Godly Model Creator Chapter 487

Gmc Chapter 487

Chapter 487    Flipping Over the Cloud to Cover Rain

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


A dazzling white scene!

The whole world seemed to have turned empty at this moment!

In their eyes, all they could see was the dazzling white light.

Even if one closed his eyes, he could still feel the light in front of him! The continuous white light had penetrated through the beasts eyelids, directly projected into the mind of the berserk beasts.


The white light was still expanding.



Those king level beasts were struggling in pain.

The entire surroundings were in total silence.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the blue screen, the white light stopped as it reached the barrier. In the eyes of the crowd, a gentle white light appeared.

White light?

Its not a laser but can ordinary light hurt?

The crowd felt strange about it.

In an instant, the white light vanished.

When they saw those fearsome beasts struggling on the ground in pain, they were stunned. Was this the power of the white light?

The three Federal Guardians started cold sweating. What would happen if they were on the other side just now?

One versus five!

The current Su Hao was actually this powerful?!



As light flashed, Su Hao no longer walked as leisurely as before. With a sudden burst, like a deity, his speed was beyond anyones imagination!

Since Su Haos breakthrough, he had used all sort of means which was unbelievable and beyond the understanding of everyone!

White light!

It was just some harmless light, yet those berserk beasts suffered hellish torment. That Three Eyes Beast had it the worst, Su Hao almost destroyed its middle eye!

These beasts struggled to stand up.

They felt fear looking at Su Haos stare.

This human is too powerful!

What did he do?

You woke up?

Su Hao looked at the beasts and once again raised his hand.



Space was once again separated!

Just like when he was moving around the Federal Guardians, nothing more than that. However, the difference about this time was the space cut in the middle between air and land.

Precisely at the level of the beasts waist.


Light flashed by.

The pterosaur quickly separated back into two and avoided the danger. When the other beasts avoided the crisis, they noticed the entire world divided into two!

What happened?

They started to panic.

That was too terrifying!

Was this the reason why they were tasked to assassinate Su Hao?

He was just a level one professional esper!

What a powerful enemy!

Arrrrrhhhhh, whats going on?!

Violent Bear could no longer hold on to his sanity.

This human was too abnormal! Hes a level one professional esper!

Was this something a level one professional esper could achieve?! Even those powerful ones in their beast domain were unable to perform such a feat! What had happened?

Nobody knew!

Go back!

Lets leave!

The pterosaurs looked up to the sky but found nothing!

The blood red space cracks had disappeared.

In the sky, that crack which was opened by super powerful beasts had vanished!

Impossible! The Three Eyes Beasts looked in horror! That space crack was impossible to destroy!

Where is the channel?

Virtual reality! I finally understood. All of this is just a virtual reality!

Five color Peacock was shocked, Were not actually getting hurt. Everything is an illusion. Its his illusion; naturally, we wont be able to defeat him!

Hmph! Su Hao sneered.

Slightly raising his right finger, endless darkness appeared.

Let me break the illusion! Five Color Peacock flew up, Stop Su Hao!



The pterosaurs responded.


Violent Bear gave a war cry and rushed toward Su Hao. Since it knew this was all an illusion, it had nothing to fear. As long as this illusion broke, they would return to the normal.

Ridiculous! Su Hao turned his hand.


A vast mountain next to Jianghe City suddenly broke into pieces and fell to the lower region. Before Violent Beat could reach, it was pressured by the huge boulders to the ground.

Those two pterosaurs quickly took this chance.

In the middle sky, they formed an X-shape black lightning and charged toward Su Hao.

Su Hao once again turned his hand.


Many streams appeared from the dense clouds, and they formed a floating river in mid-air! The river momentarily trapped these two pterosaurs in water. How could one fly when plunged in water?


A dazzling laser burst out.

The third eye of Three Beast Eyes emitted a compact laser to annihilate Su Hao, but Su Hao raised his hand slightly.


