rui looked at Lan Tingxu and smirked, Just a single bird and you couldnt handle it. It seems that you have turned weak.

Hmph. Lan Tingxu smiled.


Three Eyes Beast struggled to stand up.

Staring at the man who did not even put its presence in his eyes, it went mad and red light began to condense on its third eye.

Sigh. Geng Ruis provoking look finally toned down for a bit, Hehe, youre finally mad? Interesting, let me experience how strong a king level beast is.


Light began to shine from the beasts third eye.

About a hundred meter radius around the beast, the area seemed to have entered another world as red spots began to form within the region. Any spot to escape for Geng Rui had been sealed off.

The red spots condensed, forming little beasts.

Each of them charged at him as the beast roared out loudly as its giant claws swept down.

It wanted to kill Geng Rui in a single move.

Interesting. Geng Ruis both fists were covered in flames. 


The flames began to cover the whole region.

One man and one beast confronted each other and every step they took was earth-shattering!

Geng Rui obviously had the advantage here but no matter how weak Three Eyes Beast was, it was a still a king level beast. Even when battling against a Federal Guardian, to get defeated was not something that will happen in a short timeframe.

However, at least it was intercepted. This result made the crowd relieved.

This is human territory. There was a strong esper who used his forbidden technique and protected the whole Federal Territory! Ordinary beasts are still fine but the longer these king level beasts stay, the greater the rejection will happen! If they are here for a long period of time, Im afraid they will stay here forever! A staff member from the Origin Ability Association said.


So, as long as we persist for a little longer, they will not be able to resist. Trying to invade our land is already a huge risk they had to take. Otherwise, humanity would have long ago been wiped off the planet.

This beast tide wont last long!

The crowd was shocked.


No wonder it was rare for a powerful berserk beast to enter human territory.

If so, they should be aware too right? Had they not considered this factor?

But would there be a fourth one? Li Xin suddenly popped out this question.

The man smirked, Of course not. You think king level beasts are like those mushrooms growing on the roadside? There shouldnt be a fourth one.

So this is it.

However, before the crowd could react, a strange noise could be suddenly heard from the sky.

Bloody red cracks began to form once again.

When they looked up, their face was as pale as a dead man. How was this possible?

King level beast!

There was actually a fourth one!



This time, this beast emerged faster than the previous three. The moment they saw it, it already rushed out from the space crack.

Not good! Zhang Yang and others had their expression changed drastically.

They wanted to rush over, but these beasts were confronting them.  This time, instead of them intercepting the beasts, it was the beasts turn to do so.

The fourth one

How could there be a fourth beast?


With no clouds to cover it, its body was directly exposed to the crowd.

Its whole body flashed with lightning.

Its body was blue and in the shape of a cow. 

It was a Thunder Beast!


With its incredible speed, it charged at Su Hao.

This time, the crowd opened their eyes wide.

With the emergence of the fourth king level beast, the battle seemed to be over.

It was another king level beast!

Looking at the three Federal Guardians being intercepted, they knew that this time, there was no backing off! What were the exact reasons for four king level beasts to kill Su Hao?

One could see their sad looks.

Shifting their gaze to Su Hao, who was still sitting cross-legged, they felt pain in their hearts.

Now, their only hope was that Lan Tingxus defense was enough to protect Su Hao; although they knew well that this was impossible.


The crowd could not help but close their eyes.

The impact which they expected did not appear. As they could not help themselves, they reopened their eyes and were stunned by the scene they saw.

In front of the Thunder Beast, a young man with a terrifying look blocked it.

And he was using a single hand!

When they looked at the person who did this, they sucked in a mouthful of cold air!

It was actually him!

How could this be possible?

Has this world gone mad?!