Godly Model Creator Chapter 481

Gmc Chapter 481

Chapter 481    The Brink of Desperation!

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All sorts of complicated emotions affected Su Hao. Under such situation, Su Hao had to force the usage of computers to keep his emotion in check to remain calm! Only by being calm could he analyze all the formulas! If he didnt do so, he would stumble and go crazy!

After all, he is only human.

Three minutes!

Could he hold on until then?

Of course, he could!

The invasion of four king level berserk beasts was definitely not one they expected. Even if the enemy had predicted that Zhang Yang might call for reinforcements, they would have never guessed the existence of Zhou Wangs master. Therefore, the fourth king level beast, Thunder Beast was definitely the final trump card of the beast!

Since this was the case, there shouldnt be any new king level beast appearing again.

As long as these three Federal Guardians could hold for three minutes, it would be over!




The battle came to a stalemate.

Based on this situation, not to say three minutes, even after thirty minutes, these beasts wouldnt be able to break free. This time, they have won the battle! As long as Su Hao completed his analysis, they would be relieved.

However, before they were able to get excited, a strange sound could be heard again!

That familiar sound instantly made them pale!

Could it be?!



In the sky, that bloody red space crack once again appeared.

There was still one more?


That remark was what appeared in their mind right now!

A fifth king level berserk beast?

Could this end any sooner?

Were king level beasts like cabbage, growing that easily?

Had these beasts taken the wrong medicine today? Such powerful beasts, yet so desperate to send over here. They were just an ordinary city!

All they could do was pray as they watched the space crack which was struggling to open! If the next one to appear wasnt a king level beast, they would still have a chance to live!

Hope that it isnt a fifth king level beast!

Everyone stared at the space crack in worry.



A black figure appeared from the space crack!

When they looked at it, their expression was like seeing a ghost.

Even the three Federal Guardians were shocked too.

Fifth king level beast?


This time, there were two at once!

A fifth and sixth king level beast!

A sharp whistling sound then began to travel to the surrounding.

Two black figures broke through the space crack and left behind a trail of black light.


They were the result of a mutation in some species of bird, and their talents were among the best within the berserk beasts.

Whether it was their wisdom or strength, they exceeded their peers by a large margin!

And now, these two were king level beasts!

A pair of pterosaurs. Were they the final trump card of the berserk beast?

These madmen! Why did they resort to such a move?


The pterosaurs opened their wings wide, and they were so huge that the entire view of the sky was nearly covered; once again, enveloping Jianghe City in darkness.

Without even attacking, these pterosaurs had revealed their might.


A screech of sadness!

As the pterosaurs saw the corpse of Thunder Beasts, they cried with sorrow! That terrifying aura emitted by them made the crowds heart skip a beat and retreated a few steps.

Those who were prepared to intercept these beasts suddenly halted.

Were they afraid?


Nobody was scared.

However, from the aura alone, they already barely could withstand it. If they tried to get closer, they might die without doing anything or even get close to the beasts.

How could they send themselves to death like that?



The two sharp from these two pterosaurs screeches were filled with anger.

With their wings wide opened, they dived straight toward Su Hao. One on the right and another on the left.

At this moment, the air seemed to have split in half by their dive!

Could Lan Tingxus defense withstand them?

Just when the crowd placed some hope on the defense.


A pterosaur quickly swiped over, and the space domain cracked.


Another wing slash from the other pterosaur.

These pair of black wings seemed to have become a terrifying weapon. Others were helpless against this space domain, but the space domain was like paper in front of these pair of wings.


The crowd could no longer watch this scene.

Damn it!

How strong were these two birds?!



Two black lines intertwined in mid-air.

Once again, the pterosaurs surrounded Su Hao and attacked again. Their speed was too fast that one could barely see their body.

Powerful auras locked on to Su Hao!

Am I going to die? Su Hao became depressed.

He had lost!

A total defeat!

