Godly Model Creator Chapter 492

Gmc Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Holding hands

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Jianghe City, outside the city wall.

Falcon Emperor brought the blue dream butterfly back to the chicken farm. Countless of chicks were curious and peeked. But a stare from the eagle scared them away.

After rotting here for so many years, it was the first time she flew again.

Nobody knew what this signifies.


Falcon Emperor reduced its size and sighed while looking at the blue dream butterfly who had fainted. Because of her guilt and pain in her heart, she was actually not even willing to wake up.

This child...

She had suffered too much.

If it was a human, nobody would be able to control her. However, she was a human soul in a beast body. That was why she was able to be controlled like a puppet by that brat.

Haaaa. Such an ill-fated relationship. With a sigh, the eagle gently woke her up.

Mother Eagle... Blue dream butterfly uttered half-awake.

I can revive Su Hao. Falcon Emperor only said a sentence.


That sentence made her sober; those last three words kept resonating in her ears.

Revive a life?

Reviving someones life!

A flash of surprise could be seen in blue dream butterflys eyes, Mother Eagle, you can really save him?

Yea. Falcon Emperor sighed. I am confident to be able to save his life, but this world has always been fair. Saving Su Hao would mean one other life will leave this world. To save him, another person needs to be the sacrifice! Only then I can complete my origin technique and bring him back from death.

Fair... Blue dream butterfly finally understood.



The eagle was informing her that someones life in exchange for anothers life!

Use herself to revive Su Hao?

Blue dream butterfly looked at Su Haos figure with determination and said without hesitation, I agree!

Dont you want to think more about it?

No need! Blue dream butterfly shook her head and revealed a smile, Instead of living in such way, I would rather die. Not to mention, my death would be able to rescue Su Hao. Since this is all because of me, I will be responsible.

Falcon Emperor stared at her for a moment and then nodded.

This child...

She still couldnt get over the obstacle in her heart.

Within the chicken farm, a firm decision had been made.

To be resurrected from death.

Wasnt this a topic which scientists have spent many years studying? Even in this era, humans could only treat and delay their deaths. It was simply impossible to come back from death.

Death was an obstacle which scientific research hadnt overcome.

And now, someone or some beast to be precise had overcome this iron rule.


A dazzling light appeared from the sky.

Without any hesitation nor regret, the blue dream butterfly stepped forward.

Since when was reviving a dead person easy?

Youre really not going to think further? Falcon Emperor looked at her silently and asked for the final time.

Su Hao just died.

His soul hadnt been destroyed.

So, there would always be a chance for him to be resurrected.

However, if the blue dream butterfly dies, she would truly die. Instead of saying the eagle was resurrecting someone, it would be better to phrase it as an exchange of lives.

This point was simple. Blue dream butterfly understood this fact too.

Ill never regret. Blue dream butterfly replied in a confident tone. That young girl showed a determined look.

Alright! Falcon Emperor nodded.


Falcon Emperor spread its wings and covered the entire chicken farm. In an instant, darkness shrouded the farm and one could no longer see anything there. Instantly, stars began to form in the middle of the darkness which gave the impression of an endless starry night.

One point.

Two points.

More and more were formed.

The dark chicken farm which began to lit up thanks to the innumerable greenish crystals floating in the air. The scene was so beautiful that when one admired it, it felt like looking at a green galaxy!


Su Haos body was suddenly sucked into the air and dragged along by the many crystals.


Blue dream butterflys eyes widen as she curiously looked at these mysterious crystals gently dragging her all the way to Su Haos side.

The greenish crystals then surrounded both of them.

One of Su Haos arm was lifted up and immediately afterward, it was the blue dream butterflys turn. These greenish crystals were like little workers trying to push forward these two giants arms. Soon, both hands were held together.

Huh? Blue dream butterfly exclaimed as she finally understood what to do.

While in mid-air, blue dream butterfly tightly held Su Haos hand.

There was still some heat coming from Su Haos hand.

Falcon Emperor looked at this scene and shook its head. Finally, it began the final step and many green crystals started changing.

The star-like crystals began to shine brightly!

With both hands acting as the center, the greenish crystals gathered and wrapped around them. Soon, a huge sphere with dazzling light formed.

