Godly Model Creator Chapter 499

Chapter 499

Chapter 499    A celebratory feast

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The recruitment was completed.

With Hei Tians enthusiasm, he briefly explained the rules to Su Hao. As Su Hao maintained his act of being a clueless beast, a lot of questions were answered by Hei Tian without any suspicion.

There were 12 king level beasts under Tiger Emperor. Each one of them possessed a terrifying strength that made other beasts afraid of them. However, half of his underlings died during the previous beast tide! In order to quickly regain back its teams strength, Tiger Emperor began to crazily search for new talent which led to this scene of Hei Tian.

If it were any usual day when someone dared to cause trouble in its territory, Hei Tian would have killed the troublemaker without thinking twice.

But now wasnt the time to do so.

As for Su Haos identity, was that a matter?

Most of the berserk beasts love to wander around anyway; notably, those who were stronger. 

It was always how the world of berserk beasts worked.

When the numbers were not sufficient, then more recruitment would be done.



There was no such concept in this chaotic world!

As long as your strength is dominant, you will be able to suppress your men!After all, Tiger Emperor was an emperor rank beast. To control several king level beasts was an easy feat for him.

When Su Hao heard this, he could only secretly suppress his fear.

The way Tiger Emperor handled his subordinates was concerning, but such a method was ironically the best option for berserk beasts. As long as its strength was still higher than others, there would be very few cases of betrayal.

In the eyes of berserk beasts, all they could do was surrender to those stronger!Since one is weak provoking its superiority was just an act of courting their death!

It was the rule of this place!

Beast domain!

Su Hao silently imprinted the information into his mind.

Hei Tian patted his shoulder in satisfaction. It saw a potential new member two days ago. It had a good feeling about this beast and attempted to recruit it. However, that beast actually disagreed due to the reason it already had pledged itself to a master. In the end, that recruitment ended up with Hei Tian angrily swallowing the beast whole.


Hei Tian subconsciously burped. That taste was not bad.

Thinking of this, Hei Tian looked at Su Hao which caused Su Hao to be panic again.

Hehe... Hei Tian smiled awkwardly, I just remembered a little brat I ate earlier. No need to worry.


What you mean by no need to worry?!

Its alright to think about it. Why must you mention it?

Too straightforward!

Su Hao felt like cursing.

Tiger Emperor Palace.

The huge palace was brightly illuminated. A huge beast was sitting in the middle and enjoying its meal. The other spots were filled with all sort of beasts. From the main gate to the end, there were at least tens of thousands of beasts.


When Hei Tian opened the door, almost every beast directed their attention at him. When they noticed Su Hao, they all placed their gazes on him.

Su Hao instantly became alarmed.

He felt dazzled as he swept his eyes around.

Too much!

Boss, I have found a good seedling. Hei Tian pulled Su Hao along, and the ground actually shook a bit as they took huge strides all the way to the front of Tiger Emperor. Hei Tian then patted Su Haos shoulder, This little brat just came back from the battlefield. That little brother of Thunder Beast brought a bunch of beasts to bully it, but they all ended up being killed instead.


The beasts began to show interest.

The only one which could potentially replace Thunder Beast was its brother. Although Hei Tian loathed this brother, its strength was not to be underestimated. In fact, its name had been recommended to Thunder Emperor yesterday, but Hei Tian never expected it to be killed today.

Interesting... That huge body of Tiger Emperor began to move.

Looking at Su Hao, Su Hao raised his head to have eye contact. It was the first time he had seen this beast. 

So, this was Tiger Emperor?

The one who killed blue dream butterfly?

As he thought of it, a killing intent began to be emitted from his body. In fact, Su Hao didnt even take the effort to hide it.

The killing intent spread to the surrounding, causing everyone to stop moving.

A cold light then scanned across his body that Su Hao suddenly awakened and he realized this wasnt any good. He hurriedly tried to regain his composure, but a huge hand began to swipe down before he could do anything.


Su Haos shoulder shook.

Not bad, youre vicious enough. To be able to have killing intent while looking at me, youre someone I need in battle. Tiger Emperor madly laughed, Hei Tian, todays seedling is not bad. Train him well. Maybe he might be the next king level beast. Alright, take him to the side and guide him.

Hahaha. Hei Tian laughed out loud before bringing Su Hao to sit next to it.

Su Hao was still somehow confused.

Just like this and its done?

At this time, he was totally clueless of the rules here.

Berserk beast!

Killing intent?

The more one had, the better it is?

Emperor rank beasts always had one criterion for their men.

And that was none other than strength!

Nothing else mattered besides that.

