Godly Model Creator Chapter 490

Gmc Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Hope Shattered!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Its stuck!

Two contradicting findings halted Su Haos analysis. Much data was cleared.

Su Hao frowned at the result of his findings.

The scene was replayed again and again as Su Hao stared at it.

Out of nowhere, Su Hao seemed to notice something!


The black aura passed through.

This scene was slowed down again and again!

Su Hao stared at the scene without blinking. The beasts aura was moving like a snail, passing through blue dream butterflys body before hit Su Hao.

Somethings not right! Su Hao was alerted.

Again! The scene repeated once more.

The scene went even slower!

The beasts aura once again passed by her!

Su Hao looked for every minute detail that he could identify. Suddenly, his pupils expanded as if he had seen something unbelievable. The scene instantly broke!

Damn it! Su Haos facial expression changed drastically.

He instantly withdrew his consciousness from his mind.

The surrounding people who were guarding Su Hao were shocked by his action. At this moment, what was he planning to do?


Su Hao quickly turned his body.

Before having the chance to convert his body into Origin Avatar...


A sharp weapon stabbed into his heart!

Just as he turned around, it stabbed from the front!

It was a black sword emitting a black aura. The moment it entered Su Haos body, it instantly destroyed his heart as the black aura spread all over his body.

All these actions happened in just one moment!

When the crowd saw the one who attacked, they were stunned.

No matter what, they would have never thought that during the final moment to seal the victory, Su Hao would actually be betrayed by his own allies!!!

Everyone felt a sharp pain in their heart.

Looking at the one who attacked, they asked why!


The violent killing intent was still surging!

Su Wan got mad.

The person who she decided to protect for her whole life was actually killed in front of her!

Get lost!

With snow forming, Su Wan rushed forward.

However, a hand caught her wrist and nullified her attack. At this very second, the only one who could stop her attack was Su Hao alone!

Su Wan felt heartache. Supporting Su Hao, her energy poured into Su Haos body like crazy in an attempt to wipe off the beasts aura.


It was a futile attempt!

The horror of the unknown beasts aura was unpredictable!

When the aura erupted in his heart, nobody could recover from such damage! This was after all a character stronger than the previous king level beasts! Now, Su Hao was just a mere level one professional esper. Such a gap in level...

No! It cant be! Su Wan bit her teeth.

She would have never imagined that once she finally heard him calling him aunt, it would be the moment of separation between them!

Ough, dont attack! Su Hao coughed and vomited a mouthful of blood. The raging black aura had destroyed nearly all his organs.

And what he could do was to utilize his internal force to protect his heart to prevent it from being destroyed completely for the time being.



Su Hao could clearly hear it.

It was the sound of a broken heart.

When his internal force used up, that would be the moment he died!

Looking at the one who attacked him in front, Su Hao revealed a self-mocking smile, I should have thought of it. During the time in Fenghui City, your goal wasnt me, right? Not me, but something with me. Yes, its because I have someone beside me although she isnt human...


Su Hao revealed the final answer, You disguised your aura as a king level beast and then passed it through her body, but left a trace of it on her. Then, you waited until this very moment to control her to complete your task. What I said is correct, right?!

That half eye went silent.

It didnt think that in just an instant, Su Hao had deciphered everything.

Looking at Su Hao who was now being overwhelmed by the black sword, a sigh resonated, Youre actually smarter than your dad. This is why you must die! Su Tiancheng was strong, but he was too stubborn and honest. However, you you will always make the most accurate judgment!

So, you must die! The beasts voice rang in everyones ears.

While they were sad, they wanted to approach Su Hao, but Su Wan stopped such an action.

Because she knew that Su Hao must not move at this moment!

As long as he moved slightly, he would most probably wont be awake again! In order to maintain Su Haos breath, she even froze Su Haos lower body.

All these were just so that she could see him longer!

Why would it end up like this?

They had obviously won!

They had worked hard for it!

Why it would turn out like this?!

Ourgh, ourgh... Su Hao coughed while still smiling without being bothered by it.

Looking at the beautiful girl in front with her translucent wings was an enjoyable sight.

Just that, at this moment, she was grabbing a black sword and stabbing it into Su Hao.

