Godly Model Creator Chapter 498

Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Hei Tian!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Brat, I have never seen such a beast before. You must have mutated earlier on the battlefield, right? Damn you. Dont think that youre almighty after mutating. Your eyes really made this daddy irritated. Today, consider yourself lucky that you will be my dessert.

Su Hao was speechless.

Your eyes are annoying!

It actually fabricated such a reason?


He didnt even raise his head!

This brat was obviously finding a random excuse to eat him. At this time, he finally understood why this ox attacked him earlier on.

It wasnt because his identity had been exposed but all for the sake of increasing its strength!

Eating other berserk beasts could increase strength?

Su Hao was shocked at this fact. No wonder human could not conquer this beast domain! There was no rules or order. As long as one is powerful, it could easily kill others. In particular, these beasts with low wisdom basically acted by instinct 90 percent of the time!

However, this rule was Su Haos best protection!

Since there were no rules, what was there for him to worry about?

He could kill any beast which he disliked!


The ox charged forward.

Su Haos eyes flashed in coldness. He subconsciously wanted to summon his Xinghe Sword but decided to relinquish this idea after a second thought. Energy weapons especially those in sword shape are only used by mankind. To use such a weapon here was just courting his own death!


Su Hao focused and condensed all his energy within his fist.

Then, a strange light began to emit from his eyes.

Illusion Reality activated!


Su Haos figure began to move and side-stepped to the side of the ox before punching it without any hesitation.


One punch kill!

The ox received the punch head on and it was blasted away, destroying several trees in the process. The ground was full of blood, and some sort of energy was released into the air.

The surrounding beasts were amazed!

How strong was the ox?

It had just eaten another powerful berserk beast, and then it suddenly died?

Su Hao stared at them with killing intent.

All the berserk beasts at the scene were afraid of him. They didnt dare move at all. For these beasts, powerful auras from powerful existences were the best way to control them.

As Su Hao showed an angered expression, nobody dared to step on his tail.

What happened to Final Point recently? Su Hao coldly asked, but the other beasts looked at him dumbfoundedly and didnt reply.

Su Hao frowned and finally realized that it would be difficult for these beasts to understand his question with their intelligence. He then phrased his question differently, My strongest beasts all went to the battlefield. How could I keep resisting and hold this place here?


This time everyone understood the question, and soon the answer was given.

Su Hao obtained what he wanted to know but the answer somehow made him startled.

Based on the information he obtained from these beasts, some half-divine rank beast had used energy which it had consolidated for many years to create a super strong Nitai artifact. It succeeded in doing so and used it at Final Point to defend this place which was the most vulnerable to the enemy. With this, mankind wouldnt be able to break their defense!

That was why many powerful forces had gone over there to initiate the final attack.

So that was the actual situation here!

Su Hao was shocked at this revelation.


What kind of title is this?

Before coming here, Su Hao did some research.

First one had to be a king or a queen and then ancient before achieving divine rank.

Although the system was a little messy, it was already good enough for the beasts to distinguish ranks among themselves when they mutated.

King level beast!

Emperor rank beast!

Ancient beast!

Divine beast!

Divine rank, what kind of concept was this? Based on human interpretation, that would be equivalent to the strongest esper! The so-called half-divine beast could be considered as the strongest existence which was closest to a divine beast!

Such a strong existence, Su Hao could imagine that he could be killed with a single breath.

If such a character made its move...

Now, the situation at Final Point was crystal clear.

As for the Falcon Pearl, these beasts only knew that Tiger Emperor destroyed it. As for the pieces, nobody had any idea where they were. Some said that they had been secretly scattered all over the place and it would be impossible to gather them.

Su Haos eyes flashed in coldness.

Damn you, Tiger Emperor! The reason it did so was because it was afraid Falcon Emperor would resurrect him! It would have never thought that Su Hao had been resurrected!

Beast domain...

Su Hao touched the nuclear bomb with strong killing intent.

Since he obtained minor information regarding the Falcon Pearl, it meant that Su Hao had basically zero clues.

For Su Hao, it was a bad situation.

Is there somewhere close which has the energy to increase ones strength? Su Hao asked with a smile.

When this question was asked, all the beasts began to drool greedily.

The next second, Su Hao obtained the answer.