After taking their seats, Su Hao then only woke up from his panic. It was indeed the mysterious beast domain.

Hehe, brat you didnt disappoint me. Hei Tian happily patted Su Haos shoulder.

Su Hao took this chance to look around. However, he noticed that the atmosphere was very spirited. Even when six generals died, there was an incomparable joy as if they werent affected by the deaths at all.

What happened? Su Hao curiously asked.

You dont know? Hei Tian glanced at him for a second and instantly responded, Oh yea, I forget you have been on the battlefield for a long time. Hehe, well a few days ago, boss led a beast tide to attack a human and managed to kill the future enemy of berserk beasts. Hahaha!

Have you heard of this human named Su Hao? Hei Tian laughed out loud.

Su Hao once again turned cautious and replied, No.

Yea, you wouldnt know him. Such a character wasnt something a little brat like you would know. Hei Tian then continued in a mocking tone, Let me tell you, that Su Hao is the son of Su Tiancheng. He was strong and talented. His future potential was without a doubt limitless.

That pair of pterosaurs, they were usually arrogant all the time. Even this daddy had to forcefully ignore them. In the end? They were all killed by Su Hao and got eaten on the spot. To exterminate him, His Majesty used all his strength before managing to do so!

Eat eaten? Su Hao was speechless.

Damn you!

Since when had he eaten those birds?

Yea, thats such a terrible fate. Hei Tian sighed with an expression which Su Hao saw for the first time, The rumour said that mankind had all sorts of method to eat. They would fry the pterosaur which intensity the meats taste. After eating it, Su Haos strength increased.

After finishing its sentence, one could actually see saliva flowing from Hei Tians mouth.Su Hao really didnt know what to say.

Too bad, so what if he got stronger? In the end, the boss still killed him! Hei Tian then proudly continued, So, little brat. You have definitely followed the right person. You just have to follow boss, and your future will be bright.

Su Hao: ...

He could only be speechless.

Because at this moment, he suddenly realized what annoyed him, So, this celebration is for...

Yes. Hei Tian slapped its thigh, Its a celebration party for bosss success in killing Su Hao.


Su Hao opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he quickly closed it back.

What could he say?

So he was here to join the celebration party of his death?

Could there be something which was more painful than this?

Looking at Hei Tian who was in total excitement, Su Hao could only bitterly smile and laugh along.

For the king level beasts, although he had fear towards them, he absolutely wouldnt yield.

It wasnt related to strength, but the momentum he had from killing king level beasts although it was with the aid of the strange energy.

Right now, the only one which made him deeply concerned was the huge Tiger Emperor.

But Su Hao did not dare look at it again.

It wasnt because he was afraid of it, but his lack of control regarding his emotions.

When one tried to show his strength, displaying your killing intent is a good indicator.

However, in this banquet, if you dared to do nothing but staring, anyone would definitely know something is amiss.

Therefore, Su Hao did not look at the center again.

Subsequently, a few other powerful beasts reached the scene and brought along new seedlings which made the Tiger Emperor rejoice.

Su Hao just silently watched the scene.

He was so eager to know the whereabouts of the Falcon Pearl since arriving here. However, the only one who knew about its location was none other than Tiger Emperor. Too bad, asking it was out of the question. Therefore, Su Hao could only resort to this solution.

Create a model!

What he had to do now was wait for an opportunity. When this damn banquet ended, he would find a way to create the model of this palace which would ease his job in finding the Falcon Pearl. At that time, Su Hao would get half of his job done.

However, things didnt go as Su Hao planned.

When Su Hao was planning, another beast appeared with a potential good seedling. This time, it was ironically a three eyed beast.

Boss, this is the son of the Three Eyes Beast. Hehe, although its current strength is inferior, its ability talent is actually stronger than its dad. In the future, it might even achieve more than its dad. One of the beasts proudly introduced.

Oh? Thunder Emperors mood seemed good, What kind of talent? Show it to me a bit.

Yes, Your Majesty. That three eye beast respectfully answered which made Tiger Emperor satisfied.


Cold light flashed.

As the third eye opened, it swept across the whole scene before the beast replied, His Majesty, there is a wound on your chest.

Oh, you can even see this? Tiger Emperor laughed, That Three Eye Beast wasnt able to do this.

This three eyes beast then glanced at Hei Tian, This Majesty, yesterday, you have improved a lot by eating many beasts.


Hei Tian didnt feel ashamed at all. Instead, it proudly laughed, Indeed youre worthy to the son of Three Eye Beast.


When this third eye shifted its gaze at Su Hao, the beast was stunned. At the same time, Su Hao felt that he was naked and examined thoroughly.


Youre a human?!