Godly Model Creator Chapter 484

Gmc Chapter 484

Chapter 484    Pseudo Invincible

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Outside Jianghe City.

It was a land full of ruins.

With those attacks from the pterosaur, all the wall segments at the main gate had been obliterated.

On top of the ruins, the appearance of a young figure had allowed the crowd to have a sigh of relief.

Su Hao, he was still alive!

The crowd began to get excited. The city wall had been destroyed, but Su Hao could still easily escape from any mishap. Did this mean that Su Hao had successfully broken through?! Previously, while still in the specialized realm, Su Hao could already defeat Bai Feng. After an increase in strength, what was his actual strength now?

Nobody knew!

The crowd looked at Su Hao in anticipation. The smoke had long been dispersed.

However, when everyone could see him clearly, they didnt expect him to utter such a sentence at this moment which caught them off guard.

Little Aunt Its you?

The crowd was stunned.

What did he mean by that?

At this moment, they then noticed that Su Hao didnt even place those surrounding berserk beasts in his eyes. Instead, all his attention was on Su Wan with a bright look.

Heh. Su Wan smiled.

With a hint of a smile at the corner of her lips, she was very touched right now.

Gradually raised her head up, Su Wan came closer to Su Hao and gently touched Su Haos face, I knew You would surely remember me one day.

Su Hao sighed as he held her tightly.

So the reason she remained in Jianghe City...

Was it all to protect him?

She protected him in the dark without his knowledge!

A girl in twenties is at her peak.  But all his aunt cared about was silently protecting him from afar. Thinking of this, Su Hao felt his heart ached.

Looking at his aunts expression, Su Hao revealed a strange look which was complicated.

At this moment...


The atmosphere at the scene right now was so silent that a drop of hair could be heard!

This dramatic scene had shocked everyone.

Hold on!

What did these sentences mean?

Su Wan turned out to be Su Haos blood-related aunt?


This powerful young lady, who had scared off countless people and had formidable strength above the Federal Guardians, was actually Su Haos aunt?

Everyone was shocked by this fact!

Even Chen Yiran herself was surprised that she subconsciously covered her mouth with her palms.

Damn, boss background is no joke... Li Xin murmured to himself, If my dad is this strong, I would have long been rampaging around!

Of course, Li Xin didnt notice that after he said this, Li Wei who was not far away had black lines on his forehead and subconsciously clenched his fists.

The ones who reacted the most were none other than those three Federal Guardians!

The moment when the words Little Aunt were heard, one could see their hand trembled for a bit. Su Hao Su Wan Damn it!

Does this mean that...

Su Hao was Su Tianchengs son?


The Federal Guardians could instantly feel cold sweat on their backs. That madmans son!!!

Who was Su Tiancheng?

Perhaps other might not be clear of this.

However, every Federal Guardian clearly remembered this character because Su Tiancheng was a complete madman! He defected away from the Su family who had a high position in the Federation and gave up his position as a Federal Guardian. But he also planned to destroy the world. If not for him falling into some unknown event, perhaps the Federation might not even be here today!

He was a complete lunatic!

However, the reason all the Federal Guardians would remember him was because Su Tiancheng was the first generation of the Federal Guardians!

Well, at least Su Hao is totally different from his father. Isnt it? Zhang Yang said to himself.

They had seen Su Haos information before.

Su Tianchen was clearly written as the name of his father in the profile. However, nobody had ever connected this madman to a small city like Jianghe City, or ordinary people like Li Xiaoru and Su Hao together. With so many people in this world with same names, who would bother with this petty matter?

Hold on...

If Su Hao was Su Tianchengs son...

Zhang Yang finally understood the mystery.

No wonder the berserk beasts acted this crazy!

No wonder the berserk beasts wanted to kill Su Hao no matter at what cost!

During those days, this madman was a total freak. The current Federation was able to control such a huge territory was because of Su Tiancheng rampaging in the beast domain, spilling blood all over the forest!

How many millions of strong beasts had he killed by himself?


A loud scream once again could be heard.

The pterosaur spread its wings and stared at the current Su Hao with strong killing intent.

Its task had failed!

These few king level beasts tasks were none other than to kill Su Hao!

To prevent him from breaking through into a professional esper!

However, he had broken through!

What made these beasts scared was there was nothing stated what would happen to them if they failed this task. Still, was this task really a failure?


The pterosaur looked furious.

They were after all the top guns of the younger generation. How could they fail in such a simple task?

So what if Su Hao had broken through?

What type of joke is this?

They were still king level beasts!

Were they characters that a level one professional esper could defeat?

