Godly Model Creator Chapter 493

Gmc Chapter 493

Chapter 493    Awakening

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

In the endless darkness, Su Hao gradually regained consciousness from being in a deep sleep. Strange voices could be heard as his mind turned clear.

Where is Mother Eagle?

Dont know, I think it might fly up the sky!

Wow, Mother Eagle is very powerful.

Yea, what about Sister Blue?

Stupid, I have already said Sister Blues first name is not Blue!

Youre the stupid one!

A few little chicks quarreled with each other and did not seem to notice any differences. For them who possess a childs wisdom, being playful the whole day was their limit.


Su Hao began to move his fingers.

Those chicks were shocked and quickly hid behind the wall.


Su Haos arm began to move.

His consciousness gradually returned.

Energy began to slowly form in his body. Soon all the wounds on his body were repaired, included his destroyed heart.

Su Hao finally awakened.


Su Hao stood up abruptly and his eyes swept across his surrounding. Those chicks instantly disappeared without any trace.

This is... Su Haos heart was startled.

Rich Chicken Farm?

This familiar scene quickly pull Su Haos mind back to reality!

This isnt right I actually am still alive? Su Hao hit his own arm, and a painful sensation appeared. It proved that what he was experiencing is real.

What happened? Su Hao frowned. He distinctly remembered the final moment before his death.

The scene which occurred during the beast tide once again replayed in his mind.


Blue dream butterfly...


What had actually happened? Su Hao began to panic.

Such a feeling was a good experience!

What about the others?

Why was he here?

In his memory, the ones who knew about this place was only him and blue dream butterfly.

Since he was here, where was the blue dream butterfly?

Had she gone out?

Su Haos heart felt an inexplicable unease.

Model analysis!


A powerful energy fluctuation began to cover the whole chicken farm. At this time, he only noticed his current strength.

Even without the presence of the strange energy, he was still a professional esper!


Su Haos heart turned cold.


In this chicken farms, excluding those chicks, there was nobody else.

What about others?

The moment he woke up, what he saw up till now was hard to believe.

In the end, was he alive or dead?

Where was this?

Was this really the Rich Chicken Farm?

In the end, what actually happened?

Su Hao calmed down the uneasiness in his heart. Carefully observing the surrounding, he noticed a mess as if something occurred.

Was it here...

Su Hao gently touched the ground.

Model analysis!


Energy fluctuation began to form again.

Data began to flow in his mind!

During the time of his breakthrough, how did he build the memory model?

Was it because of the memory left in his brain? No, there were also those mysterious factors which were often neglected but their presence was undeniable.

This world was an amazing one with all sorts of laws.

When something happened, there would always be some marks left behind.

Since this was the case, what happened to this chicken farm?

Su Haos mind was thinking rapidly with thousands of computers running. Soon, the extraction method was completed and he began activating it.



Incomplete scenes began to form in his mind.

With the constant flow of data, the scenes quickly became complete without him knowing.

The scene was interrupted!

Card establishment!

A new shiny card actually formed at this moment.

Under model analysis, this new card was quickly completed. It was just an ordinary supporting technique which was used to view past events! Now...

Su Hao could actually go back to the past!

The past?

Su Hao decided to test it.



His surrounding began to slow down.

The unexplained mysterious factors began to take into account, and a model world began to form. Now, what Su Hao wanted to do was to capture the mysterious factors of the past. Those which were about to disappear, they were the one which would give him clues.



He tried it for the first time.

It only took a few seconds before he failed.

Second trial...

Third trial...

Fourth trial...

Su Hao kept trying and soon lost his sense of time.

When he finally mastered this origin technique, a brand new temporary world was built and a scene began to form.

Falcon Emperor...

Blue dream butterfly...

Little by little!

Su Hao could see it clearly!

When the scene reached its end, Su Hao was stunned. Blue dream butterfly, she actually died?

In order to save him, she died?

How could it end like this?

A surge of complicated emotion began to arise in his heart as Su Hao gritted his teeth. He then forcefully removed this feeling and used the computers to perform calculations.

Because if this feeling were to continue, he would go crazy!



The result was obvious.

Died? Su Hao dazedly looked at the end result.

Something wasnt right.

Calming himself down, Su Hao would never miss any uncertainty.

If blue dream butterfly died, then what about the Falcon Emperor? It also died? The final moment, I clearly saw it rushed forward and interrupted the origin technique!

That action...

It had interrupted the process of resurrection!

What was being used up is the life force of Falcon Emperor!

Falcon Emperor...

Are you the one who saved the blue dream butterfly?

Then where is she?

Back to reality...

As the stream of light faded, the eagle had sacrificed its life and use it to exchange for blue dream butterflys life. This was why blue dream butterfly had not disappeared yet!

That translucent body floated in the air and eventually attached to Su Haos body.

Hold on... Su Hao was shocked.

Only at this moment that Su Hao shifted his sight to himself. He was stunned to find that on his right arm, there was a beautiful tattoo which seemed alive.

Is this the blue dream butterfly?

Su Hao couldnt believe what he saw!

Blue dream butterfly, her vitality actually stayed in his body!

Falcon Emperor, is this what you want? Su Hao touched the tattoo and couldnt calm down for quite some time. When he saw this tattoo, everything was finally clearly shown.

Model analysis could analyze, but all it could do was up to the limit of its current state.

The real intention of Falcon Emperor was not being told to him.

Was blue dream butterfly dead?


However, it was similar to dying. After all, the eagle was on the brink of death. With such a little amount of life force and having to support the origin technique, all it could do was to leave some of the blue dream butterflys life force behind.

Although she wasnt dead, she would be in this state forever and may no longer regain consciousness.

What should I do? He was able to guess the intention of Falcon Emperor.

Falcon Emperor must have entrusted him to save blue dream butterfly!


How would he save her?

He was totally clueless!!

Since you want me to save her, at least tell me the method!

Su Hao looked at the scene again and again but never managed to find a clue.

Was it because it's too late? Su Hao murmured to himself.

The pain in his heart, sometimes being alive was more painful than death.

Blue dream butterfly felt the same suffering.

And now it was his turn.

What should I actually do!!! Su Hao roared and his shout echoed in the whole chicken farm. However, nobody could answer him. For the first time, Su Hao felt helpless.

Blue dream butterfly...

How could I save her?



Strong aura began to emit from his body.

Numerous glasses in the chicken farm were shattered into pieces. Not far away from Su Hao, a silver nail was blown away by this aura and vanished into somewhere.


Su Hao kept repeating the scene to find any hint.

Out of sudden, the temporary world used to backtrack suddenly shook and collapsed. The world then began to run on its own without being influenced by him!

The world was moving on its own!

What happened? Su Hao was stunned.

For the world model to go out of control, this was the very first time such an incident had occurred!

No energy was being consumed and it was as if Su Hao became a part of the audience in a cinema, watching the scene unfold.



The world model kept changing, but Su Hao could see it clearly that the time was being rewound!

One day!

Two days!

Three days!

One month!

One year!


In fact, Su Hao himself had lost track of time.


At some point of the time, the scene slowed down and gradually returned to a normal pace.

It was still the same Rich Chicken Farm, but it looked worse than before.

A silver nail and a pair of wings was directly penetrated and pinged to the ground. It was covered in blood as the giant figure struggled with difficulty.