Godly Model Creator Chapter 496

Chapter 496

Chapter 496    A death mission

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Are berserk beasts powerful?


It was entirely different from what the schools had taught. In the textbooks, humans had always been the top of the food chain!

The berserk beasts kept attacking mankinds territory. Even though they were defeated each time, they remained greedy.

And now, the actual fact was mankind is at a disadvantage?

Su Hao was mind blown.

What he had heard today changed the way he viewed the world.

He had always heard that once you graduated from university or officially stepped into the society, your perception of the world would be widened. However, the actual truth had such disparity!

Are you trying to make a fool out of me?

So what the schools taught about history were all lies?

If one were told that humans were actually inferior to beasts, their spirits wouldnt be at the peak if they were to engage in battle.

Su Hao took a deep breath before his mind quickly analyzed the information.

The advantage of having thousands of computers in his mind was able to control his emotion at this crucial moment, and the data was distributed to them to be processed.

After eliminating all the external factors, he quickly noticed a problem.

Why did Zhang Yang tell him about this problem?

Mankinds crisis!

The advantage of berserk beasts!

These things werent information which should be shared with Su Hao. Under normal circumstances, only when one entered the battlefield would they reveal the truth.

But now?

He was just a mere level one professional esper.

What was the use of telling him?

Your goal. Su Haos eyes were clear.

Indeed youre Su Hao. Zhang Yang praised him.

At first, he thought that Su Hao wouldnt get what he was trying to achieve due to the blue dream butterflys death, but Su Hao quickly noticed the problem with a description of the current situation.

Su Hao was without a doubt a genius.

You want to go to the beast battlefield, right? Zhang Yang directly asked without beating around the bush.

Who says that I want to do so? Su Hao denied it instantly.

You dont have to admit it. After receiving the news that Falcon Pearl had been destroyed, you didnt show any change in emotion. Showing that you already have a plan set up. Even if it had been broken to pieces, as long as you recover them all, there is still some hope. Zhang Yang said slowly.

Su Hao squint his eyes, You want to stop me?

Nope. Zhang Yang shook his head.

If I want to do so, I wouldnt be wasting my time with this nonsense. All I want is to leave you a copy of the data. After he finished his sentence, Zhang Yang pulled out a paper document.

It was such a weird scene to see that the government still utilized the usage of paper in this era.

Zhang Yang then explained, This form is much safer.

Su Hao didnt say anything. Instead, he quietly opened the document labeled top secret. On the paper, it was filled with a bloody red font which described the military situation on the beast battlefield.

A total defeat!

Lost xxx people!

A total defeat!

Lost xxx people!

A total defeat!

Lost xxx people!

It was mainly filled with these sentences.

For years, mankind never won! Not even once!

How could the situation end like this?

These are the battles at Zero Point. Zhang Yang explained.

Zero Point?

Yea. Zhang Yang nodded and continued his explanation.

The entire ring-shaped equator was the battlefield, and there were two points of meridian which intersect with the equator. One of the points is called Zero Point, and the other one is named Final Point. Near Zero Point, the violent magnetic field has the greatest impact. Even if human won, it would be hard to continue forward.

In contrast, Final Point has the stable magnetic field that suppresses the berserk beasts. It is here that mankind uses as a base station to initiate attacks against the beast domain.

To simplify things, Final Point is the base of mankind, while Zero Point is the stronghold of berserk beasts.

These two points would be the hot spot which would have the most intense battles. The closer a fight took place to these points, the more intense the conflict would proceed.

At first, the strength from both sides didnt differ much.

However, recently, humans kept launching attacks at Final Point but without much success. Meanwhile, it was at Zero Point that mankind kept suffering heavy defeats.

If this situation continued...

When Zero Point was lost to the beasts, the entire human population would be in danger!

To concentrate all forces at Zero Point?

Nobody dared to issue such a command!

Because once you lost the means to attack and had to resort to passive defense, it would only be a matter of time before the fall of humanity.

So, they could only initiate their offense from Final Point and had the higher chance to win!

However, recently, the outcome of the battle was strange.

At Zero Point, mankind suffered a disastrous defeat. As for Final Point, they also suffered the same fate, even when humans are supposed to have an advantage. The situation was bizarre.

Therefore, the Federation must make a choice.

The higher-ups have no solution? Su Hao smirked.

