Godly Model Creator Chapter 494

Chapter 494

Chapter 494 This world has a problem!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Its Falcon Emperor... Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

What person was so powerful that he could reduce Falcon Emperor to such state?

Why dont you kill me? You think by imprisoning me here, I will help you? You madman! Falcon Emperor screamed desperately.

It was furious at the current situation.

Humanity and berserk beasts will always be eternal enemies. Thus, it was understandable that one would fight for their own interest. But it really couldnt understand Su Tiancheng!

This madman!

He had never intended to help either side. His goal was none other than to destroy the world!

This madman!

A true madman!

The world model was still playing the scene.

As the world expanded, a figure appeared not far from the eagle with his back facing the eagle. That figure seemed small in comparison to the aura emitted, but he was not to be underestimated.


Su Hao was shocked!

This back...

He was too familiar with it!

When he was small, how many times he had followed this back and how many times had this figure carried him to play around!

This figure was none other than Su Tiancheng!


Su Hao almost slipped out.

He had always guessed his fathers strength before, but he never imagined that it would be this shocking when the truth was revealed!

Falcon Emperor was much stronger than any king level beast!

His fathers silver nail imprisoned such a strong beast! What was the limit to his fathers strength? With such strength, how could he die in a car accident?

What actually happened that year?!

What was the truth?!

Su Haos mind kept working at high speeds; unfortunately, it was a world model.

It was a replay of a past event.

Nobody would be able to give him an answer.

Even if he shouted, nobody would be able to hear his voice. That figure stepped to the side, revealing the face which Su Hao was too familiar with. He calmly asked, Where is the Falcon Pearl?

Falcon Pearl? Falcon Emperor bitterly smiled, You think I will give it to you? A Falcon Pearl can awaken a sleeping soul, do you think I will bring it with me? Even if its in the hands of those traitors, it would still be better than with you, you madman! At least mankind and berserk beasts fight for their own beliefs, but you?

Where are your beliefs? Falcon Emperor asked in anger.

Ah, I see. So, its in the beast domain. Su Tiancheng went into deep thought. After obtaining the answer he wanted, he looked up slightly and then sideways before resuming his usual calmness.


Su Hao felt his soul tremble.

Just now, what happened?

It was during the moment when Su Tiancheng turned around and shifted his gaze over here, Su Hao felt a powerful force engulf him. He didnt even dare breathe!

What was that?

Wasnt this just a replay?

Why would there be a reaction?

Dad could he see Su Hao?

When Su Hao raised his head back, Su Tiancheng had turned his head away. It felt like an illusion, but Su Hao definitely felt it in his heart.

His imagination?


Could dad be hinting me?

Recalling the dialogue between Su Tiancheng and Falcon Emperor just now, Su Hao finally understood everything.

Falcon Pearl...

Awakening a sleeping soul...


Su Haos eyes lit up. Looking at the tattoo on his right arm, he felt excited.

Hahaha. Su Hao laughed out loud.

So it was the Falcon Pearl!

Dad was hinting to me that the Falcon Pearl would be able to save the blue dream butterfly!

Thanks, dad... Su Hao mumbled to himself.

Looking at that familiar figure, all sort of complicated feeling arises within his heart. Regardless of his identity, Su Tiancheng would always be the father who he kept chasing from behind.

Falcon Pearl. Su Hao silently imprinted this item into his brain.

Right now, this was the only hope to save blue dream butterfly.

As long as he could find the pearl, blue dream butterfly would be able to return to normal. No matter where it was, even if it were in the beast domain, Su Hao would kill his way there!

Little brat, wait for me. I will definitely save you! Su Hao gently touched the tattoo.


The scene in the world model was still moving.

The replay of the past was still ongoing, and Falcon Emperor struggled without giving up. However, it was all in vain.

After Su Tiancheng obtained his answer, he turned around and left.

Su Tiancheng! Falcon Emperor angrily shouted, Do you really wish to destroy this world? Have you ever thought what will happen to Su Wan? Your family, your son, have you ever considered them before? If the world is destroyed, everything will vanish and disappear without a trace. Are you willing to kill your loved ones?

Su Tianchengs figure finally halted.

After a moment, a soft sentence could be heard. You dont understand.

