Godly Model Creator Chapter 480

Gmc Chapter 480

Chapter 480    Origin Solution!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

Thunder Beast was dead.

The fear from years ago

Todays fear

Right at this moment, Thunder Kings punch had produced the best effect!


Thunder Beasts corpse fell and formed a giant pit in the ground!

The atmosphere turned silent.


It died just like that?

A king level beast that could affect the whole battle actually died like that?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

One could even see that the other three king level beasts were worried and terrified of this scene.

There was even a plan to retreat!

An old man actually killed Thunder Beast, one of the genius berserk beasts, in just minutes?

Thunder King!

Such a character that battled versus the older generation, their fathers, how could they face such a person?

The berserk beasts

They were afraid!

If this person in front of them was really that strong

This battle no longer held any significance.

However, at this time, no one expected for Thunder Kings body to actually begin to crack after Thunder Beasts death strange rune lines began to take shape.

Haha, he used up all his strength!

Three Eyes Beast saw it with one glance.

So, he could no longer persist.

Five Color Peacock was shocked.

Has he used up all his strength?

Violent Bear smirked.


Energy began to rise.

At that moment, nobody dared to move.

The berserk beasts were afraid of the consequences. Thats why they didnt dare to act.

The crowd anxiously watched the scene. While they had no time to celebrate Thunder Kings resurrection, this predecessor was going to disappear again?



Thunder Kings body turned virtual and was converted into energy particles before it gradually disintegrated into nothingness.

He was now hard to see because he was translucent.

However, a smile appeared on his face.

His lonely achievement and lucky escape from death by using soul separation caused him to forget his long-term goal. He had been overwhelmed with such greed that he even planned to take over his students body.

Fortunately, the emergence of king level beasts had awakened him, which reminded him of his previous self.


It was possible!

Taking over a body?

That was possible too!

But before all this, there was one thing he always had to remember

He was human!

Previously, he died while fighting with berserk beasts. Since the future of mankind couldnt be determined by oneself, why not pass the baton to the youngsters? Why not give these talented ones a chance? Perhaps

Among these geniuses, there would be one capable of bringing humanity to the next stage!

Im human...

Thunder King whispered to himself and his final smile was imprinted in everyones minds.

Time to end this!


Just like a star, he dissipated into thin air.

Thunder Kings body turned into countless energy particles and swept across the surroundings which then instantly covered all of Jianghe City. The entire city was like in a dream-like state, filled with these particles.

Origin solution This is origin solution!

Origin solution! Every espers body was filled with terrifying energy. This was especially true for professional espers. When an esper died, the energy would then dissipate as if nothing had ever existed.

However, there was a way to save them.

And that was none other than origin solution!

Origin solution would turn every bit of energy within the body into energy particles and any human who came into contact with the particles would experience a surge in energy! These particles were definitely more than enough to change the lives of countless people!

However, in this world, not many would resort to this.

After all, origin solution was something which was hard to master. One would only have the chance to understand it when one was at the professional esper realm. In addition, once this was used, the body would dissipate and there wouldnt be any chances for recovery!


Could one be reborn again?

Previously, maybe not.

But now with all the origin abilities born into this world and perhaps at some point in the future, it might not be impossible to reincarnate again! What if one could really be reborn?

Origin solution would eliminate any chance of this!

Therefore, unless one had strong willpower and great resolve, no one would resort to contributing origin solution which didnt seem to help oneself.

Thunder King!

He had done it!

Everyones body was trembling.

This was because they knew that with this origin solution from the Thunder King, the future of Jianghe City would change!

In a certain time in the future, the whole city would then be filled with geniuses which would change the future of humanity!


A figure fell from the sky.

It was none other than Zhou Wang!

Li Xin quickly jumped up and caught his body.

How is he? Chen Yiran asked.

Still alive.

Li Xin returned and put Zhou Wang on the back of a car. He had already placed another man there too and it was none other than the fainted Li Tiantian.

Everything was silent.

Thunder Beast was dead and such occasion was worth celebrating.

However, the death of the Thunder King casted a thick shadow over their hearts.

Was this all about a battle?

A battle between humanity and berserk beasts?

Even strong espers like him could fall too!


Thunder King died!

This meant that these three king level beasts had once again restored their fighting spirits.

The battle erupted once again!

At this moment, Su Hao looked so lonely on the wall as he sat there cross-legged.

This battle

Su Hao did not participate at all.

Could he really change the state of this battle?

Nobody knew!

Why did the beasts attack him?

Nobody knew why!

Everything seemed to resemble an unsolved mystery. The mystery would only be revealed after the end of the beast tide and Su Haos breakthrough.

Waves of energy once again erupted.

The aura of a professional esper once again began to reveal itself.

Su Haos legs, or to be precise, his entire lower body, finally began to complete the final step!



Su Haos body kept flashing non-stop. Somewhere in his body, it turned into countless energy particles before it soon reverted back to its original state.




Su Hao continued to repeat the process in madness!

It was because

He was awakened!

Even when he wasnt moving, he could clearly feel the movement outside! He had closed all his senses in order to achieve the breakthrough. However, as he was getting closer to professional esper realm, his strength had been silently increasing synchronous playback was activated without him knowing.


To be exact, he didnt activate it. It had changed!

He didnt need to activate it, and it didnt require any energy consumption!

As long as he stood within a circumference of a hundred meters, he would be able to automatically use all the energy particles in the surroundings and then automatically build a temporary synchronous playback model in his mind. 

Zhou Wangs master knew that.

During summer vacation, he once thought he would find the time to solve the matter about Zhou Wangs master and fight for a perfect ending. He would get rid of Zhou Wangs master while protecting Zhou Wang.

But never did he think that

The guy whom he always wanted to eradicate turned out to be the Vice President of Zhanzheng College!

A hero!

Plus, at the last moment, he actually sacrificed himself for the sake of humanity!

After taking such action, calling him a saint wouldnt even be an exaggeration!

Could it be because of the berserk beasts?

Su Haos heart was shaken by this.

Humanity and berserk beasts

What kind of situation had it escalated to that Thunder King resorted to this move?

Su Hao never believed in those who wanted to achieve immortality. If Thunder King wasnt in this situation, if the beast tide doesnt exist, Zhou Wang would definitely have been swallowed by his master.

But not now!

It wasnt just about Thunder King changing his mind. More importantly, was humanity at a disadvantage?

When he thought of this possibility, Su Hao trembled.

Humanity had always been at the top of food chain and berserk beasts were just treats. However, the current beast tide and Thunder Kings crazy move had convinced him of something. The current Federation

What kind of situation did it reach?


He must breakthrough!

Su Hao gritted his teeth!

At this moment, there must absolutely be no distractions!

Regardless of the conclusion between humanity or the berserk beasts, he did not have the luxury to experience either of these. Even if he was worried, he had to endure it. The most important thing to do now


Advance into becoming a professional esper!



The formula for the conversion was finally complete. All that was left was the deduction, the tests, and the final integration!

As long as he completed these steps, he would successfully breakthrough!

Three minutes!

At most, it would only take three minutes!

I must persist!

Su Hao shouted to himself in his heart.

No one could have imagined the kind of pressure he was shouldering right now. The beast tide was all because of him. One could even say that Thunder King had sacrificed himself to save Su Hao!

Under such conditions, how could he not feel pressured?