Godly Model Creator Chapter 485

Gmc Chapter 485

Chapter 485    Energy Ocean

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The dark energy passed by.

Su Hao was once again blasted by the energy head on.

Did he die?

How could it be?!

In the model world, Su Hao watched this scene calmly. With a foot stepped forward, the energy particles in the real world condensed even more!

Perfectly invincible!



Countless amounts of black energy were sent towards him.

Su Haos figure flickered for a bit.

In the model world, new models kept appearing and they were all character models! Each and every character model was a model of himself; compared with real-life Su Hao, they were exactly the same. When the black energy hit him, Su Hao would instantly replace himself with one of his character models.

This change was the most powerful change after his breakthrough into the professional realm.

He could now enter the model world at any moment!

In the past, he could observe the state of the model world. However, it was ultimately only his consciousness entering the world. To enter the model world with his own body was impossible.

After all, reality was reality and a model was a model.

But after his breakthrough, his ability talent had transformed. Coupled with the complete mastery of the Origin Avatar, his entire body had been converted into some sort of special energy particles which could be integrated into the model world. When he used a character model, he would be able to use it as a substitute for himself.

One could call this the discovery of Su Haos breakthrough into the professional realm.

This origin technique was called Death Substitute!



More and more black energy was launched at him.

Su Hao casually strolled through them as usual. Looking at the pterosaur crazily launching its attack, he revealed a smirk at the corner of his mouth. Illusion Reality gave him a slight advantage as he was able to predict this beasts next actions, allowing him to substitute his body ahead of time!

And then, he would successfully hide in the model world!

In reality, what received the attack head-on was the model itself.

There was once when Su Hao thought of this problem. If he was given endless energy, would he be invincible?

And now, he did it!

The surrounding people were already dumbfounded.

It might be fine if it was done once or twice, but having done this countless times destroyed the crowds understanding. Could one really be invincible after achieving Origin Avatar?

A few professional espers bitterly smiled.

If they could really become invincible, they would have stepped forward earlier!

The attacks from king level beasts were something that energy would not be able to counter that easily. They really couldnt understand how Su Hao made these attacks invalid!

The beasts that tried to stop Su Hao from breaking through was the truth.

However, the crowd still didnt understand why they did so. Now, looking at Su Haos current state, they began to have some idea. Such abnormal strength!

Anyone who knew this would happen would want to destroy him too!

Isnt this a cheat?!



The ground outside the city was now a huge pit.

And just like before, Su Hao was still fine!

Su Hao was still walking towards the point he established. Completely disregarding the pterosaur, in his eyes, all he was paying attention to was a certain coordinate pinpointed in the model world.

Whats the situation here?

Dont know...

Although I am not sure how Su Hao got this powerful, the aura he is emitting, without a doubt, belongs to a professional esper. Could it be he is using some sort of forbidden technique?

Your familys forbidden technique is this powerful?

The crowd began a heated discussion.

Su Haos current state was actually strange.

Was he strong?


To be able to stay injury free under the bombardment of this pterosaur already proved his might. However, if he was truly powerful, why did Su Hao not go and kill the pterosaur right now?

What was he waiting for?

Obviously, something wasnt right.

Especially that movement of Su Hao, one step at a time. He seemed mighty by doing so, but the distance which was easily traveled now looked distant.

Su Hao, what was he trying to do?

Everyone looked at him in worry.

After countless attacks, the pterosaur finally felt something was amiss!

King level beasts had their own wisdom too. They werent retarded. The reason it madly attacked Su Hao was to exhaust him!

No matter how strong he had gotten, Su Hao was still a level one professional esper!

Wouldnt this matter be resolved the moment his energy depleted?

The consumption of energy from using the Origin Avatar was nothing to be looked down on!

However, it was all in vain.

In these ten seconds, how many times had it attacked?

It had lost count!

However, Su Hao wasnt even a tiny bit affected!

