Godly Model Creator Chapter 482

Gmc Chapter 482

Chapter 482    Graceful like a goddess

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

So what if Li Xin could hit a critical strike with such an attack? Not to mention, Li Xin was lying on the ground like a dead dog now.

Boss, this time, there is nothing more I can do to help. Li Xin lied on the ground while gasping for air.

Chen Yiran sat beside with Su Hao and quietly accompanied him just like those great old times when they were in school. At least were together.

They lost.

Everyone was sad.

When they could clearly see that Su Hao was about to advance, they actually lost at such a critical moment!

Six king level beasts!

Everyone looked at the unfolding scene in front of them with an unwilling heart.

And now

The weather suddenly turned cold.

That chill once again appeared!

Chen Yiran

Could she be giving her final struggle?

When they looked up, they only saw Chen Yiran sitting quietly next to Su Hao, and she didnt seem like the one responsible for it.

If it wasnt Chen Yiran, who was it then?

Before the crowd had any idea who was it, the dark feathers were approaching these youngsters.

In less than a second


Those black feathers covered Su Hao and the others!


Just when the feathers were about to be in contact with them, an inexplicable chill broke out!

With snow falling, the flying feathers were strangely frozen and fell to the ground. They were all frozen in an instant!

Such an attack from king level beasts was actually frozen at this moment!

Human who?! A pterosaur roared and uttered an imperfect sentence. It didnt react by being impulsive because it could feel a terrifying aura.

Crisp footsteps could be heard.

Everyone was terrified.

These footsteps, should it be a human, would it signal another strong esper?

Outside the wall which was now covered in snow, a figure walked casually in the snow.

The moment one saw the figure, it was such a beauty.

The crowds sight was shifted. Even those Federal Guardians were looking over too. The moment when the shadow of a human figure appeared, their face had a huge change. However, nobody expected that the ones who turned pale the most were none other than those Federal Guardians!

Its you? Zhang Yang felt the tingling sensation on his scalp.

Youre still alive? Lan Tingxu looked at her in shock.

The graceful figure leisurely walked over here and proudly stood in front of the crowd.  As if a goddess had descended, that light blue dress of her stunned everyone.

In fact, Geng Rui almost shouted out her name aloud. Demon Girl, Su Wan!

This time, Su Hao had escaped from the pinch.

However, the three Federal Guardians face was still ugly.

It was as if compared to Su Hao being saved, Su Wan being alive was a much greater problem!

Why cant I be alive? Su Wan casually stepped forward.

The sound of snow falling to the ground in this world of ice and snow was very pleasant.



Countless black feathers in front of them instantly turned into ice crystal powder, and they disappeared into thin air.

The attack from two powerful king level beasts was demolished as if they were nothing.

The three Federal Guardians became extremely alarmed. Not only did they have to subdue these berserk beasts, they now had one more target to take care of, Su Wan! This Demon Girl, why did she appear here?

What was she planning to do?

Su Wan walked towards Su Hao.

Those three Federal Guardians instantly turned ugly and subconsciously shouted.

Stop her! The moment they shouted, they could only bitterly smile.

Stop her?

Who could stop her?

Stop her... 

Li Xin seemed to struggle to get up but was hit back by Chen Yiran, Stop getting up. She is my master.

Owh. Li Xin instantly went back to assume his lying position on the ground.

Compared to the Federal Guardians, he believed more in his teammates. But then again, he felt that he had seen her before She seemed familiar to a teacher in school.

Since his brain was made with a lump of paste, Li Xin no longer thought any further of it.

As Su Wan approached them, she smiled at her disciple and then shifted her gaze at Su Hao. Her expression was filled with deep thought and feeling of missing someone. After a moment, then only she voiced out. One more minute!

What did she mean by that?

The crowd was shocked.

Instantly, they understood her meaning.

What she was talking about was none other than breakthrough!

Su Hao only had a minute left to complete it!

