Godly Model Creator Chapter 49

Gmc Chapter 49

Chapter 0049 VIrtual reality

Su Hao: .

What the ****!

Those old guys were simply committing all manners of crime just for task points! Anyone could just go to the sparring building to personally watch it in live. Wasnt this just bullying new students who were still clueless?

In fact, some students had already reached the sparring building just to end up with the sparring building being booked..and it was just for an hour, and coincidentally Su Haos duel happened to be during that time.

Just a short message, it was near certain that countless students would be charged!

Su Hao was pretty sure that almost every student wouldnt miss this opportunity to watch the duel. As for task point? Although it is very precious, one point wasnt much. After all, this was the very first duel match between a new student and a repeater.

Everyone wanted to know the exact level of repeaters combat strength.

Moreover, everyone felt at a loss on Su Hao. The sudden emergence of the dark horse that directly toppled everyone, to be honest, nobody was clear of his exact strength.

This time, during the battle, they would be able to witness everything.

Besides that, the battle of honor in a months time. If Su Hao lost, the effect on fighting morale would be great. It was like telling the new batch that their first rank couldnt even beat us, repeaters.

Such thickness of their face, only the repeaters were willing to do so.

Good calculation!

Su Hao obviously had seen through their plan, those guys.

As Su Hao was on the way heading to sparring hall, he suddenly halted, You guys are so calculative ya? It should be that guy who found you and then made a pact with you to share task points right?

Zhao Feng laughed it off, What do you mean?

Su Hao pressed on the communication device on his wrist and made the virtual screen public. An exceptional information was blinking on top of the screen: Repeater Zhao Feng will have a duel against first ranked student Su Hao

Next time when you forward to everyone, remember to exclude my name. Su Hao answered with a slight smile.

Zhao Fengs mouth slightly twitched. That idiot! You sent such a message to Su Hao for what?!


So? Su Haos lip raised up, I suddenly felt like not participating in the duel anymore.

Zhao Feng was instantly dumbfounded.

Bro, dont tell me you are playing such a game?

Aiya, the weather today isnt bad. Su Hao stretched his body, Coming to this side of campus, I have never explored here yet. This school is indeed huge.

After finished his sentence, Su Hao leisurely turned around.

Zhao Feng, with his panicked expression, quickly followed Su Hao, Bro, dont make any trouble. If you have anything to say, just voice it out straight. Doing this wont bring any benefit to us.

Su Hao smiled at him, Then how about you take the initiative to lose?

Zhao Feng was stunned, but by the next second he decisively replied, Absolutely impossible!

What was he doing here!

It was obviously to complete his task!

The so-called video points were only for extra income. The main aim here was the task itself and to strike the confidence from the new batch. The potential of the new batch, the repeaters naturally were well aware off. Even though theyre stronger for now, they dare not to be careless, especially in the battle of honor.

Of course, the most important point was..the video points, he only had a part of it. After being divided, he would only be left with about a dozen points!

For just a few dozen points, he was to give up the task? His brain wasnt filled with water!

Owh, if its like that Su Hao pondered for a moment. Zhao Fengs response was within his expectation. His main motive was not this, The video points, I want 50 percent!

Zhao Feng, .


Originally, he had agreed for the man to get 90 percent of the profit. If Su Hao wanted to have 50 percent of it, then that man would only have 40 percent?

Zhao Feng hesitated for a moment. Dialing the man, he specifically activated the voice mode to public. Soon, a roar burst from the other side of the virtual screen, Absolutely impossible! Bastard! This daddy has worked hard for this, how could I just let him pluck the fruits freely?! Impossible! Not even one task point! Grrrr, really making me mad till death..

Su Hao: .

So you have heard it. Zhao Feng bitterly smiled.

Oh, if its like that then goodbye! Su Hao turned around and walked away. Before leaving, he didnt forget to mutter to himself, Haix, I wonder what will happen when the new students noticed that the very first message they receive is just a fraud to obtain task points? Businessmen nowadays.really so good.