Finally, for the first time, this man had brought the pterosaur some shock. Did this man have infinite energy?

Screechh! The pterosaur screamed.

Since it had failed in its attempt to waste Su Haos energy, it began to change its pattern of attacking Su Hao.




More and more origin techniques were displayed. Once again, the power of a king level beast was demonstrated to the crowd. They were worried at first when Su Hao first received these attacks, but soon they turned numb to it.

Oh, hes fine.

Huh, still fine.

Hmm, this origin technique is pretty nice to look at.

If the pterosaur heard this, it might have vomited its blood.

Since when did attacks from king level beasts become a performance? Besides, it was these nobody specialized espers who talked about it in such a manner. But it was the truth.

No matter how it attacked, Su Hao wasnt affected at all.

After it kept attacking, the pterosaur began to feel terrified. What had happened to this human? Forget about him being invincible in the Origin Avatar state; his energy seemed to be limitless!

As for this, Su Hao only smirked.

It wasnt a joke!

Under this state, if his energy were exhausted, then that would be funny!



Nobody noticed the changes in Su Haos body included the additional existence of an energy ocean.

The reason Su Hao didnt rush nor evade was not because he didnt want to do so, but because he couldnt!!!

In addition to replacing himself with a model, he didnt dare to make any extreme movements. He carefully took each step or else he might get into trouble. It was during the process of him advancing into the professional realm that he had suddenly gotten inspiration and decided to take this crazy move!



In the Cycle World, many strange energies were flowing.

Here was Su Haos perfect world to be used as a defense against attacks. He could store the opponents attacks and then reflect them. The whole world now was as empty as the cosmic sky with a circular channel with no limit.

This was the fundamental change in Su Haos strength!

Su Haos combat effectiveness had increased to another level because of the existence of the Cycle World.

But now, it was full!

Yes, it was full now!

This spacious, limitless world was actually full!

This energy kept rotating in a loop on the designated orbit.

Su Hao couldnt move.

He dared not do so.

Because each time he moved slightly, the strange energies would shake and almost destroy the edge of the world. If it werent for the lack of gravity here, this energy would definitely destroy Su Hao, leaving nothing behind!

Even Su Hao wasnt sure whether collecting this energy within his body would pay off!

But at the moment, he could only resort to this method!

The moment he broke through into a professional esper, all sorts of strange energies began to appear. It was similar to the time when Su Hao advanced into a specialized esper. However, this time, the effect was even more obvious.

At that time, Su Hao suddenly thought of something. What if he left them in his body?

What would happen?

Then Su Hao tried to link the Cycle World with this energy by making use of his internal force to transfer the energy into this world, causing a disaster to occur!

This energy seemed to be forcibly changing within Su Haos body!

When Su Hao tried to store the energy into his body, it was too much that it nearly blasted him into pieces. Luckily Su Hao closed this link in time or else

He would be the first to explode and die while breaking through into a professional esper!

It was too fast that he could hardly respond!

At that moment, Su Haos Cycle World had reached the maximum capacity.

After closing the link, the strange energy then began to change Su Haos body into professional esper and then vanished into thin air.

The problem now was the unstable energy in the world now.

The only thing that would work now was using internal force.

However, his two units of internal force were too little to control the energy.

When he saved Su Wan, the energy started becoming active and unstable.

There was a moment when the Cycle World nearly collapsed!

At that time, Su Hao knew that he had done something crazy! If he didnt handle this well and let this energy explode, the consequences would be unimaginable!



Su Hao glimpsed at the pterosaur. From the beginning till the end, they had brought great difficulties to Su Hao!

He nearly detonated the Cycle World!

He really wished to tell this idiot beast that if he were killed in the process, there would be nobody surviving within a 100-mile radius!



More and more replacement models appeared.

The energy within Su Haos body was almost limitless. Each time when his gas was empty, he would release a hint of the strange energy and the energy within his body would be full again.

At this moment, he was in a pseudo invincible state!