There is. Zhang Yang nodded, But the price is too huge to pay. Thats why they resorted to finding you.

Why? Su Hao asked.

Nobody has been able to invade the beast domain. There were a countless number of humans who attempted and couldnt escape death even under a disguise. The reason is simple. There were superpowers which could sense the whole domain and guard it. Im afraid the moment when a human steps into the domain, he would be instantly under watch.

Su Haos heart turned cold.

Luckily, he didnt rush into the beast domain or else he couldnt imagine how would he die.

Then I can do that? Su Hao was curious.

Of course, because youre already dead. Zhang Yang said as he shrugged his shoulder.

I... Su Hao finally understood.

As the top student of college entrance exam, he was the top genius of this batch! Naturally, berserk beasts would pay more attention to him. When he died, naturally many had diverted their attention away from him. And now, even if he were resurrected, not many beasts would know.

Tiger Emperor wont be able to guess this?

Since Falcon Pearl had been destroyed and Falcon Emperor is dead now, he naturally thought that it did not have to worry anymore. Just that, it must have never thought that after being imprisoned for so many years, Falcon Emperor could actually resurrect someone without a Falcon Pearl. Even if others might be wary, it definitely wont! What is more interesting is that the territory of Falcon Emperor is at the entrance of Final Point!

What am I supposed to do?

Zhang Yang pulled out a metal tube and handed it over to him.

This is? Su Hao curiously played with it.

Nuclear bomb.


Su Haos hand shook, and he almost threw this thing away.


Nuclear bomb?


Damn, do you want us to die?

Why dont you warn me beforehand?

As for how powerful it is, I believe I do not need to explain. With the suppression of energy and combined with the latest nuclear technology, its power is indescribable. There is nothing for you to do. When you enter the beast domain, you just have to leave this tube there, finish your matter, and then return. Zhang Yang calmly said.

Wont it detonate? Su Hao looked at the nuclear bomb in his hand.

Dont worry. As long there is no strong collision, nothing will happen. The difficulty of this mission is to rush to the beast domain. If you intend to go, carrying this bomb wont hinder you much.

What if I disagree to accept it?

Then the government will arrange someone else to do it, but I am not sure how many more will die. Zhang Yang said without hesitation and immediately took out a bottle of liquid, putting it in front of Su Hao, If you are going to accept this mission, then this is for you.


Nitai artifact glue! Su Hao was stunned.

The so-called Nitai artifact drug was costly!

Its value was actually higher than any ordinary Nitai artifact! The only role it had was to stick the broken Nitai artifact back to intact form. Of course, once something was broken, no matter how well the pieces are glued together, it wont be perfect.

After being fixed, the Nitai artifact would only have a chance to be used and then completely disappeared.

And what Su Hao aimed for was this chance!

When he knew the existence of Falcon Pearl, he had already guessed that it would most probably be in the hand of Tiger Emperor. Therefore, the chances of it being destroyed were as high as 33%. in fact, he had predicted this correctly.

Since Falcon Pearl had been destroyed, it was time to start his Plan A.

However, he didnt expect that before he could initiate his plan, he would be stopped by Zhang Yang and given such a task!

Should he accept it or not?

Su Hao did not hesitate at all.

In fact, he had decided to accept this mission without a second thought.

If he had to act on his own, he couldnt imagine how long would it take to find the materials to fix the pearl.

And now, everything was presented to him.

When the time comes, during the chaotic moment, we will launch some attacks to coordinate with you. You will assume the look of a berserk beast with your Nitai artifact and model analysis. I believe you should know what to do since no one can surpass you in this department.

Alright. Su Hao agreed.

After receiving the nuclear bomb and Nitai artifact glue, the transaction was completed.

Nobody would have thought a mere level one professional esper to be daring enough to venture into the realm of berserk beasts during the middle of a battle.

Not to mention, carrying a terrifying weapon!

You need to complete this mission for your studies! Zhang Yang reminded him again.

Su Hao understood what he meant by that. The higher ups probably had marked his first rank in the exam and the rewards! This situation wouldnt happen under normal circumstances, but there would always be some unexpected situation such as Su Haos identity!

The son of the Federations first madman!

Su Tianchengs son!

This fact was enough to attract attention from many.


Zhang Yang patted on his shoulder, Your future should be further than mine!