Su Hao had a look at her.

Her eyes were in pitch black.

It was so black that could make one afraid.

Gently reaching out his hand, Su Hao touched her cheek, Little brat time to wake up.


A crisp sound could be heard which then followed by the gradual disappearance of black color in her eyes. When blue dream butterfly awoke with a daze gaze, she was shocked with the black sword on her hands.




The scene just now was instantly replayed in her mind.

Only at this time that she finally knew what she had done.

Why... Tears began to flow from her eyes when she saw Su Haos appearance. She really couldnt understand! How did it end up like this in just a blink of an eye?

Why would she do such a thing?

He was the one she liked the most!

Someone who she was willing to sacrifice her life for, and now she was the one who killed him with her own hands. Looking at Su Haos pale look, she really didnt know what to say.

Im sorry... Su Hao smiled with a sorry look.

The current mental state of the blue dream butterfly was complicated. But, she dared not move.

She was afraid that a slight mistake might send Su Hao over to the other side.

Im sorry?

This sentence, she should be the one saying!

Su Hao smiled and didnt continue. This sentence wasnt just for blue dream butterfly. More importantly, it was for his aunt, Chen Yiran, and his friends.

Blue dream butterfly might not understand, but they definitely did!

The target of the berserk beasts had always been Su Hao, and it had never changed!

Even if there was no blue dream butterfly, they would have thought of another method to kill Su Hao! Blue dream butterfly was just being used and nothing more. Having to carry this burden for the rest of her life, that was why Su Hao said sorry to her.

He knew well of what she was thinking.

What if he personally killed the blue dream butterfly or Chen Yiran, what type of pain would he suffer?

It would even worse than death itself!

Plus, was the blue dream butterfly just a naive girl?

Im sorry... These were the final words of Su Hao.

His body turned weaker as the two units of internal force were simply not enough to support his heart. All it did was the delay the inevitable for less than a minute. It was about the time for the force to be used up.


His sight became blurred. Su Haos eyes swept across Su Wan and Chen Yiran before the blue dream butterfly, Li Xin, the unconscious Zhou Wang, Li Tiantian, and finally those three Federal Guardians.

Thank you again, everyone!

Su Hao finally could see the final moment in his mind. His cheerful sister and his mother who cooked rice for him every day. Im sorry I tried my best. But now, it seems to be over...


Su Hao fell into seemingly endless darkness.

He lost his consciousness.


The black sword vanished.

Su Haos body finally fell to the ground. Gently hugging him, Su Wan could not erase the grief in her heart. She quickly infused more energy into Su Hao, but there was no response!

No more sign of life!



The bloody space crack shrank even more.

But at this time, nobody bothered of this.

Everyone only paid their attention to the person in Su Wans arms. Su Hao actually died?

He died in such a manner?


Even if they knew what happened...


They had obviously won the war!!!

Stupid... Chen Yiran grabbed Su Haos hand and squeezed it tight.

She didnt sob, but droplets of tear could be seen falling.

Killing intent could be seen in Li Xins eyes as his body was emitting all sort of complicated auras. If Li Wei didnt hit his son unconscious at this moment, perhaps Li Xin might become crazy.

One sword...

Just one sword wasted everyones effort.

Any ideas? Chen Yiran wiped off her tears, revealing her determined look, This is the era of origin ability! There is nothing impossible in this era! What I know isnt much, but is there any origin ability which can save Su Hao?

Revive... Su Wan revealed a sad look, There used to be one...

Really? Chen Yiran was pleasantly shocked, Where? Why not we find him?

It was a berserk beast. Su Wan clung Su Hao tightly, However, it already died long ago, being killed by my brother years ago.

Su Tiancheng...

Everyone sighed.

So what if it is alive?

It was nevertheless still a berserk beast!

Even if they entered into the beast domain, would it revive a human?

Is there really no other way? There was a slight change in Chen Yirans expression, Whatever method is fine! Is there any way which involved destroying Earth or some type of summoning which can save him? It is the era of origin ability! There will always be a way, right?

The Federal Guardians facial expressions changed greatly.

This girl definitely went crazy right now!

She actually had this type of idea!