Godly Model Creator Chapter 491

Gmc Chapter 491

Chapter 491  Is it possible to revive?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Beads of cold sweat began to form!

This was a clear example of walking on an evil path!

The Federal Guardians were stunned.

Chen Yiran, you cant be like this. Even if Su Hao is alive, he wouldnt wish you to be like this... Geng Rui stepped forward and tried to calm her down.

F*ck off! Chen Yirans cold words completely shut him down.

At this time, to say such words wasnt really an appropriate move.

Looking at the crowd, Geng Rui could only nod slightly to Chen Haonian. He hoped Chen Haonian would be able to restrain his own daughter from walking this path.

When women went mad, they would be unreasonable existences.

If there is any, Brother Tiancheng wouldnt be dead. Su Wan mumbled to herself, If there is a way to save both father and son, so what if the price to pay is the destruction of this world?

These two mad women!

The Federal Guardians were speechless.

At this time, they were glad that those methods which could destroy the world such as collecting souls only existed in movies.

If such things really existed, this world would have fallen into chaos!

To say that they werent careless of humanity or even devils, they were just after all two women indulged in sadness. Everyone sighed helplessly.

Not far away, a tear was shed.

Su Hao... Blue dream butterfly wanted to see Su Hao, but Su Wans icy aura stopped it.

Even if she knew blue dream butterfly wasnt the one to be blamed, the fact that blue dream butterfly was the one who personally killed Su Hao would never change.

If not because of Su Haos final words, she would have killed this butterfly long ago!

It hurts... Blue dream butterfly pressed her heart.

This naive girl who just knew what was first love only realized she seemed fell in love with Su Hao when she personally killed him.

Plus, she wasnt even given the final opportunity to have a good look at him.


Blue dream butterfly knelt on the ground in grief.

Tears began to fall like a stream of water.

What was this feeling she was experiencing now?

It really hurt!

She covered her face with her wings like a helpless girl. Recalling the scenes when she first met Su Hao the adventures with him the first time she felt embarrassed the first time she felt the heat of love...

At this time...

She finally understood what all these were.

So, it turned out to be first love?

Holding both her legs tight...

Blue dream butterfly was entirely in her own world now.

Everything around her was isolated. All she wanted to do was to immerse into the sweet memories and wished to not wake up from this dream.

In front of her...

It seemed to have fallen into darkness.

But she didnt notice it at all.

When she was helpless and wasnt sure what to do, a feather silently snapped.


A sharp sound had awakened her from the sweet dream.

Taking out the feather which started breaking, blue dream butterfly stared at it and placed her final hope in it, Mother Eagle, help me help me...

That weak call was so soft that it was comparable to a mosquitos buzzing.



The feather kept breaking into smaller pieces.

With a shining light flashing, the feather then vanished.


At this time, nobody would have thought that the sky above Jianghe City would turn dark.


A cry resonated in the sky!

This sound wave actually disrupted the sky above Jianghe City!

Everyone awakened!

At this moment, forget about any sadness or pain...

In the distance, a huge eagle could be seen soaring up the sky. Its huge wings instantly covered the sun.

For a second, that figure was quite hard to see! But the very next second, this gigantic figure appeared before everyone.

When the crowd had a more precise look at it, everyone had a change of expression!

It was a berserk beast!

And its aura was actually stronger than king level beasts!

Damn it! Those three Federal Guardians could feel the cold sweat on their back.

What happened?

Wasnt the attack from berserk beast had ended?

The space crack was too small for any berserk beast to pass through. What was going on here? If it was a king level beast, then it would be fine. However, how could such an existence appear here? Had the barrier between the human world and berserk beasts begun to stop working?

This time, they were dead!

This was what everyone had in their mind now.


Nobody would have thought that at this time, that half eye actually revealed a look of horror when it saw the huge eagle.

Falcon Emperor! Youre still alive? A strange voice with a hint of fear could be heard.


The eagle groaned and ignored it.

Spreading its wings...

Whatre you doing?! That voice was flustered and exasperated!




All sort of sound could be heard, coming from the space crack. The sky could be seen trembling. At this time, the crowd finally understood how terrifying this half eye was.



That gap which was about to close completely was once again slowly widened!

An aura was revealed from inside. It was that same dense black aura, the one which attacked Su Hao! The black aura headed straight to Falcon Emperor as if it was meant to stop the eagle, but the eagle sneered coldly. With just a flip of both wings...


The so-called terrifying aura was instantly nulled.

Get lost! As both wings crossed each other, a strong aura surged and straight charged towards the bloody space crack.



The sky shook which was then followed by the roar of the beast.

Falcon Emperor! Dont destroy the good day for our berserk beast. He is the son of Su Tiancheng. If he doesnt die, the future of entire berserk beast will be buried by his hands!

The aura of the unknown beast became weaker and weaker before finally vanished altogether.

The space crack sealed without leaving a hole!

The sky instantly turned bright.

This signified the official end of the beast tide.


This berserk beast didnt seem to be from the same gang as the others?

Mother Eagle! Blue dream butterfly quickly rushed over.

Hugging the eagle, she cried wholeheartedly without reserve.

Silly girl. The eagle stretched out its wings and patted her back to comfort. Looking at Su Hao, no to be precise, it directed its gaze at Su Wan...

That gaze was filled with all sorts of emotion, such as hatred and complexity.

Su Wan also stared at the huge eagle with huge eyes. No matter what, she would have never thought this eagle was still alive!

Both had a stare down.


The berserk aura swept across everyone without causing any harm. When the crowd regained their composure, Falcon Emperor had flown up into the sky along with blue dream butterfly.

In an instant, that huge figure had vanished.

When everyone turned back their attention, they were shocked to notice that Su Haos body...

It had gone missing!

That big eagle!!! Chen Yiran subconsciously wanted to give chase, but Su Wan stopped her and shook her head slightly.

Why! Chen Yiran looked at Su Wan, Even after he died, cant they just leave his body alone? Maybe there would be an opportunity in future which would develop a way to revive a life!

Su Wan shook he head again.

At this time, a smile actually appeared on her face.

This scene confused the crowd.

How could she still smile at this time?

Silly girl, you still remember I did mention that there was a berserk beast which could save Su Hao? Su Wan looked at the sky with a calm expression.

Wasnt it dead... Chen Yiran was smart and finally understood, Could it be...

Yes. Su Wan just stood there without moving.

This beast which should have been killed by my brother has appeared. And whats more interesting is it has some connection with this half human...

Could this be a coincidence? Su Wan looked at a distance away for a long time.


After a man died, one could actually be revived?

Since this was the case, why didnt Su Tiancheng save himself?

What had actually happened before with the appearance of this huge eagle?

When one mystery had been solved, more appeared to be deciphered.

This beast tide, was it a victory or a defeat?

Su Hao, could he actually be revived?

Everyone looked at each other.

They could only feel bitterness in their heart.

They were clueless!

Everything was unknown!

The war was over, but nobody had the mood the celebrate.

The beast tide didnt last long from the beginning to the end, but it was as if several years had passed for those that participated.