Godly Model Creator Chapter 488

Gmc Chapter 488

Chapter 488    Has it ended?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



All five berserk beasts clones charged toward their own body, causing those original berserk beasts to turn pale!

What kind of joke is this?!

Is this a mirror image?

The chaotic fight once again erupted!

Ten beasts were rampaging on the scene now.

With the previous temporary model world as a lesson, this time, Su Hao utilized the strange energy to protect the Mirror World.

Within the Cycle World, the energy began to emerge.

At this moment, Su Hao finally knew how strong king level beasts are!

Are they weak? No! How is that possible?!

They are after all king level beasts!

Each time, with just a little leak, Su Haos energy would fully recover. In order to maintain this world and sustain the five king level beasts, he had decided to use the strange energy without reserve. With the way it proceeded, it wont be long before he depleted the peculiar energy.

One versus five!

Such a feat was a bit too difficult after all.

The fight continued. To beat these beasts, Su Hao knew it would take some time. At least, not until he nearly depleted every bit of energy.


Looking at the energy remaining in his body, Su Hao made a firm decision.

As he raised his hand, this action alerted the beasts.

Because each time Su Hao did this, something terrible would happen. Let alone the fact that they were currently confronting their own mirror images.


The whole world seemed to be peeled away and became a tragic scene.

No matter where one stood, with one word from Su Hao, the entire space distorted.

Except for the land of Jianghe City, Su Hao divided everything else.

The land divided under everyones feet but did not hurt any humans in the process. However, on the other side where the beasts were.



Countless light rays flashed.

The world around the beasts collapsed instantly. Traces of space division appeared with irregular and unpredictable patterns!


Traces of space division formed.

In a blink of an eye, the division spread through the entire Mirror World!

The complete world had divided into numerous spaces of different sizes, and there was nowhere to escape! Instantly, splitting the beasts!




Blood drenched the five berserk beasts!

They were seriously injured!

Had it ended?


Su Haos final move!



The whole Mirror World collapsed!

The Mirror World which had divided into numerous spaces erupted at this moment. The berserk beasts were clinging to some space debris before getting caught in another explosion!

These beasts struggled during their final moments!

Finally, everything is done. Su Haos eyes flashed a cold look.

Su Hao summoned the last wave of energy left in the Cycle World from within his body and condensed it in his hand.

Xinghe Arrow!


That familiar five-star origin technique appeared and revealed its might!

However, this time, Su Hao wasnt using energy from when he was a specialized esper nor his current professional espers energy. Instead, it was all made from the strange, pure energy!


The arrow was shot out!

In the collapsing world which had lost its color, the crowd could only see the dazzling light emitted from the arrow.

The beasts which were still struggling had their face expression changed. Without any hesitation, they fled to escape from the range of the Xinghe Arrow.

However, it was too late!


The Xinghe Arrow exploded!



Excluding those gathered in Jianghe City, the Xinghe Arrow annihilated the collapsing world!


That familiar feeling made everyones heart skip a beat.

Jianghe City! They came back to reality!

Outside the city wall ruins, Su Hao just stood there with a calm look. Meanwhile, in the distance, those king level beasts were still there. As for the three Federal Guardians, they mysteriously appeared on the other side of the city wall ruins with the crowd.


No harm?


When Su Hao brought everyone into the World Model, the act meant the World Model became a reality for those who entered!

Everyone was silent.

The Federal Guardians were still recovering from the sudden change.

What about the berserk beasts then?

When the crowd raised their head and had a look, they were stunned!

Violent Bear was in a better state. Its injury was heavy, but its injury wasnt life-threatening due to its thick skin and fur. As for the Five Color Peacock, it was in a much worst situation with its body covered in blood. Meanwhile, Three Eye Beast had its third eye wasted!

As for the two pterosaurs, two carcasses laid on the ground motionlessly.

They died!

Space division!

The collapse of the world!

