Godly Model Creator Chapter 489

Gmc Chapter 489

Chapter 489 Where is the problem?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

In the sky, the space crack was brimming in red color.

As time passed, the crack was getting smaller and smaller to the point where not even an ordinary berserk beast could pass through.

The space crack was about to close.

The scale of this beast tide was definitely not what they had predicted, but it was the first time in history that this had happened. The appearance of six king-level beasts really caught the humans off guard.

But none of them survived. As for the rest, the number of deaths was unknown.

Meanwhile, from the humans side, excluding the Thunder King, the loss was almost negligible!

In fact, Thunder King was initially a dead figure in history. To say that the berserk beasts suffered a significant loss is not an exaggeration.

Outside of Jianghe City, everyone was happy.

There were many moments that they had lost hope of winning. Each appearance of a king level beasts kept dashing their aspirations, but in the end, they still achieved a perfect victory!

Jianghe City, a place full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons, managed to turn the flow of the outcome with the appearances of all sorts of legendary figures. In the end, Su Haos final breakthrough sealed their victory.

One versus five, that was a legend itself!

While they were in the middle of celebrating their victory, an unexpectedly icy chill came akin to a pail of cold water poured onto their face. The crowd regained back their senses and looked up at the bloody space crack.



A slight trembling sound could be heard as the bloody space crack vibrated.

Is it still not the end?

There are still more?

Everyone was shocked.

In this regard, those Federal Guardians sneered, Dont worry. This space crack will soon close, and it will be impossible to open another one.


Hearing such words from Federal Guardians, the crowd felt relief.

However, since they couldnt come over here, what were they trying to do?


The bloody space crack erupted.

A one-man size hole opened, and a red eye appeared on the other side of the space crack.


Instantly, the atmosphere in the scene changed. When the crowd looked at the eye, they felt their legs weaken and didnt have any courage to confront it.

Beads of sweat appeared on their forehead.

What kind of berserk beast is this?

Why did they feel that it was stronger than any king level beasts which appeared before?!

This beast is too terrifying!

Human! A terrifying voice traveled through the little hole which echoed in everyones ears, To kill my six generals, how dare you!



Many people vomited blood on the spot.

Lan Tingxu frowned a bit. With a flick of his right hand, space surrounded the crowd which made them feel better. Raising his head and staring at the eye, he smirked, So what if we killed them? You are probably the strongest one amongst the berserk beasts. With your identity, to actually plan such a grand scheme to kill a youth, this is truly ridiculous! Are you afraid?

What kind of joke is this? This senior needs to be afraid of a little brat?

The beasts eye turned cold, Just a mere Federal Guardian, yet you dare to defy this senior. Youre just courting your own death!

Retard! Zhang Yang intervened their conversation and pointed at the sky, Just come down if you dare, grandson! Stop bullshitting there! You cant come down, right? Then shut the f*ck up! F*ck you!


Cold sweat appeared on everyones back.

Senior Zhang Yang was very fierce!

So the battle between strong characters also include an exchange of curses?

While shouting, Zhang Yang kept moved his hand slightly and passed some messages to Lan Tingxu and others.


Yes, be alert!

With its strength, how it would act was not something an ordinary person could figure out!

For such a strong opponent to appear at this moment, was it just for symbolic threats?

Nobody would believe it!

One could see that in the eye, there was a cold light flashing with a slight annoyance, but definitely not anger! Zhang Yang had been completely ignored, or in other words, it didnt care about the curses.

For Zhang Yang to curse that bad and receive no reaction from the other side, was that due to its patience?

Of course not!

This beast must have its own purpose.

But what was it exactly?

The space crack was still shrinking. Based on the speed, no beast could pass through anymore. What was its aim?

Youre Su Hao? That eye looked at Su Hao with interest.

Su Hao stared at it and finally understood something, The mastermind of this beast tide should be you, right?

That eye went silent for a long time.

Then a voice echoed again, Sure enough youre worthy to be his son. Whether it is strength or wisdom, you are not to be underestimated. If I dont kill you, the future of berserk beasts wont be peaceful!


Everyone had a change in their facial expressions.

That was a strong declaration!

Su Hao didnt fear this beast, but his mind was working rapidly to analyze this situation. How did this beast plan to exterminate him?

What else did he not notice?

Su Hao tried to identify the details that he may have overlooked.

In the end, where would the danger come from?


The three Federal Guardians stood in front of Su Hao. Even though they believed that the beast was incapable of harming Su Hao, they wouldnt take any chances. At this point, if Su Hao were to die, it would be a slap to their face. These Federal Guardians guarded Su Hao so well that there was no gap to harm him.

Su Wan moved slightly.

Closely standing near Su Hao, her right hand flashed a light as she was ready to battle.

As for the other combatants, they also stood around Su Hao.

At this moment, Su Hao was protected by everyone again!

Was this unknown beast strong?

No matter how strong it was, could it kill Su Hao under such conditions?


The space crack shrunk even more!

Only half of its eye could be seen.

Interesting. you know he is the son of Su Tiancheng, yet youre still protecting him! The tone of the beast was somehow provoking.

Zhang Yang coldly smiled, This isnt something you have to worry about. We are clearer of Su Haos attitude than you! The space crack is getting smaller and smaller. If you dont go back now, Im afraid you will be trapped in the space! If it were all just for the sake of peeping at us with that half eye of yours, that would be a world-famous joke!

Humpph! Finally, a cold grump could be heard from the other side.

Silly! This senior has sacrificed countless of cost these several months! I even send over six king level beasts as bait. You think this senior would give up that easily?

What?! Everyones mind went into an alarmed state.


So it had been that long that it began to plan this scheme?

Hold on.


Six king level beasts were just used as bait?

Then what was the ultimate killer move?


A bad feeling began to arise within Su Haos heart. Where is the problem?



Countless computers were working at maximum capacity!

However, the recent clues didnt reveal any suspicious clues. Everything was normal!

Hold on, months ago!

Su Haos mind expanded his search. He began to start analyzing from three months ago.

In the end, where was the problem?

The previous three months, there was nothing strange.

The previous two months were the same too.

One month before?



The scene replayed. Su Hao remembered the moment before he dueled with Bai Feng. At that time, he had stumbled upon the encounter between the berserk beasts and the Federal Guardians.


That strange black aura hit Su Hao. Upon further examination of the previous situation, that aura might have meant to kill him!

The scene continued.

Blue dream butterfly tried to block in front of him. With her trembling and pale look, she still bravely stood in front.

That silly... Su Hao sighed.

The aura just passed through and didnt harm her at all. Instead, Su Hao received it head on.


Su Hao died.

And then he revived.

There seems to be nothing wrong? Su Hao frowned. From the data analysis, there was nothing strange. However, his intuition kept telling him that something wasnt right.


The scene was replayed again!

One more time!


The same scene could be seen again!

If it was in reality, how much time would have been wasted? However, within his mind, it was Su Haos world!

Even thousands of years were nothing here.

As Su Hao replayed the scene, the bad feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger. At the same time, the words of the beast kept ringing in his ear.

A few months ago...

A few months ago...

It was actually a plan which had been schemed for a few months!

Could it be that it already knew that even with such a huge beast tide, it wouldnt be able to kill Su Hao successfully?

Its purpose at that time shouldnt be him.

Then why was it still shooting its aura at Su Hao?

To warn the Federal Guardians?

No! Absolutely impossible!

What was the reason behind its action then?


No, at that time, the aura was rushing towards him. But why did the conclusion he analyzed say that he wasnt the target?

His mind was conflicted!