Those words of her instantly ignited the battle. Every berserk beast immediately attacked toward this direction. However, those three Federal Guardians insisted on keeping these beasts at bay.

By now, all they could do was to believe in Su Wan!

Two light rays flashed.

Chen Yiran and Li Xin were both send away by Su Wan.

Above the wall, there was only Su Hao and Su Wan!

These two winged beasts finally broke free from the snow, and they rushed towards Su Hao with a loud roar. However, when they dived down, all they could see was endless ice crystals!



These ice crystals had blocked their path!

The pterosaurs felt a chill all over their body as they charged towards these ice crystals and it was as if they had been frozen.


These two pterosaurs were obviously angered.

Looking at Su Wan, who stood in front of Su Hao, they screamed once again. Realizing they werent able to match her, these two pterosaurs then stared at one another. Instantly, they began to fly in the sky with a path of black and purple light rays merging together.

When the light rays were no longer illuminated, a huge figure appeared in front of their sight.

The two pterosaurs had fused together?

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Damn you!

So it wasnt just humanity having all sort of strange ability talent. Even berserk beasts were this extreme too. These beasts actually could fuse together?

However, what kind of fusion was this?


When they fused together, they actually turned into a humanoid form, like those heroes in movies wearing purple, black armor.

If these pterosaurs were stronger than the previous king level beasts, then the current fused beast would be at least ten times stronger!

Could it be that they had used some forbidden technique to kill Su Hao? So, the berserk beasts would rather sacrifice the future of two powerful king level beasts?

Were these beasts insane?


The pterosaur had moved!

It instantly vanished and appeared near Su Hao with its iron fist directed downward.


An ice crystal mirror appeared.

The path of this pterosaur was once again blocked, and its punch landed on the mirror. The expected scene of the mirror breaking into numerous fragments didnt occur.

The iron fist was as if had landed on a pot of warm water. That softness had neutralized its attack completely.


This pot of water instantly froze, freezing the pterosaur and turning it into a huge mass of ice crystal and trapped it alive!

However, it quickly spread its wings and instantly shattered the ice crystals.


Its speed once again increased!

Turning into a stream of black lines, it dashed toward Su Hao.

Cold light flashed within Su Wans hands as she raised them slightly.


The earth shook!

As one could sense a terrifying energy fluctuation, the surrounding crowd vomited blood as they couldnt withstand it.

When they looked over the wall again, they were stunned with the scene. Su Wan was still standing in front of Su Hao, but there was a huge iceberg in front of them!

Thats right, iceberg!

It wasnt an origin technique!

Or any special move!

It was just a simple move using her ability talent!

The huge iceberg instantly blocked the pterosaur. That huge iceberg was like a huge barrier, separating the world into two! The impact of the pterosaur as it collided with the iceberg produced a huge hole, but it was nothing compared to the scale of an iceberg.

Also, the hole was instantly fixed.


The pterosaur was angered again!

Even though it wasnt a human, it couldnt understand the act of Su Wan.

Why did she do this?

Although she had protected Su Hao, at the same time, the three Federal Guardians were left outside from the iceberg. If the pterosaur cooperates with its comrades, they would most likely be able to kill the Federal Guardians. If the pterosaur attacked the Federal Guardians, would the iceberg be removed?

In the mind of this beast, it had thought of a wonderful plan.

The pterosaur began to attack the Federal Guardians.

However, the iceberg was still standing tall and motionless!

She didnt even bother with the lives of these three Federal Guardians!

The three Federal Guardians looked at each other, and they could only bitterly smile. Although they didnt know why Su Wan would help them, they had never been on the same path as Su Wan!



The pterosaur once again changed its target back to the iceberg.

What was the use of killing these several Federal Guardians? They had paid a huge price with a total of six king level beasts. With so much energy being consumed, all they could achieve was killing these Federal Guardians?

Their goal had always been Su Hao!



The pterosaur used all the origin techniques it knew and blasted them towards the iceberg.