So what if he had advanced?

As long as they killed him, everything would still be the same!

When the pterosaur thought of this, it began to emit its murderous intent once again. Flying up to the sky, it locked onto Su Haos figure!

The crowds heart instantly skipped a beat!

But Su Hao did not take notice of this beast, and he was still as calm as always.

Gently put off Su Wan, he then supported her. While looking at this beauty, Su Hao then whispered, Do I look like my dad during his younger days?

Yes! Su Wans face was brimming with a smile.

As Su Wan finished speaking, her brows twitched but her eyes were still showing the same expression. However, Su Hao could still clearly notice that Su Wans body had been overexerted.

She was still in her battle mode!

As long as the berserk beasts werent eradicated, how could she relax?

The moment she felt the killing intent from the pterosaur, she actually attempted to struggle and get up by herself.

Aunt! Su Hao persuaded her, Just leave this to me!

Huh? Su Wan stared blankly. 

Little brat. As Su Hao said so, an energy fluctuation occurred in thin air, and the blue dream butterfly quietly appeared and grabbed Su Wan, Bring my aunt over there.

Alright. Blue dream butterfly nodded.


She then brought Su Wan away.

Although the city wall had collapsed, the inner part of the city was still a safe place.

Su Wan had left the scene.

Only Su Hao remained!

Blue dream butterfly believed in Su Hao wholeheartedly but what about everyone else? When the crowd witnessed this scene, their hearts were alarmed. Su Hao actually wanted to confront this beast by himself?

That was still a king level beast!

It was equivalent to a peak professional esper!

Not to mention, this pterosaur was a fusion of two pterosaurs which was much stronger than any ordinary peak professional esper!

Su Hao, who was just a level one professional esper, could he achieve victory?



Without any hesitation like those crowd, Su Hao slowly stepped forward towards the pterosaur.


The pterosaur was mad.

Obviously, it was angered by Su Haos indifferent attitude.

Since when could a level one professional esper act like this towards them, king level beasts? Even a Federal Guardian did not dare to act this way.


The sky once again descended into darkness.

The black energy which covered the sun condensed into the pterosaur and the sky was restored back to normal.

The dark energy which surrounded the pterosaur was aimed at Su Hao. With a snap, its body vanished.


A black figure traveled at a speed as if it could penetrate space!

It was even faster than when it fought against Su Wan!


Almost instantly, the black figure appeared in front of Su Hao.


Su Haos body was instantly swept through on the spot!

The camera seemed to have slowed down at this moment. The pterosaurs wings cut through Su Haos body and destroyed him into nothingness.

The strength was a king level beast was very domineering!



The pterosaur screamed with excitement as it thought that it had completed its task. However, it quickly felt something was amiss.


The pterosaurs eyes opened wide as it turned its head around. It was shocking to see that Su Hao was still there and slowly took walked forward.

How can it be!

The pterosaur felt this was unbelievable.

Origin Avatar?


Since when could the gap between a level one professional esper and king level beast be shortened with an Origin Avatar?

How did he escape from its attack?


Another angry scream could be heard.

The pterosaur once again rushed towards Su Hao.


Su Hao once again received the incoming attack head-on.

However, when the pterosaur looked back, it still saw Su Haos calm figure, taking his steps forward.


Not just the pterosaur, even everyone was stunned.

He was safe and sound!

The attack from this pterosaur actually caused no harm to Su Hao!

How can this be?!

Level one professional esper?

Can you stop teasing me?

Such strength might even be even above the standard of a Federal Guardian! After Su Hao broke through, he actually became this powerful? Was this the reason berserk beasts were so desperate to stop him from advancing?

Everyone stared at that figure.

Inexplicably, they felt a sense of awe.



The pterosaur was mad.



Countless amount of dark energy was gathered.

With all sort of efforts coming from the pterosaur, all ended up with fruitless results. Su Hao was still not suffering from an injury.

Su Hao was still walking forward at a slow pace.

One meter!

Two meters!

Three meters!

Su Hao was calculating in his heart.

The energy in his body was moving in an excited state. Su Hao didnt bother with that; instead, he walked based on the path he saw in the model. The attacks from the pterosaur right now was just a joke to him; at least, while he was still in this state.


A dark figure attacked him.

Su Haos figure gently shook and instantly turned into countless energy particles.

Origin Avatar!

Sure enough, he had activated his Origin Avatar at this moment!

However, could the Origin Avatar actually block the dark energy from the pterosaur?


Su Haos body made a slight movement.

Of course, this slight change was not detected by anyone.