Godly Model Creator Chapter 495

Chapter 495

Chapter 495 The beast battlefield

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

One week quickly passed.

Su Hao seemed to have recovered to his usual self.

As for the sadness of blue dream butterflys death, only Su Hao could overcome this hurdle himself.

Su Wan had experienced Su Tianchengs death. Such pain was something they had to bear personally.

Even Chen Yiran could only resort to silently accompanying Su Hao.

Perhaps she realized the fact that the one who always accompanied beside Su Hao during the difficult times wasnt herself, but the blue dream butterfly.

The death of blue dream butterfly was a critical mental blow to Su Hao.

Right now, the only thing that held his mind was that Falcon Pearl. As long as it managed to be found, then there was hope in saving her.

However, things werent developing in the direction everyone expected.

When Zhang Yang returned from the headquarters, his face looked ugly.

What happened? Su Hao asked calmly.

Zhang Yang: ...

Is there any problem with Falcon Pearl? Su Haos tone was very flat.

Yea. Zhang Yang sighed, During that year, after Falcon Emperors death, the position was taken over by a new emperor. It was the one who initiated the previous beast tide. When Falcon Emperor appeared again, it feared that the eagle would use this Falcon Pearl to save you. Thus, it quickly destroyed the pearl! It was exactly on the day of your death that this occurred!

Is the information reliable? Su Haos expression remained the same.

Reliable. Zhang Yang nodded, A few mind controllers collected information from the berserk beasts. This matter was actually quite a hot topic in the beast domain. It tried to stop the Falcon Emperor, but never would it have imagined the eagle would use its own life for the resurrection.

Right now, the matter of you being alive is still a secret.

At least, this is the case on for beasts.

Alright, I understand.

So, Falcon Pearl is destroyed?

Based on the information, it is.

Zhang Yang pondered for a bit, This powerful Nitai artifact couldnt be completely destroyed. At most, it would be divided into several pieces. Of course, what remained is not clear.

Oh, I see. Su Hao silently received the news.

Are you really alright? Zhang Yang couldnt help but ask.

The current state of Su Hao really caught him by surprise.

The previous two days, when Su Hao just returned, his mood was quite heavy. After all, blue dream butterfly sacrificed herself for him. Even if there was a glimmer of hope, that kind of pressure in his heart wasnt something any ordinary man could take. And now...

Falcon Pearl had been destroyed!

The only hope vanished!

Yet, Su Hao remained calm.

That was something Zhang Yang didnt expect.

He felt something weird in his heart.

Although Su Hao was just a level one professional esper which seemed like a weak ant to them, Su Hao was like a god-like character that day and that scene had been deeply engraved in the mind of these three Federal Guardians!

That scene wasnt something which was easy to forget.

Was it because he recently broke through?

They had done that many times but never did they experience such a powerful strength due to a breakthrough.

Im fine. Su Hao smiled, There will always be a way to everything.

Alright then. Zhang Yang reluctantly said. Was he really fine?

Su Haos current state really made him nervous even more.

Who is that brat then? Su Hao suddenly opened his mouth as if the had thought of something.

Tiger Emperor! Well, its the title it gave to itself.

Zhang Yang began to mock, Previously, it was one of the underlings of Falcon Emperor. Then, after the death of the eagle, it broke through into emperor rank and took over the position as the emperor. The beast tide was his doing. Previously, when it saw Su Tiancheng, it was the one who ran away first. That was why it was so determined to kill you. Probably due to its fear.

It was afraid that one day, you would become a strong esper too.

Because of what it experienced, its fear was even greater!

Fear? Su Hao revealed a mocking smile.

Such a beast could actually become powerful?

Berserk beasts are indeed different from mankind.

However, Zhang Yangs few words had caught his attention, Emperor rank?

Yea, after king level beasts, its emperor rank! Zhang Yang continued, King level beasts are equivalent to peak professional espers. As for emperor, its equivalent to domain esper which is a higher existence. Although Tiger Emperor is at the emperor rank, its probably the weakest.

Tiger Emperor?

Su Hao murmured to himself, Then, the strength of Federal Guardians...

Yep. Zhang Yang nodded, Peak professional espers which are half a step from being a domain esper! Too bad, this half a step requires a long time! When we step into this realm, it would be the time to find a replacement for a Federal Guardian.

So that is it. Su Hao finally understood.

However, there was still a matter which he was not sure. Since they had the title as Federal Guardian, they should have been most powerful characters in Federation and yet, they had not entered into the domain realm.

