Godly Model Creator Chapter 50

Gmc Chapter 50

Chapter 0050 New embodiment of ability!

Within the ghost castle, such an awe-striking European style castle, was plenty of interior space. Except for some cabinets on the side, there were practically no obstacles in the space, making it a perfect venue as a ring for a duel.

When the countdown was over, Su Hao didnt make a single move. Instead, he carefully stared at Zhao Feng!

Model analysis, start!


A model of Zhao Feng was established. Numerous cards appeared floating around his body.

Su Hao glanced at him. There were two cards which he was extremely familiar with, basic fighting technique and police fighting technique. Since they didnt show a stage, it meant that Zhao Feng had fully grasped those two cards. Such an achievement would be extraordinary in a new batch, but as for repeaters, it was just a normal scene.

Besides those, there were two other cards. Origin ability cultivation method! Beginner origin ability transition technique!

His cultivation method had also been fully mastered, but his transition technique was just at beginner level.

Origin ability transition technique, isnt this the technique used to enhance further cultivation method? Su Hao was pleasantly surprised. Seems like Zhao Feng didnt stay idle this year. He had opted for many good things.

If this was the case, he no longer had to reserve himself.

Card model, establish!

Card selection completed..beginner origin ability transition technique..analysing model.model analysis failedcard model failed to establish!


Su Haos mind was in shock. He had completed the character model yet he failed in establishing the card model.

That was so frustrating. Su Hao finally came to understand why his model analysis failed. The establishment of the card model just now didnt collect any data at all.

Because here was.. a virtual fighting room!

Here, every character would be controlled perfectly despite being separated from the nervous system in the human body. But to analyse information, it was just an impossible feat.

If he wanted to establish a card model, he could only do so while looking at a real human body.

Cant establish a card model, can only view his ability. Su Hao skimmed through the cards of Zhao Feng. At the corner, there was a grey card which caught his attention.

That was the origin ability of Zhao Feng Penetration.


Su Hao quickly recalled back the information which he had came across in the textbook. It meant exactly what it was named, ignoring any defense! Based on the assessment from the Association of Origin Ability, this ability was only at grade B.

That was because at the early stage, the ability was a bit weak. At that stage, it only manage to neglect 10% of the foes defensive effect. As the origin ability was enhanced, only then would the ability gradually start to show its true potential.

At the latter stage, when the ability reached its peak, it could even completely ignore any defense. Really terrifying, but compared to the freak element control ability, it would still pale in comparison.

Thus, despite it being terrifying, it was still a grade B ability.


As Zhao Feng noticed that Su Hao still wasnt making his move, he took the initiative to launch his attack. Su Haos eyes flashed as he dashed sideway. The next moment the scene was filled with Zhao Feng on hot pursuit and Su Hao evading all the incoming attacks with his agility.

Never have a direct confrontation!

Countless times, when Zhao Feng managed to catch up with Su Hao, Su Hao quickly escaped from his palm when he didnt even have the time to launch his attack. As Su Hao had the advantage in physical fitness and fighting technique, it wouldnt be an easy task to catch Su Hao off guard.

The moment they faced each other, Su Hao would keep evading.

However, right now the new students were at a loss.

Why didnt Su Hao counterattack?

With his domineering 300 points in physical fitness and 310 points of fighting technique, without taking origin ability into account, he could easily surpress Zhao Feng!

But the reality was that this strange scene was happening right now in front of them.

Zhao Feng didnt use his origin ability and gave up his advantage. Recklessly confronting Su Hao, the new students right now didnt even have any clue of his ability. And Su Hao also followed his step by giving up his advantage in direct combat, and began to avoid every time.

In contrast to the new students, the repeaters were extremely clear on why Su Hao kept avoiding direct confrontation.


Perfect restraint!

Zhao Feng naturally wouldnt be that dim-witted to think that Su Hao obtaining first rank was just sheer luck. Every batch, the first ranked students were all abnormal freaks.

That was why almost every such challenge with a first ranked student ended up in failure.

And he dared to challenge so because he had identified that Su Haos main advantage was his fighting technique.

Su Haos advantage without doubt was his fighting skill!

And his advantage was his own origin ability which could restrain all fighting technique! With his ability to fully suppress the fighting technique, Su Hao could be considered to have absolute zero chance in winning this duel.

That really made the repeaters wonder how Su Hao found out about it?

Within the ghost castle.

Su Hao once again fled. The ghost castle was actually pretty huge, at least for two students to compete. Being unfamiliar with the castle, those two tried their best to avoid going sideways and only concentrated on the central area.

