Godly Model Creator Chapter 483

Gmc Chapter 483

Chapter 483    Its you?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Each attack from the pterosaur caused the entire city to shake.

The crowd was dumbfounded. Thankfully, Su Wans iceberg was there to block the attack.

If that werent the case, this beast would likely destroy Jianghe City in a single blow.

Too terrifying!

How strong was this pterosaur?

Nobody knew!

However, for two king-level beasts to fuse together, what kind of joke is this?

If Su Wan were to confront them, she wouldnt pale in comparison. However, her job was to protect!

With her right hand lifted up, endless energy began to emit from her hand. Su Wan silently maintained the iceberg and blocked any attack directed at Su Hao.



The iceberg would crumble and instantly recover.

The pterosaur flew up several times and couldnt even see the end of the iceberg. It was an iceberg with no end!

However, nobody noticed that there were traces of blood at the corner of Su Wans mouth. With her strength, she had to withstand attacks from two king-level beasts that had merged together.

After all, that was too forced!


Su Wan instantly evaporated the blood without leaving a trace.

Nobody noticed it.

With her indifferent expression, she stood in front of Su Hao like a monument!

There were 30 more seconds!

She had to persist to the end!

However, she didnt know that there was a person who was aware of everything around him although he couldnt move and had his senses all sealed.

Su Hao saw it!

He saw the trace of blood

He saw Su Wans determination, and also the other side of this teacher!

Why? Su Hao felt strange regarding this.

When he first saw Su Wan as a gorgeous teacher, he already knew Su Wans identity was definitely not normal. In fact, Su Wans strength was much stronger than these three Federal Guardians.

In fact, they were afraid of her!

Such a strong esper was willing to bear all the pain for him?

A saint?

Having Thunder King alone was more than enough!

That was only the case due to the situation here that Thunder King couldnt survive.

What about Su Wan?

Su Hao had only been in contact with her a few times.

Su Wan was definitely not a saint. When the iceberg appeared, whether or not the beast would make a move, she had given up on the three Federal Guardians!

Was everything done just for him?

Personal matters?


It only proved that Su Wan prioritized him too much.


Su Haos mind was madly analyzing the situation.

Thinking of what Su Wan had done, she seemed to have been toying around with him. However, she would actually help him; such as receiving Chen Yiran as a disciple. Countless images flashed within his mind. Such a strong esper, but why was she in Jianghe City and who is she?

Numerous questions popped out in his mind.

Su Wan

Su Wan

Su Hao



As he was in deep thought, his whole body had already finished converting from a model state to reality. It was now at the final stage of mastering the Origin Avatar!

Ten more seconds to go!



The aura of a professional esper began to condense even more.


The aura emitted from Su Haos body became much stronger!

And it was still climbing at this second!


Origin Avatar!


All the deductions were completed!

Light illuminated from all over his body as the energy shined. Su Hao was now at the final breakthrough! The energy within his body changed, and his model analysis became even clearer!

At this moment, within the model world, everything was in a state of confusion.

Professional esper.

The route of this ability talent!

However, what kind of path would that be?

Nobody could explain it clearly.



Within the void, numerous strange powers scoured themselves!

At this moment, Su Hao could clearly feel an unbelievable force entering his body and his ability talent experiencing an essential transformation.



With a loud bang, the time seemed to freeze.

The strength of professional esper was still changing.

With the gradual increment in the strength of his ability talent, all the information within his mind which had been hidden in a deeper core and the scenes which he was not aware of began to appear.

What was his childhood like?

Who could remember?

Su Hao couldnt remember.

The earliest memory he had seemed to be around three to four years old which he had a happy meal with his family and nothing else.


The scene flashed.

As his model analysis was evolving, the images in Su Haos mind began to rewind.

His high school struggle

His days in junior high school

His mischievous days in primary school

His family reunion

The time seemed to have reverted to the past!

It had even gone back to his time as a baby. However, the appearance of a scene shocked him.

It was during a heavy snowfall.

The world was in desolate times.

Su Tiancheng, his father with a young look, was a little tired. Walking through the snow was a young girl around seven to eight years old beside him running with a baby in her arms.

The little girl looked fragile, but she wasnt afraid of the cold.

Instead, she looked delighted playing with the baby in her arms with her tiny fingers, Su Hao, you have to remember me. I am Su Wan. In the future, when you grow up, you have to call me Little Aunt. Hehe, did you hear me?


Su Hao felt thunder clapping beside his ears.

As his whole body trembled, the model world instantly collapsed and his real memory finally returned.

At this moment, he finally recalled everything!

As he stepped into the professional realm, the memory as a baby which shouldnt be possessed by anyone actually returned to him!

Little Aunt... Su Hao muttered to himself many times.

No wonder she was willing to help him so much.

No wonder she would rather get herself injured to protect him.

So, she was his real blood aunt?

You have to remember. Im Su Wan, your Little Aunt~ That little girl said in a cheerful tone.

The snow fell on the baby.

As if little Su Hao was caught in cold of the snow, he began to cry.

A warm little hand stretched out and covered the baby. When snow fell onto her hand, it seemed like there was some kind of force which would pull away the snow.

There was no more snow on the babys body.

Yaa yaa~ The babys eyes were huge. With his little chubby hand, he grabbed the girls hand while smiling.

Hehe, good little Su Hao. With Little Aunt here, nobody will be able to bully you. Yea not even snow! The little girl sweetly smiled.

That scene seemed to have frozen at this moment.


More and more memories began to emerge, and memories related to Su Wan arrived. The model world kept changing as all sort of memories appeared.

However, it was that scene that he would never forget!

Little Aunt... Even Su Hao himself didnt notice that in reality, his tears began to fall silently.

A teardrop fell.

In the world of ice and snow, before it landed on the ground, it had already turned into an ice crystal.


The ice crystal landed on the ground.

This sound caught everyone by surprise.

In the end, what had happened?



The pterosaur was still madly attacking the iceberg.

Su Wan was still insisting on maintaining this iceberg. However, she was getting weaker and weaker.

At this moment, the crowd finally noticed her trembling hand. She was about to collapse!

Everyones heart skipped a beat.

After all, that was the combined attack of two king-level beasts fusing together!

Su Wan was still insisting.

Just like that little girl in Su Haos memory, she would protect him even at the cost of her life.

The final three seconds!


The huge iceberg was once again bombarded!

However, compared to before, the huge pit didnt heal like last time.

The final 2 seconds!


The angry pterosaur once again attacked the same spot! Its mighty strength nearly penetrated the whole iceberg!

The final second!


The iceberg collapsed!

It turned into huge chunks of ice.

That absolute iceberg defense was finally defeated!

Screechh! The pterosaur yelled!

It rushed forward again!

This time, there was nothing to block its path!

What about Su Wan?

The crowd looked at her, and their hearts went cold. Su Wans body was launched away during the destruction of the iceberg.

Leaving a trail of blood in mid-air, she could no longer hold on. But she did not seem to notice the pain enveloping her whole body.

Su Wan subconsciously shifted her head and looked elsewhere.

Su Hao, did he succeed?

Su Hao?


The pterosaur swept across and the final part of the wall instantly collapsed.



The wall which had persisted from the start of the beast tide finally collapsed!


Everyone stopped their actions and looked at the ruined walls.

Su Hao, did he die?

A breeze began to blow.

The sky brightened up as the clouds were cleared away.

Within the ruins, a figure was holding Su Wan and firmly stood on top of the ruins. As if he wasnt bothered with the beasts, he gently used one hand to wipe away the blood on the corner of Su Wans mouth.

Little Aunt Its you?