They were still struggling at the threshold of the professional esper realm.

Also, he had heard many times that here is the back garden of Federal Guardians?

Su Hao asked for clarification but only after a long pause that Zhang Yang voiced out, Can you create a model of Earth?


In front, a glowing orb appeared, forming into a bluish model of Earth.

It was purely formed from energy particles which could be considered as a virtual state. Right now, Su Hao could easily create it without the aid of any machine.

In your opinion, how large is the territory of Federation? Zhang Yang asked.


Isnt it the coalition of every nation?

All nations? Zhang Yang smirked, Then have you ever thought where the berserk beasts domain is?


Su Haos pupil enlarged.

He finally understood what had he missed. All the time, he had ignored the biggest issue. To be precise, everyone in the school under the guidance of teachers had ignored this issue.

Where is the beasts domain?

Berserk beasts?

They were available outside the city wall, in the wild.

It was what schools taught.

However, was that really the truth?

Of course not!

The ones outside the city were only a small part. The latest beast tide had made Su Hao realized that the true berserk beasts were from the deeper region which was more terrifying.

And these beasts, where were they from?

Beast domain!

Since there is a domain, naturally there would be places occupied by them.

Then, where were they on the surface of Earth?

How large was their territory?

Haaa. Zhang Yang sighed for a second and used a finger to draw a perfect red line to divide the earth model into two.

Su Hao instantly stunned. This...

Youre right! Zhang Yang bitterly laughed, The entire southern hemisphere belongs to the beasts!


Su Hao could feel a roar echoing in his mind.

It was more confusing than the time he met Su Tiancheng!

He knew that the berserk beasts were strong, but he had never imagined that the entire southern hemisphere was the beast domain.

Somethings not right. In the map, each region has a part on the southern hemisphere. Su Haos mind was confused by this.

This is all to avoid any public panic. In fact, can you recall anyone who had gone to the other side? Zhang Yang shook his head, Since most humans came before the era of chaos, in their eyes, Earth has always been humanitys territory and a complete one!

Thus, to ensure no panic, we could only resort to fake maps.

Then what about the so-called beast battlefield?

Su Haos eyes lit up as Zhang Yang pointed at the red line he drew, This is the battlefield!

Su Haos pupil contracted.

The Equator!

The so-called beast battlefield turned out to be the equator!

Soon after the arrival of origin ability, the northern and southern hemisphere were separated into two different sources of magnetic fields. The energy in the northern hemisphere is relatively stable while the southern part is violent. Over time, berserk beasts were suppressed in the Federation, but the same thing happened to mankind over on the other side!

The two forces confront each other at the equator. As time passed, the equator became the only region which wasnt affected by the magnetic field! Only at the equator can the true strength of mankind and berserk beasts be shown. In contrast, the deeper someone ventures into the enemys region, more strength is suppressed.

Thus, it doesnt matter who has the advantage because it will be balanced out as you venture deeper into enemy territory. To truly defeat the beast, you must have an absolute strength to suppress the beast on their home turf. Being able to ignore the magnetic field, to rampage in their domain wont be a problem.

Zhang Yangs words had refreshed Su Haos understanding of this world.

So is this the secret behind the beast battlefield?

Then was the Federation really the back garden?

The entire Federation was the most peaceful region.

There was no threat of wars or attacks from berserk beasts. It was also the place where the Federation cultivates new talents, and it was equal to the training ground to nurture new forces to be utilized on the beast battlefield.

When ones strength qualified, he would be sent to the beast battlefield.

Under normal circumstances, any beast which is above king level would never be able to enter this side. Even when a king level beast came, it would have to pay a considerable price for the intrusion.

Thus, mankind was able to develop comfortably.

After graduating from school or have the qualifications, a human would then develop to a higher level!

Only true geniuses were qualified to fight for humanity! Otherwise, any ordinary esper would just end up as a nourishment for the berserk beasts to enhance their strength in the battlefield.

Federal Guardians were none other than acting like a nanny!

Su Hao had heard this statement once, but he had never thought that the so-called nanny was literally what it meant. Federal Guardians were the nannies of mankind!

The Equator!


Back garden!

Origin magnetic field!

The strength of berserk beast was actually this powerful!

Su Hao had to spend some time to digest the information.

So we have been failing to attack their region because of the magnetic fields effect? Su Hao made a smart guess.

Zhang Yang shook his head, Precisely the opposite!

Su Hao was stunned and could hardly believe what he had just heard!

How could this be?!