Godly Model Creator Chapter 486

Gmc Chapter 486

Chapter 486    Absolute Light!

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A stream of endless data overflowed.

The model world was being deduced at an insane speed and the thousands of computers in his mind were computing non-stop at maximum load. When the lack of energy problem wasnt hindering him, there were no delays in Su Haos operations.

He couldnt handle the process?

Then he just had to create more computers!

As long as he had unlimited energy, he could have anything he wanted!

His breakthrough into the professional realm.

The changes that occurred with his ability talent.

Whether it was the Temporary Model World, Cycle World, Permanent Model World or even Mirror Image World, everything...

They had all changed.

Was it a crazy move to introduce this strange energy into the Cycle World?

Of course!

And now, Su Hao was planning to make an even crazier move!


Su Haos eyes lit up as he had reached the coordinate he was aiming for. Looking around, Su Hao had even shocked the pterosaur.

At this time...

What was he planning to do?

Everyones line of sight including all humans and beasts was on Su Hao. Even those Federal Guardians and king level beasts werent an exception. This was all because they knew Su Hao was the very reason for this beast tide.

From the beginning until this moment, he had always been the main character of this event.

Su Hao slightly raised his hand.


Everyone was eagerly waiting for his next action. Was he finally ready now? After breaking through into becoming a professional esper, his defense was literally invincible. What about his offense then?

Strangely enough, these several king level beasts were actually afraid.


With his right palm touching the ground, Su Hao clearly uttered two words out.

World Model!


A terrifying yet unbelievable energy fluctuation rapidly spread to the surroundings and everyone was enveloped by this fluctuation in an instant without differentiating friend or foe.

In the very next second, a dazzling light bloomed!

Everyone was instantly covered in it!



Wave after wave of terrifying energy swept across everyone.

Federal Guardians...

Berserk beasts...

The crowd behind Su Hao...

This was a non-discriminatory attack!

Not good!

Defense up!


Those king level beasts thought that things werent looking good so they quickly activated their defenses. The three Federal Guardians also responded quickly with their own defense techniques. Meanwhile, on the other side of the city wall ruins, Chen Yiran, Su Wan, and others just waited in silence.

No matter what, they had total trust in Su Hao.



Almost instantly...

The light vanished and everyones sight was restored.

Su Haos attack seemed to be powerful but it only lasted for a few moments. Those king level beasts then noticed that their defense was ineffective...

Not ineffective, but to be precise, there wasnt any attack at all.

This was also true for those Federal Guardians.

Looking at those on the other side that were affected, they were still sound and fine. These people immediately realized what Su Hao was doing...

There wasnt any harm!

However, it was precisely because of this reason that the expression on these berserk beasts changed.

In this era of origin ability...

There were all sorts of origin abilities. All kinds of strange and powerful origin techniques were born into this world. However, origin techniques which brought no harm were the worst! Because they didnt cause harm, it would be hard to counter them.

Such a grand scale move...

Was Su Hao just shooting off some fireworks?

Of course not!

Nothing changed in the surroundings.

The crowd was still standing there like before. Nothing else changed a single bit. However, they still felt that something wasnt right.


Violent Bear suddenly thought of something and looked up at the sky, Sun Where is the sun?


Instantly, everyone looked up.

They were instantly stunned!


It had disappeared!

Did his origin technique just now actually make the sun vanish?

F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!

How could this be?

Everyone looked at Su Hao in shock.


Su Hao himself was shocked too. Looking at the empty sun, he showed a hint of embarrassment, Aiyaya, my hand just slipped a bit. Hold on for a moment.


Su Hao pointed toward the sky and a sun appeared from thin air!

It was now clearly visible.

A red light condensed itself and gave birth to a sun.

The scorching heat could finally be felt and the environment eventually returned to normal. The reason why they felt it was strange was because of the absence of the temperature factor from earlier.

But now...

Nobody felt warm!

This was true, especially for those several king level beasts. Obviously, everything had returned to normal like before, but now they could feel the cold sweat all over their bodies!

Just now...

What had actually happened?!

Did Su Hao just make a sun vanish and then replaced it?

Covering the sun?

This was no joke!

If he really covered up the sun, then it would be easier to understand. However, those beasts werent fools. Everyone clearly saw that the sun had actually disappeared!


