Godly Model Creator Chapter 479

Gmc Chapter 479

Chapter 479    Thunder King!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The wind was blowing under the hot sun. Jianghe City looked so beautiful after the dense clouds and the rain had stopped.

Outside the city wall.

Who is it?

The crowd looked up at the figure and was shocked.

Zhou Wang!

It was actually him!

How could this be?!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Including the three Federal Guardians!

They knew that the young ones nowadays were strong, but were they at such a heaven-defying realm?

To block the beast with a single hand?

How could you tease me like this?

Everyone looked at this young figure with eyes wide open, but within the consciousness of this body, two forces were undergoing a fierce confrontation.



Zhou Wang began to attack from within his body!

The exciting energy began to flow into the consciousness, and Zhou Wang was staring at the center of his consciousness. It was the core of consciousness which control the body.

In the past, Zhou Wang could easily give an order with his heart and the body would listen to the orders. However, at this moment, an old man stood there to block him and it was none other than his own master!



With every bit of strength, Zhou Wang charged forward!

The old man casually flicked his hand, and a powerful aura appeared. The so-called all-out attack from Zhou Wang was instantly suppressed, and his entire body was blasted away.



Chains of consciousness sealed off Zhou Wang!

Zhou Wang had been imprisoned!

Master! He shouted out unwillingly, I will never let you take control of my body!

Its too late! The old mans voice remained calm, but there was a hint of loneliness, To be frank, even I have not thought that such a day would arrive. Hehe, things are always unexpected.

Master... Zhou Wang was agitated by his masters words and tried his best for the final struggle, Give up, master!

Haa... The old man sighed for a second before happily smiling.

Do you know that being able to guide you is my happiest decision. There was once when I decided to invade your body, but you never said no to me. As long as I voiced out, you would have unreserved trust in me!

If you have any resistance or suspicion, perhaps I might not reach this stage. However, you are too naive. No matter how I look, youre not qualified to be the esper for mankinds future. Perhaps my decision to get rid of you might be the best.

However, I am still unwilling to take the last move.

Trust its really a strange and wonderful thing in this world.


Zhou Wang trembled all over his body.

He knew that since his master had said these words, does this mean that

Master, dont! Zhou Wang tried to struggle.


The old man gently raised his hand and pressed it on Zhou Wangs forehead.


A stream of lightning flashed. They looked like those strange patterns when Su Hao deduced from his model analysis. Each rune was built with lightning and surrounded Zhou Wang. Due to the powerful aura, Zhou Wang was completely sealed and immobilized!



Zhou Wang tried to break free from the lightning barrier to no effect.


Youre Thunder Kings disciple!

These lightning symbols, slowly understand them. Just follow the method which I have taught you, and you will naturally be able to break the barrier when you have understood all these symbols. If you want to repay me, take the path of the strongest esper and bring this rich heritage of thunder to a higher realm!


The figure of the old man vanished suddenly, and Zhou Wang became emotional.

Looking at the already vanished figure of his master and his sorry state where he could not break free from the lightning barrier, tears began to drop down to his cheek, Master dont go!

You will die! Within his consciousness, nobody could hear the cry of Zhou Wang!

How could it end up like this... Zhou Wang fell to the ground due to him being weak.

Masters strength was strong. That was a fact he knew, but this time he was facing a king level beast!

Even during his masters peak condition, that was a beast which could face his master. If Zhou Wang was now a professional esper, perhaps his master might be able to fight better.

But currently

He was just a mere specialized esper!

With such a body, how could the force exerted be comparable to a king level beast? Not only that, his master still had to protect his body.

The moment when his master requested to take control of his body, he could see his masters death!

He tried to resist, but it turned out like this!

All the knowledge had been inherited to him!

Why would it ended up like this? Zhou Wang roared. Could it really be because I am too weak?

Master, Im sorry!

Arg arr arg!

Zhou Wang tried to punch the lightning symbols and tried to decipher as much as he could! Even if he were imprisoned here, he would not give up at all because he knew that as long as he could absorb these, he would be able to regain control of his own body. If his master was still alive when he regained control

He must stay alive until then!

Zhou Wang gritted his teeth!



A man who would never be noticed by anyone was crazily absorbing all the knowledge. However, he had never considered how much of an inheritance Thunder King had left behind!

Back to reality



The Thunder Beast furiously increased its lightning power. Energy came out from its body but seemed to inflict no damage to this young man in front of it. These terrifying lightning which frightened the crowd was actually just like a toy under the hand of this young man.

Whore you?! Thunder Beast was angered.

He absolutely would not believe that a mere student could reduce him to such a sorry state. He was after all a prideful king level beast!

Who am I? Zhou Wang smiled.

Laughing out loud, one could actually see some tears from his eyes. Hahahaha! Yea, who am I? Little brat, after all these years, you still havent grown up? I never imagined that that little brat during those days has actually become a king level beast?




Waves of powerful aura expanded.

Thunder Beast was actually kicked away by Zhou Wang.


The Thunder Beast had been suppressed?

Who was this man?!

Zhou Wang?


Everyone looked at that proudful figure and inexplicably, they had the feeling of humanitys strongest esper.

Those three Federal Guardians were shocked the most. Todays event had totally surpassed their expectation. The huge beast tide, the endless number of king level beasts and emergence of hidden powerful existences had changed their opinion of Jianghe City.


Thunder Beast got up from the pit which was formed when it landed on the ground.

Human, youre doomed! Thunder Beast shouted, No matter who are you, you will have to pay the price! Excluding Thunder King who died years ago, who else could be my opponent?


Lightning... Thunder Beast just uttered these two words and suddenly paused.


Heaven and Earth shined at this moment! It was so bright that it overwhelmed everyone. Even those espers who were fighting at a distance away were affected by this!

Thunder Beasts body stopped moving right now. Under such condition, only a figure existed. Zhou Wang was not moving at all, but a figure of an old man emerged from within his body.

The old mans right hand suddenly gripped tight.


The white light which was more than enough to cover the whole Jianghe City actually gathered and instantly condensed into the old mans hand. A powerful force was produced as he waved his right fist!


Thunder Beast received the punch head on, and it was seriously injured. That terrifying force almost destroyed it. However, no matter how painful it was, this was incomparable to its inner fear.

This origin technique Thunder Kings fist! You... Thunder Bird opened its eyes wide. It was clear now that it was not a young man who was standing in front of it, but the figure which would always awaken it from its sleep due to nightmares.

Vice President of Zhanzheng College!

Thunder King!

Not only was it stunned, but even the crowd was shocked too!

Thunder King!

It turned out to be Thunder King!

This man who had fought hard for humanity and eventually died together with berserk beasts! Based on strength alone, he was definitely on par with any Federal Guardian!

This strong esper was still alive?

Not only was he alive, but he also seemed to be more powerful than before!

King level beasts were not even his match!

During that day, it was your father who dragged me to die together in order to save you! I never expected you to grow to this stage after all these years. The growth rate of beasts are really unexpected. Thunder King recalled back an incident.

So the one who died with him was none other than this beasts father?

But today, let's end this fight!


Thunder Beast received consecutive punches, and in the end, one of the punches reached its heart and killed it! Before it died, only horror could be seen in its eyes.