Tiger Emperors palace!

These thousands of miles have become Tiger Emperors playground! As an emperor rank beast, all the resources were naturally only allowed to be used by it alone!

Palace? Su Hao sneered.

Since that place was the location to drop this nuclear bomb, it seemed that he had to take a trip there.

Where is the location?

Those beasts once again quickly answered.


After getting what he wanted to know, Su Hao shifted his gaze at these beasts. These idiots were clueless about what important information they just revealed.

However, if any king level beast were to know about this, it would definitely realize the problem!

They must not be left alive!



Blood began to splatter around.

The many beasts were killed at once without even a blink of an eye.

Since the incident with blue dream butterfly, Su Hao had been filled with killing intent against the beasts. Since it was a rare opportunity to let off his steam, it would be great to grab this chance.


Looking at the ox, it had a familiar appearance to Thunder Beast and with its ability talent, one did not need to ask to be able to guess they were from the same species. From the conversation earlier, it seemed to be Thunder Beasts younger brother.

However, that had nothing to do with him.

Thunder Beast was part of the beast tide. To not completely wipe out the same species was already a restraint by Su Hao.

After making sure that not a single beast was left alive, Su Hao felt relieved.

At last, it would be safe.

When he came to this unknown place, he was afraid of attracting any attention. But now, it seemed like he had been worrying too much. This chaotic place where killing is an ordinary event!

Not only did they kill, they actually ate each other!

Thinking of the scene earlier, Su Hao began to feel discomfort. What kind of world is this?!

Looking at the direction of the palace, Su Hao began to ponder for a bit.

An unknown place the enemy stronghold even if he perfectly disguised his aura, he could not guarantee that the Tiger Emperor wouldnt notice him.

No matter what, he had to take this risk!

Gritting his teeth, whether it was for blue dream butterfly or the damn mission, he had to take this trip. As for what might happen, he could only improvise based on the situation.

As he was about to leave the place, all of a sudden, a strong aura came down from the sky.



The already dim sky turned pitch black.

Su Hao instantly became alert. His sixth sense was clearly telling him of the incoming danger with goosebump all over his body.

It was an unprecedented crisis!

A pair of red eyes appeared, and Su Hao seemed to have his soul sucked into an endless abyss. Any resist was in vain.

It felt like an eternal moment.


A burst of laughter instantly awakened Su Hao from this state. Covered in cold sweat, he was shocked to notice that a man with a huge figure standing in front.


Su Hao was confused.

However, he managed to regain his composure. How could there be any humans here!

Here was the beast domain!

Here, only king level beasts are capable of doing this. Why did this beast suddenly attack him? Could it that his action earlier had been discovered?

Are you awake now? Hehe.

The burly man looked at Su Haos confused expression and laughed even harder, I am Hei Tian, the commander of Tiger Emperor. I didnt expect to witness this scene when I passed by...

Fear began to overwhelm his heart.

With just a thought, he nearly got himself killed?

Such a terrifying beast?

In the Federation, with the suppression, Su Hao had never thought king level beasts were terrifying. He had even slaughtered two on his own; but seeing a king level beast in the beast domain, he felt the terrifying strength for the first time!

Had he been exposed?

Hehe, brat, you dont have to be that alert. Although I dont know which territory you are from, it doesnt matter. As long as you come over to Tiger Emperors side, you will be in good hands. So, are you interested in following our side? Hei Tian madly laughed.

Su Hao was stunned.

Wasnt it here to kill him?

True, this was the beast domain. No human should be able to wander here. Those beasts must have never thought of this.

To be frank, it was himself who was so afraid that he treated anyone as an enemy.

Why you want to invite me? Su Hao put up an act and scratched his head.

Haha, because brat, you are strong enough. Hei Tian continued, This time, Tiger Emperor lost six generals during the last beast tide. His Majesty is now madly recruiting talented beasts. Your strength is not bad, and youre vicious enough. Who knows, you might be the next king level beast in the future.

So, are you interested in following me? 

Su Hao smiled. Alright, I agree!

How could he reject such an offer?

Right now, after the beast tide, Tiger Emperor was now at his weakest point with the death of his six generals. Naturally, it would crazily recruit new members!

But it must have never thought that it would encounter Su Hao here.