And Su Haos final move, Xinghe Arrow sealed their death!

In just a blow, two king-level beasts fallen!

Everyone couldnt believe what they saw with their eyes. Was this the reason why the berserk beasts didnt allow Su Hao to breakthrough? Who could defeat the current Su Hao?

The breeze blew slowly which then brought along the heavy iron odor of blood.

Su Hao brushed off his clothes and remained unharmed.

One versus five!

A level one professional esper challenging five king level beasts!

Seriously injuring two beasts, wasting one another, and killed the other two beasts.

Su Hao won!

Phew~. Su Hao took a long breath.

Did he win?

He wasnt sure!

Under the blessing of the strange energy, even Su Hao was persuaded to believe that he was invincible! In fact, it was powerful enough for him to create a world of his own! Was that kind of energy from a higher realm?

It totally amazed Su Hao.

Able to turn over the clouds to cover rain. This strength, how could one describe it with words?

Too bad it ended.

With the final spree, Su Hao had killed the two pterosaurs. He was now too exhausted that even no energy remained in Cycle World.

He used up all the strange energy!

What a pity... Su Hao was regretful.

Since it was the first time he was able to control such energy, he didnt know how to utilize it well. If given a second chance, he would definitely use it well and exert the potential to the limit so that killing five king level beasts would be sufficient.

Standing at the center of the battlefield, Su Hao observed his body and shook his head.

When the Temporary World collapsed, it had been repaired right away by the strange energy and was now even more stable. However, his Mirror World collapsed completely.

He dared not imagine how long would it take for it to recover!

The only good news was as long as he used this energy efficiently, he could restore the world slowly but surely.

Su Hao wanted to move but found that his whole body was in pain. It was so painful that he wanted to rip off his body!

This feeling, it was the Xinghe Arrow!

Su Hao was speechless. How could he forget this point?

Xinghe Arrow required one to have a strong physical fitness. During his times as a specialized esper, Su Hao almost killed himself when using this move. It was during the later stages that through training in using internal force and body forging technique that his body finally able to withstand the impact.

But now with his breakthrough into a professional esper, how powerful had he become?

He had no idea.

It was just the breakthrough into a professional esper.

What if he had a much more powerful breakthrough in the future?

What kind of power would he wield?

Professional esper.

How far is it from the legendary strongest esper?

When Su Hao shifted his gaze, a buzzing sound interrupted him and returned Su Hao from his deep thought. He was still in the middle of a battlefield!


Su Wans figure flashed as she held Su Hao to support him.

After a moment of rest, she had recovered a part of her energy. Although she was still not in a state to fight, at least she was able to move.

Are you alright? Su Wan looked at him in worry.

Im fine. Su Hao looked at the struggling beasts and smirked, Fellow three seniors, I will leave the rest to you all! This time, there shouldnt be much problem, right?

Those three bitterly smiled.

Since the situation had turned this way, what was there to fight anymore?


Violent Bear stood up and roared.

The aura of a king level beast once again spread to the surrounding. Zhang Yang transformed into Berserk Lion and completely suppressed it! Three Federal Guardians in tip-top condition facing three seriously injured king level beast, what kind of ending would that be?



In just a few moments, the Federal Guardian killed the three king level beasts!

Several spots around Jianghe City, one could see that the low-level beasts no longer desired to attack the city. Without anyone to command them, they turned around and rushed back to the forest!

The beast tide was finally over!

Finally, the crowd could feel relieved.

God knew how scary this beast tide was!

With so many beasts and six king level beasts, this scale was beyond anyones understanding.

However, it was fortunate that they won!

In the sky, the bloody space crack was still active.

Everyone looked at it.

The aura of berserk beasts could no longer be detected.

The passage for the beast used to arrive shrunk to a point where it was impossible for a berserk beast to pass through. However, it was strange that the space crack still remained open and showed no signs of closing.

Since these berserk beasts failed, what did they still want to do?