The sound of cold sweat hitting the ground could be heard.

These berserk beasts dared not move.

The more intelligent a beast was, the more complicated it would react in such a situation. If you were just any brainless, low level beast, you would just charge forward without much thought! Those that were king level literally had the same amount of wisdom as any normal human.

What happened?

It was Zhang Yangs voice.

Not only did the beasts dare not move, even those Federal Guardians were afraid to do so.

They were afraid of accidentally activating some trap. After years of being on the frontlines, they had seen all sorts of origin techniques. But something like Su Haos...

They had never seen it!

Model analysis?

World Model?

What was this?

Was this something that Su Hao created again?

Ah, sorry Senior Zhang.

Su Hao smiled, Im still not used to it yet. Just wait for a minute.



Su Hao raised a finger and waved it in the air.


Zhang Yang felt a shock in the surroundings.

In the next second, he felt himself moving!

Was he being moved?

Zhang Yang looked down.


It wasnt!

It was actually the ground under him that was moving. To be precise, everything within five meters around him from the ground all the way to the sky were moving!



Zhang Yang instantaneously appeared on the other side of the city wall ruins.

Su Hao continued to control everything with both hands.

At the same time, Lan Tingxu and Geng Rui followed along and they reached the other side after a couple of breaths.

These three were stunned!

Even those who were originally on the other side were at a loss!


This was too strange!

These three showed up here, but the land under their feet and the surroundings were out of tune with where they were at now. It was as if three foreign cubes had appeared here.

It was clearly different.

Even Zhang Yang and others did not dare to move.

Was this some sort of space division?

Or something else...

In his memory, it seemed like Lan Tingxus space division could do the same thing but the edge of the space might be dangerous. Who dared to touch it?

Great... Su Hao commented.



The space surrounding the three Federal Guardians was instantly wiped off. Now everything returned to normal and blended well with the environment

It was as if Su Hao had just removed the space.

On the other side of the city wall ruins...

There were quite a number of people here. Most of them were either engaged in battle or injured. What was Su Hao trying to do by moving them here?

Before anyone could respond...


Su Hao raised his right hand slightly.

A silent blue screen appeared and blocked everyone behind him! The emergence of this screen had split those king level beasts and humans.


Su Hao turned around and looked at the crowd with a smile, Now everything is fine Uh, well, Im not that used to this yet.

Everyone: ...

At this moment, Zhang Yang and others, how could they not understand the meaning behind Su Haos words? He was planning to fight those king beasts by himself!

This madman!

Su Hao!

Zhang Yang stood up with a bitter smile. Since when did a Federal Guardian require others to protect them?

Remove the barrier!

Geng Rui smirked, Little brat, though I dont know what kind of origin technique you learned, you wont be able to imagine the might of these king level beasts. I have seen so many talents that died due to ignorance. What kind of qualification do you have to be able to face these five king level beasts?!

Plus, I, as Fire God, dont need a little brat for protection! Geng Rui coldly said.

His voice was abnormally firm.

He was supposed to protect others. If he was protected by some brat, then when this news got out, how could he keep his face? Plus, if Su Hao were to encounter some unexpected accident...

Then all their efforts would be in vain!


Su Hao shook his head and smiled, Rest assured, seniors. Im not protecting you guys.

Zhang Yang and others then sighed in relief.

Now this was right...

If they had to receive protection as Federal Guardians from a student who just became a professional esper, they would lose all their face afterwards. However, before they were able to feel comfortable, the following words from Su Hao instantly triggered a changed their expressions.

Im just afraid of accidentally hurting you!


Zhang Yang cried without tears.

Damn you...

If so, he would prefer to be protected instead!

Friendly fire...

Friendly fire...

Zhang Yang was speechless and looked at his two other comrades. He noticed that Geng Ruis anger had reached the sky limit and he was about to rush forward at any moment.

At this second, Su Hao moved.

Without bothering about those behind him, he looked at those four...no, to be precise, it was those five king level beasts.

Those beasts were alarmed.

Nobody dared to move until they clearly understood their current situation. Su Hao had been communicating with others and they were listening attentively to gather some information, but it was fruitless!

Su Hao smirked.

Forgot to give you all an opening speech. Well welcome to my world!


They still couldnt understand Su Haos words.

Su Hao finally made his move.

Absolute Light!


The whole world turned white!