Godly Model Creator Chapter 497

Chapter 497

Chapter 497    A deranged world

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Inside the Federal conference room.

A group of well-dressed people surrounded a long table. Berserk Lion Zhang Yang was among them, sitting on the chair with a serious look. If outsiders saw this, they would definitely unconsciously piss themselves out of fear because the people in the room were all superpowers whose names shocked the whole Federation!

Currently, everyone stood up and looked at a virtual screen.

Above the screen was a blurry pattern, and a technician was heavily sweating trying to adjust an enormous instrument 



Each press of a button signified a slight adjustment.

A humming sound could be heard, coming from the machine. This reaction caused the technician to sweat even more. Clearly, he was extremely nervous right now.

One round, two rounds, three rounds.

One could even see the technicians shaking hands.

A moment later, the sound from the machine finally changed.



Within a foggy scene, there was a faint red light flashing. Although it was far from perfect, it was sufficient enough to know the location.

Finally, it appeared! The crowd revealed their joy.

The technician was even more excited than them.

Hahaha, finally I succeeded! Ten years! After a full decade, we can finally penetrate the barrier of berserk beasts! The technician exclaimed with tears of joy.

Since the chaotic era, nuclear weapons didnt last long. The whole beast domain had been sealed off by the powerful beasts which hindered any tools or satellites that could be used to monitor them. All they could see was a hazy scene.

Even if they launched a nuclear weapon, it would not reach the designated area due to being destroyed by some unknown force.

Among berserk beasts, they naturally had powerful beasts among their ranks.

That was why nuclear weapons were just a joke in front of them.

Were nuclear weapons powerful?

Of course!

If it erupted, nobody would be able to escape! However, there would always be a way to prevent it from exploding. A nuclear weapon which could not explode is just a pile of trash! As time went by, firearms began to lose their effectiveness.

Even the usage of nuclear weapon had no point. Who the hell would use machine guns to fight?

Then could they break the berserk beasts barrier?

This issue had been studied since the beginning of the chaotic era!

But for many years, it was fruitless!

All signals were blocked, and countless people had sacrificed their lives. Only to end up with a little amount of data about the domain. However, the complicated calculations had dashed mankinds hope until the invention of the quantum computer. Finally, they succeeded!

With the help of the quantum computer, all it took was half a year.

And the shield which blocked any signal was finally deciphered!

Although it was still not possible for the signal to reach far from the Federations territory, it was a step forward. At the moment, their next plan was to transport a nuclear bomb.

Both beasts and mankind were capable of space travel.

However, any energy which was too powerful would be rejected. That compressed energy in one tube would definitely not be able to pass through space.

Therefore, using someone as the transporter was the only option.

I want to see Su Haos position. A middle-aged man coldly said.

Alright. The technician began adjusting the scene.


The foggy scene vanished, and a new image appeared.

It showed the outer beast domain region, Tiger Emperors territory. After numerous attack from the army, only this map was managed to be drawn.

And this map only covered half of the berserk beast territory!


This map and the foggy map fused together, a process akin to adding a layer to a mask. Soon, a brand new version of the map appeared before everyones eyes.

Su Hao could be seen on this new map. He just left for the beast domain, heading toward the Tiger Emperors territory.

In the Federal conference room, a group of important people stared at this scene. At this moment, a little professional esper attracted their full attention.



The red dot was flashing.

Su Hao quietly moved while carrying the nuclear bomb.

In the beast domain.

As the Federal military had withdrawn, the berserk beasts also left the battlefield. Among this group, SuHao quietly blended into them.

This army of berserk beasts made the Federal military helpless.

The reason was straightforward; the strength gap was too big.

Even the lowest rank beasts were at the level of professional espers, coupled with their powerful commanders, this battle had proven to be too much for the Federal military to handle.

So this is the beast domain?

Su Hao walked together with this group of beasts.

What appeared in front of him was a magical scene. It was a hazy endless sky. It was a great price to pay in order to shield themselves from mankinds scientific technology. Without the existence of sunlight, the entire region had developed into a strange state.

There were mountains.

There was water.

There were trees.