However, Su Hao was very clear that he couldnt keep doing so forever!

Any attack of Zhao Feng on his body would definitely be something difficult to bear.

In order to beat Zhao Feng, he must do so under the condition when any counterattack was impossible. But the current situation Su Hao was in really made it hard to create such a scenario to take advantage of.

The origin ability energy within his body, although it was worse than Zhao Feng, the difference wouldnt be much. Even when he was in a fight, he would never rely much on his origin ability energy. Besides the outburst during fighting point, there was really nothing else.

Model analysis during non-combat period gave him a lot of information and help. In contrast, while fighting, it didnt matter much whether it helped or not. Thus, he never considered saving his origin ability energy because the impact during battle wasnt much for him.

But in this virtual fighting room, the default energy for every character was a full tank.

As he once again evaded Zhao Fengs attack, Su Haos mind suddenly moved. He finally thought of something which he could spend his energy on!

Model analysis, start!


The scene around him changed. Within his mind, a model was completely established. It was not Zhao Feng but.the ghost castle!

Yes, Su Hao had spent the energy to create a full model of the ghost castle within his mind!

The consumption of energy to build a temporary model was small but once the ghost castle was established, Su Haos energy rapidly depleted like a waterfall.

Su Hao stayed stationary. In a short amount of time, he analysed the entire ghost castle model within his mind several times.

The ghost castle model within his mind rotated in various angles.

One moment enlarged, the next moment zoom out. It was as if it was a perfect 3D model.

Soon, Su Hao had become familiar with the whole mapping of the ghost castle, every corner, and every route. It felt like it was his own house.


The ghost castle model disappeared. Even if it was just a temporary model, such a huge model, the consumption without doubt was still terrifying.

Although the model had disappeared, Su Hao still acted indifferent.

Zhao Feng attacked again and Su Hao dodged. But this time, he no longer stayed in the same circle. Instead, he dashed into a corner. Kicking a chair towards Zhao Feng, he suddenly turned around and attacked.

All the spectators in front of their respective virtual screens had a shine in their eyes.

Using the terrain as a advantage to attack, Su Hao had such keen observation! As the chair flew over, Zhao Feng would have to face the chair and Su Haos attack at the same time. He could only chose one!



With a punch, Zhao Feng destroyed the chair into pieces. His fist didnt stop and kept moving forward. He actually planned to deal two attacks at once with his one punch. At this time, the punch was already quite weak as he spent almost all the energy on confronting the chair. Once Su Hao seized the opportunity, he would be caught in a bad spot.

But.Su Hao once again evaded!

Yes, he could only evade!

He was extremely clear that Zhao Fengs punch was just a bait. With the attack which could penetrate his defense, he dare not to block!

Su Hao took a step backward. Escaping the attack from Zhao Feng, the distance between them didnt get closer. But it still made Su Hao, who wanted to keep escaping, have one less option.

One step back, more steps backward.

Su Hao could only pick one direction to escape. Su Hao at first wanted to use the terrain as his advantage to attack. Instead, Zhao Feng was the one getting all the benefits. He had really gotten himself into trouble.

Those old timer repeaters, none of them should ever be underestimated.

It seemed like the move he made just now had caused him to lose. Having nowhere else to escape, he could only kept retreating. Now, he had reached the end of the corner!

The end of corner!

He had nowhere else to escape!

After being in combat for more than ten minutes, both of them finally would have their very first direct confrontation.

Lets see where are you going to escape!

With his sinister laugh, Zhao Feng stared at Su Hao who was desperately looking around for an escape route and suddenly dashed forward to direct his fist.

As his fist was nearing the target, Su Hao, without a sign, gave a kick on the floor of the ghost castle. Pushing his figure up high, he lept over Zhao Feng.

With that leap of his, both of them instantly changed their position. Su Hao could once again continue his escape plan.

Everyone was in an uproar. He could even escape like that?

Su Hao really knew how to use the surrounding terrain so well.

Zhao Fengs fist only hit the empty air. He could only bitterly smile as he once again let that brat escape from his palm. It seemed that he had to chase Su Hao for some time again. However, outside of everyones expectation, which made everyones mind tighten, Su Hao didnt escape!

This time around, Su Hao didnt escape.

Su Hao ferociously rushed forward to kick Zhao Feng, who was exposing his back to Su Hao. Zhao Feng who was in shock, quickly turned his body around to resist.


Luckily he managed to smoothly block. He stepped backwards two steps to dissipate the incoming force. The kick didnt do much harm to him, but he was now the one who was forced into the end of the corner.

The confrontation just now had impressively changed the situation for both of them.