Even if there were preparations, even if there were three Federal Guardians, these six king level beasts had wiped out the hope of humanity!

I am going to die!

Su Hao could feel the two dense murderous intents locking on to him.

And at this moment, nobody could help him!

Since the Federal Guardians were busy intercepting the other beasts, they had no luxury to save Su Hao.

Two minutes!

In just two minutes, he would breakthrough!

He has never been this close to being a professional esper!

What to do now?

Give up on his breakthrough and dodge?

Is that possible?

How could he escape from such speeds?

After all, they were two king-level beasts!

Use his Cycle World?

If it was an origin technique, perhaps he might try, but a physical attack? Wings? Su Hao was pretty sure that once he activated the Cycle World, he would be torn apart by the sharp wings!

His mind was thinking at the speed of electricity!

One often said that during the last moment of death, everything in their whole life would be played back in their minds like a movie.

And now, Su Haos mind was experiencing such an event.

Thinking was what humanity could achieve the fastest! It even surpasses any computer that can handle complex calculation! And now, Su Hao was thinking of a solution at an unbelievable speed!

At this moment, he had lost count of how many plans he had thought of and gotten rid of the next moment. Because no matter what plan he took, based on his analysis, he would only end up dying.

Was death the only way?

What a pity.

Su Hao was filled with regrets.

However, it was at this time that Su Hao felt a sudden chill from behind which was equivalent to a snowstorm.

When Su Hao had a closer look, his face changed!

Chen Yiran!

It turned out to be Chen Yiran!

When everyone dared not to make a move, Chen Yiran quietly came to his side. Without any hesitation, she made a move against these two pterosaurs, and the very move she made was Snowy Ice World which had the largest scale!

Endless show fell!

A strong chill surrounded Su Hao and Chen Yiran. She actually created a world of snow and ice around them.

Quickly! Get away from here! Su Hao cried in his heart.

At this moment, what was the use to send yourself to death?


Black figures had entered into the Ice Snowy World.

One could clearly see that the speed of these two winged beasts had slowed down!

They had slowed!

However, in just a short moment, they returned back to normal.

A moment of freezing didnt even last a full second.

Looking at the incoming beasts, Chen Yiran just calmly stood in front of Su Hao and revealed a trace of a smile. So what if it was less than a second, at least it had some effect right?

At this time, Su Hao finally knew what he had forgotten!

He knew that he only needed two more minutes, but other people didnt know that! All they knew was he could advance at any moment from the aura emitted from him.

Chen Yiran was trying to win some time for him!

This stupid girl!

Su Hao felt a sharp pain in his heart.

He wanted to be like the main character in an anime and make an instant breakthrough to kill the beasts in front of him, but he knew it was impossible!

At this point, even if he advanced, Chen Yiran would be dead!

Was this all worth it?

At the same time, a shout appeared from his side. When Su Hao shifted his vision to the other side, his mind was stunned!

This guy.


Dare to bully my boss!

This young master will eat pterosaur skewers today!

A figure blocked in front of Su Hao and without any hesitation, he threw his fist toward the beast in front of him! Nobody noticed that right now, there was a golden light flashing within Li Weis eyes.


A force which shocked everyone erupted from Li Xins hands.

Go and die!


This time, a one hundred times critical hit appeared!


Under everyones shocked gaze, the two pterosaurs were instantly launched away by this fist!

Chen Yirans Ice Snowy World had brought enough time, and the sudden outbreak of Li Xin had blasted these two birds away.

Is it over?



Two cries from the birds had dashed their hope once again.

Two black figures once again appeared without any injuries!

Li Xins strength was too weak after all!

So what if it was a one hundred times critical hit?

The gap between him and the beasts was miles apart!

The two pterosaurs were obviously angered!

As the pterosaurs flew around the sky, numerous black shadows appeared as feathers left their bodies. Soon, countless sharp feathers were floating around them.

With a cry, the black shadows pierced downward!