However, under the influence of the violent energy here, each organism mutated strangely.

Trying to absorb the energy here, Su Hao felt a strong rejection. So a forceful absorption into the human body would cause significant harm!

I cant stay in this place for long! Su Hao secretly said in his heart.

Several berserk beasts smugly said something.

Su Hao tried to listen to their conversation for a long time, but he couldnt understand a single thing. At this moment, he finally realized he had to face a huge problem.

Damn you!

These beasts didnt speak the Federations language!

Even if he wanted to, nobody would understand him in this beast domain!

What to do now?

Su Hao was dumbfounded.

Oh, yea!


Su Haos mind began analyzing the beasts language.

Numerous data flashed through his mind. Recalling countless videos he had watched before, all those videos related to berserk beasts were extracted. In those videos, the roars, screams, or sound produced by berserk beasts would usually have a dub in the news.

These were the materials analyzed by Su Hao.


You damn humans!


I want to kill you all!

Su Hao extracted every sentence. Then, he began to analyze every word by relying on his computers.

Voice, tone, language...


A fierce berserk beast was staring at Su Hao and revealed a doubtful look.

Su Hao frowned.

He was totally clueless regarding what was said to him.

So, there was no answer from him.

The berserk beast made a few sounds again but seeing Su Hao didnt respond, it then began to approach Su Hao. Glaring at Su Hao, the rest looked at Su Hao with an evil look.

The surrounding atmosphere then suddenly turned tense.

Su Haos heart skipped a beat. He rapidly consumed the energy within his body as he accelerated the language analysis.





Obnbienew afgherowg who haeof seen aaiwmv! !we why are you not replying?

The beasts were mad.


Su Hao sighed in relief.

Finally, he had finished his analysis.

Those few words from the beast were quickly analyzed, and the result was the beast was actually who is he and why it never saw him before.

Su Hao didnt reply a few times in a row which was why this beast began to get mad.

Nothing, it seems like I have injured myself earlier. Su Hao began to utter some beast language.



This beast which looked like ox then hit Su Haos body. He felt a strong force being transferred and blasted away. If not of his strong body and internal force to cancel out the force which had electricity nature, that would probably destroy his body.


Su Hao was stunned.

What just happened?

Why did this beast attack him?

Was his identity exposed?

He felt that countless years had passed in his heart.

As his alert reached the max, Su Hao was getting ready to make a move!

The ox beast looked at Su Hao and was shocked that he didnt fall. With a hint of a doubtful look revealed in its eyes, it looked at him again before pretending to mock him, You trash! All you know is how to find excuses! All you know how to do is goof off every day. I wonder when you will be granted the title of king level!


His identity was not leaked.

Su Hao was finally able to catch a breath of relief.

This attack from the ox really made him puzzled.

This place was too strange!

However, the words from the ox beast did make his heart tempted.

King level beast?

Su Hao continued to listen carefully.

So what if one has the title as king level beast.

A beast which looked like a sheep said, You will still not escape being summoned to the battlefield. This time, a large number of king level beasts had died, and we managed to escape from that. Whos that again? Isnt your brother a king level beast? Some time ago, he followed Tiger Emperor and died too, right?

Who are you saying!

The ox was furious, My brother is Thunder Beast! He is the most powerful king level beast in the entire Tiger Emperors territory!

So what? He still died!



Two berserk beasts began to fight each other.

Then, under the horrified look of Su Hao, the ox won the fight and actually ate the sheep!

WTF! Su Haos heart turned cold.

It really ate the sheep?

What is this, man?

After noticing that the other beasts were afraid but were used to this scene, Su Hao finally began to feel fear. So this was what the beast domain looked like?

This berserk world!



After crushing the sheep, the ox then revealed a disgusting look, Damn you! Such weak strength yet you dared to provoke me. I thought I could breakthrough, but my strength only increased by a tiny bit after eating him. There is still some left before I can breakthrough!

After saying so, the ox looked around.

Apparently, it wanted to find the next target to fill that final gap. Its vicious eyes swept across, and every other beast lowered their head.

At this time, this ox once again stopped its gaze at Su Hao.

Its eyes were filled with dense killing intent!