What is there that I dont understand?! Falcon Emperor was angered, Even if they betrayed me, I would still side with berserk beasts! I have my own dignity, my own beliefs! For the ultimate victory, I am willing to sacrifice anything! As for you? Whats left after destroying the world? Even if you win, then whats next?!

Powerful aura swept across the surrounding!

Falcon Emperors eyes were filled with killing intent and deep hatred.

Mankind win?

Berserk beasts win?

Su Tiancheng turned back and looked at the eagle with a brimming smile, Thats why I said you dont understand.



Falcon Emperor stared at Su Tiancheng without missing a single second while struggling crazily. However, that silver nail was like Mountain Tai which was never to be overcome, suppressing it from being able to move.

Su Tianchengs eye gaze looked cold as he left a sentence behind.

This world has a problem.


The scene halted!

This world has a problem.

This world has a problem.

This world has a problem.



That one sentence from Su Tiancheng kept echoing while the world spun non-stop. In the end, the whole world collapsed!

This world...

Has a problem?

Subconsciously, Su Hao began to think about this problem.

This world, what problem did it have?

Was the arrival of origin ability the problem?

Ability talent?

Or the improvement in strength?

No matter what, there seemed to be no problem.

Human and beasts fight among each other to protect their benefits at all cost! What Falcon Emperor said wasnt wrong at all, but it was Su Tianchengs words which were hard to understand.

What did he mean by that? Su Hao was clueless. Is it because Im too weak?

Others might not believe but he definitely would!

As for Su Tiancheng, Su Hao one hundred percent trusted him! No matter what, he would never harm himself or family members!

If so, why did he want to destroy the world?

Su Hao remembered this scene well.

With his memory and his new ability, he could recall the scene at any time to analyze it more.

He believed that one day, he would understand what that sentence means!


A silver nail fell off to the ground.

Su Hao gently picked it up to examine it. Sure enough, it turned into an ordinary nail.

Just now, was that his dads warning?

Su Hao stored this nail.

Even if it was a useless item now, it was still something left behind by Su Tiancheng.

Su Hao who was only a professional esper was still far away from being involved in anything which involved the scale of the whole world.

Right now, blue dream butterfly was his main priority!

Falcon Pearl? Su Hao clenched his fists.

With an energy fluctuation covering the whole chicken farm once again, Su Hao left the scene after making sure that there was nothing else left.

Jianghe City.

The beast tide ended.

This city had regained its peace.

The damage caused by the beast tide had been repaired in just one week, and everything resumed back to normal.

Just that, the only matter which worried everyone was the state of Su Haos life.

A berserk beast...

Would it actually help a human?

While everyone was full of doubt, Su Hao returned!

In one piece!

After confirming that Su Hao had no injury, they were stunned.

This world actually had a resurrection technique?

If such news were to spread to even the top of the Federation, what would happen?

Nobody dared to guess!

During the chaotic times, many family members of the higher ups died. If one could be resurrected, then the world would once again be chaotic.

However, after the crowd understood the truth of this resurrection, nobody mentioned it anymore. Using ones life in exchange to revive someone!

Plus, only strong existences like Falcon Emperor could perform this origin technique. More importantly, Falcon Emperor is now dead!

Su Hao had nothing to hide.

Regarding what happened in the chicken farm, excluding the matters of his father, Su Hao revealed everything. As for Falcon Pearl, Su Hao had consulted the Federal Guardian, Zhang Yang. After Zhang Yang received this inquiry, he began to investigate. Soon, in a few days time, there would be some news.

As for the silver nail.

The only one Su Hao could ask was his aunt, Su Wan.

However, after Su Wan heard about it, she could only guess that it was something Su Tiancheng left behind as a safety measure.

Why did my dad want to destroy the world? Su Hao asked this question.

In the eyes of students, a son stepping up to save the world from being destroyed by their father seemed to be a perfect template for the main character, but Su Hao never believed that his father would do so without a motive.

Or even doing anything which may harm his family.

However, Su Wans reply was simpler than he expected, Im not sure. He just wanted to do it. Since he needed my help, I tagged along.

It was a simple answer. Who would have thought that the one with the title Demon Woman was willing to do anything as long as Su Tiancheng requested her?

The matter regarding Su Haos resurrection didnt become the spotlight for long.

This matter was quietly buried after a complete investigation, and nobody wanted to mention the blue dream butterflys death in front of Su Hao. Nobody could offer much help regarding this matter.

Time quietly passed