That man was silent for a moment.

That one sentence from Su Hao had hit the tail of the man. He had already received task points! Even the video had already shown the stage of the sparring building! Even the students currently had already opened the virtual screen waiting for the main event! Patiently looking at the countdown!

If at this moment, he told everyone that he had sent a wrong message and would refund everyone, who would believe his lie?!

After that, this man would without doubt have bad impression on everyone

Sure enough, Su Hao who was just walking a few steps away heard a weak voice coming from behind, Alright..I agree then.

Su Hao laughed, Now thats a wise decision.

After saying so, Su Hao hooked his arm across Zhao Fengs shoulder, Lets go, Zhao Feng. Duel! For the glory of new students, I will never give you any chance!

Zhao Feng: .

He suddenly came to realise that during his time in the third year, there was a reason why he wasnt able to obtain much. Sometimes, being thick faced was also a natural talent!

The so-called sparring building was a platform specifically designed for students. In the training area, there were numerous virtual reality equipment, up to 200 of them!

Here wasnt only the place where students have duel, but it was also the venue for the battle of honor to take place!

Virtual reality!

With the help of origin ability energy, a perfect virtual scene could be created.

Through the virtual reality equipment provided in sparring building, all users would be able to simulate a virtual character of themselves with the same strength and reaction speed as the real one!

That was the forefront of new technology. Unfortunately, the legendary virtual fighting online games were not able to become true in reality. Forget about the super expensive equipment, more important was the..capacity problems.

The limitation of the server: each unit of the virtual reality equipment required a tremendous storage in the server! Even in the natural selection class, which had the backing from countless sponsorships, over the years, they only managed to prepare 200 units.

Want to play online games with billions of people at the same time?

Thats just a fantasy!

Fortunately, these were sufficient enough for ordinary students.

All students could fight here without worrying about life and death! That was because even if you were dead in virtual reality, there wouldnt be any impact on your body. By resting for a few days, you would be able to recover completely.

The education system in natural selection class was somehow different from the normal class.

In the normal class, the duels most of the time would be only friendly ones. Any minor injuries between students would be fine, but if one of them was seriously wounded or even death, it would be direct dismissal without doubt! As for the duels in natural selection class..the duel wont end until someone die.

The reason was because they would have to face countless wild berserk beasts outside the campus in future. They absolutely mustnt be treated softly in order to be strong enough to survive in the harsh environment in the middle of wildness where the berserk beasts dominate.

This was the very reason for the existence of virtual fighting.

If was just a friendly match, there wouldnt be any benefit at all!

Su Hao and Zhao Feng entered into the sparring building. Obviously it was empty as the building had been fully booked. Both of them entered into a small space surrounded by walls of glass on four sides and sat down on the white equipment inside the space.

Ka ca!

Four soft white belts appeared and fixed his limbs on the equipment. A virtual screen then appeared from above. Su Hao felt as if he was sitting on a space chair.


Virtualization process is complete!

Detected first time entry into sparring buildingDNA testing-personal information loading completed-constructing virtual characterconstruction completed-


The surrounding scenery changed. Su Hao entered into a virtual world. Touching his own body, the feeling was exactly the same like real life. Such simulation was too high-leveled.

Please choose the duel mode-

Numerous options appeared within the virtual screen. Su Hao directly selected personal battle.

On the other side, Zhao Feng had already waited for a long time. As Su Hao selected the option, the scenery once again changed as both of them appeared on top of a castle.

The room was enclosed by wall. Completing the middle space was the old wooden floor as well as mats decorated with beautiful patterns and some small ornaments for decoration. It was totally like a real castle.

Virtual scene : Ghost castle!

Number of participant : 2 people.

Name of participant : Zhao Feng, Su Hao.

Winning condition : Foe death.

At that time, countless students were watching the video live from their communication devices. Looking at the scene, which seemed like a super action movie, whether it was the new students or repeaters, everyone was excited.

The 3 seconds timer to start was over and the duel was about to start!


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