There was actually a twist in the laser's path.

The laser was then instantly refracted and passed through Su Hao before being reflected back.

The ground cracked!

There was a huge crack near the Three Eyes Beast. Too bad, it didnt have enough time to react and instantly fell into the pit when the crack widened.


The ground closed.

Only after the ground close did Su Hao withdraw his hand.

Everyone on the other side of the blue screen just watched this scene in silence, including the Federal Guardians. They were speechless and unsure how to describe the current atmosphere.

His actions were akin to turning over the clouds to cover the rain!

Five king level beasts were actually toyed around by Su Hao!

All with a single hand movement!

What type of strength was this?

Su Wans facial expression still remained the same. She just observed the scene attentively because this familiar scene reminded her of a figure who was as arrogant as this! Even though Su Hao only stayed beside his father for a short period of time, that arrogance was still deep in his bones.

Brother, can you see this?

This is your son! Perhaps he will embark on the journey which you didnt finish...

Su Hao suppressed four berserk beasts in an instant.

However, that managed to win them a single second. The Five Color Peacock grasped this valuable second!


The peacock spread its tail!

Seven colors ray flashed!

Tens of thousands of feathers surrounded the space, each of the feathers colorful and filled with a particular type of energy.



The powerful attack spread to the surrounding.



The feathers hit the sky and formed a hole.

Its fake!

Sure enough this is all an illusion!



More and more feathers were controlled by the peacock to attack the sky.

These feathers had blasted the entire space.

The whole world collapsed!



One could see the visible cracks and the scene in front of them disappeared. Those five king level beasts were shocked to witness the collapse of the world. Even though they knew that they wouldnt get hurt in an illusion, that piercing white light had been imprinted deep in their memory, and it was one hell of a painful experience.


Space completely broke!

Everyone fell from the world!

Haaa. Su Hao sighed.

What a pity.

At first, he thought of trapping these beasts in the model world and be able to kill all the beasts using the endless energy! However, no matter how much energy he had, there was an unchangeable fact. His energy intensity was still too weak in comparison since he was just a level one professional esper!

Was model world an illusion?

Of course not!

However, the construction of the model world that seemed stable to him was too fragile in front of these five king level berserk beasts! Otherwise, what was the need to continue the fight. He could have just trapped them inside here and completed his task.



The temporary model could no longer sustain the powerful impact and collapsed!

This world was Su Haos earliest stage of creation and the most unstable version which finally deteriorated. However, because it was collapsing, Su Hao quickly began the process of reconstruction!

The power of a professional esper began to show.

Su Hao quickly leaked out some of the strange energy and replenished the energy within his body. The energy rapidly restored the collapsing World Model, but every berserk beast had already left this domain.

However, it didnt matter anyway.

Su Hao smirked.

This temporary model was just an appetizer!

Very soon, they would experience first hand what despair is all about.



The illusion vanished.

Everyone fell to the ground.

The scene in front once again shocked the crowd.


Five Color Peacock was dumbfounded, Why are we still in the illusion? Impossible! Each feather can easily break any illusion! With so many feathers...

Before their eyes, it was still the same Jianghe City.

However, everything here seemed to be frozen and had no sign of life.

It was more like some ice sculptures.

What happened?

Hmph! Su Hao sneered, Who told you this is an illusion?


The sky changed again.

Su Hao pointed his right finger at those five king level beasts.

Nearly forget to inform you all, welcome to my Mirror World!

Mirror Image!


The sky cracked!

Strange energy descended from the sky and quickly enveloped these beasts. Soon, the energy left the beasts and condensed. When the final form of the energy appeared, these beasts were dumbfounded.


Su Hao casually lifted a finger.

From the cloud, two crystal clear pterosaurs broke free and appeared.


Su Hao repeated the same action.

Three Eyes Beast, Violent Bear, Five Color Peacock, each beast appeared separately, and formed a full beast army!

They were born just like the real beasts.