Am I going to die now... Blue dream butterfly stared at the space blankly.

At this moment, all she could see was an endless green glow.

Death should be a terrifying thing to experience.

For blue dream butterfly, she had always been timid.

However, she currently felt no fear. This feeling of the temperature on her palm felt so good that she smiled sweetly.

The previous hour, she was still suffering from the misery.

But now, she could hold on to Su Haos hand and use her life to save him.

For her, this was the greatest happiness!

Su Hao...

I really love you! Blue dream butterfly smiled sweetly.

She could feel her eyelids getting heavier by the second. Gradually, she lost all consciousness. If there is a next life will I be able to accompany you by your side again?

With the identity as a human, blue dream butterfly passed away.

The light surrounded both Su Hao and blue dream butterfly!

It seemed that some sort of strange force had replaced both bodies and a mysterious process was undergoing at the same time.

As always, Falcon Emperor still maintained her calm while watching these two kids silently.

Cause and effect...

Did this world have a cause and effect law?

Falcon Emperor didnt know.

In any case, it would have never thought that it would actually help Su Tianchengs son one day. Was it because Su Tiancheng spared its life before?

Well, this was something it would never know.

Falcon Emperor nodded its head.

Or perhaps, this was all according to Su Tianchengs arrangements?

If Su Tiancheng killed it that day, then would nobody be here to save his son today?

What was the truth?

It couldnt figure it out.

It just knew that when it saw blue dream butterfly was suffering so much, it must act! Being trapped here for so many years, blue dream butterfly was the only one who it could share thoughts with it! And she was one who was naive and not afraid of it at all.

As for inheritance?


It never thought this far.

Since the end of origin ability eras turmoil in the earlier days, it had long overcome the greed for power. Perhaps the only regret it had was the betrayal of the berserk beasts.

Because of its ability talent, its status within the beasts was high.

Who would have thought that when the crisis came and Su Tiancheng rampaged in the beast domain, the beasts actually abandon it alone?

Among those, that brat was one of them!

It would never forget that day.

When it thought that it had reached the moment of death, Su Tiancheng actually didnt kill it but instead, he imprisoned it here!

With a silver nail, its wings were clipped directly to this chicken farm and never able to fly again!

A Falcon Emperor...

Fallen into a chicken farm?

It was simply shameful!

It had gone through the cycle of hatred, repent and brimming with killing intent; in the end, it settled down to be calm. It was because one day, countless of lives were born. Under its influence, they had also unlocked wisdom equivalent to the level of a human child!

Years had passed just like that.

The fighting spirit in its heart had long faded away as it watched these chicks grow up as if they were its own children.

They were extremely adorable!

At first, it thought it would spend the rest of its life here alone with the chicks.

Until the blue dream butterfly appeared...

It knew what was happening to the world now. It also knew the current status of beasts and humans.

It was at this moment that a dream began to appear once again in its heart.

Its dream to fly!

Of course, it was an eagle after all!

It was the king among the beasts with power surpassing any king level beasts and the only one with the title emperor. After leaving the beasts for so many years, how were their days now?

When it attempted to break free again, it was stunned to notice that the silver nail was actually easily broken.

At that time, it only noticed that the silver nail wasnt just to imprison it but to protect it too so that its beast aura wasnt revealed. It was also why it could continue its long life.

Su Tiancheng saved it.


Was it so that it could save Su Hao today?


Or it was all planned?

Falcon Emperor didnt know nor did it want to know.

When it soared in the sky, it knew that its life was running out. Instead of saying it had returned to the old days, to say that it was reaching the end of its lifespan would be more appropriate.


It had always required a high price to pay!

Besides using a life as a sacrifice, it also had to use its lifespan too!


The dazzling greenish crystals spread all over the chicken farm and formed an oval ring.

Blue dream butterflys figure began to turn translucent.

The final step, when her body completely vanished it would signify the end of her life!

Su Tiancheng, I have returned your grace...

Silly girl, what Mother Eagle can do is only this...


With a flip of a wing, it soared to the middle of the ring in between Su Hao and blue dream butterfly. The greenish crystals flashed through its body and suddenly halted.


An eagles scream echoed in the air.


The sky shook as strong aura spread to the surrounding.